Reviews for Eden
deideiblueeyez chapter 28 . 4/2
I literally screamed "WHAT!" when I read -that part-. Dude...dude.. Voldemort would've been like "Wut."
I thought I was the only one chapter 50 . 3/12
Stunning... Absolutely Stunning.
Strefe chapter 27 . 3/11
Hm... I'm sort of struggling to word my feedback here. Because while you do have a plot going and everyone appears to be in-character despite the circumstances, I'm going to stop reading this. Not because it's bad because you certainly can write but because your story got a bit too repetitive a long time ago.

Lucius comes in, Hermione mouths off and he tortures her until she gives up and he gets what he wants. To me, that is the summary of almost every chapter. While I do think that the torture does play a crucial part to this story, the consistent descriptions have long exceeded the point of its role. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe you toned it down after Chapter 27. Either way, I don't think I will be finishing this.

I hope, even after five years, that my feedback will prove valuable to you in some way.
Guest chapter 50 . 3/4
I just wanted to tell you that this is one of the best stories I‘ve ever read-published or not (and I‘ve read quite a lot:D).It‘s so beautiful and emotional...
I read it few years ago,but at first I couldn‘t bring myself to continue reading past the first few chapters,with all the torture and I‘m glad that,in the end,I gave it a chance,because ever since it stayed in my mind.
I especially love your portrayal of Lucius-arogant,selfish,but tragic-at least,that‘s how I see made him stay in character,which is one of the main problems in Lumione always make Lucius go all mushy and romantic,and it‘s just not him!
Also,you have an amazing talent with words!Through every,even smallest of details,I could feel the tension between Lucius and never forced their relationship,like some other writers do,and their love seemed natural (you made me cry,and that‘s a difficult task,you know:))
I don‘t know if you read reviews for this story anymore,but I would really like to see an alternative ending to this story one day:) Just to know how you see them together,if Lucius would be able to truly love his son,how would other people see them,and how would Hermione cope with that...I really think Hermione didn‘t deserve what happened in the end,but that‘s life-bad things happen to good people...
Anyway,sorry for my long review:D
I hope you are well,and I look forward to reading more of your ,one day,you will publish Eden,and it would be a great hit:D
Until then,
Mrs Black
Guest chapter 1 . 3/3
Dear Obsessmuch,thank you for sharing this story with is one of the best stories I have ever read,so emotional and read it quite a while ago,and reread it a few times over the years,and it never failed to amaze me time after ,I congratulate you on writing this masterpiece and hope that you will maybe one day post an alternative ending to it that I‘ve been hoping for:)
tori chapter 50 . 2/28
You just made me cry! And anyone who knows me I don't do tears. Best lumione dark fiction ever.
Emmas Pen chapter 50 . 2/25
Fuck, this story, fuck.

I want to vomit that's how passionately this story drew me in. Wow.
Danglingfeet chapter 50 . 2/17
what have you done! This fic broke my heart. I would never have thought that this pairing would work out, and I'm glad I was proven wrong. Your writing makes it all the more real and heartbreaking. Hermione, Ron, Draco, Narcissa .. even Lucius. I felt bad for every single one of them but, the ending, it wouldn't have worked out any other way, as you said.
bloomsburry chapter 48 . 2/16
I don't know but this is just tragic...but Hermione should have asked Lucius what spell to seal the wound and not get a replenishing potion. It really looks stupid. I just wish that Lucius really lived. I'm really disappointed how it ended.
bloomsburry chapter 50 . 2/15
This was a beautiful story! i really wanted it to have a happy-ending. If only...Can you make an alternate-ending please and post it? TT_TT
Mc111 chapter 50 . 2/12
This was a very intense story. I almost quit it a few times because it was so heart wrenching. Glad I finished it though. You are a very talented writer!
Guest chapter 13 . 1/26
i cried
HelenaVonValsa chapter 50 . 1/26
Seriously, that story totally fu*** me up because it is totally fu** up. I've read this like within two days and was so emotionally disturbed by the whole story. You successfully shocked me with "Eden" and I've read Opus Pistorum and De Sade. It's very well written and the plot is great; you made me continuing reading your story although I was absolutely appalled and disturbed by the whole thing I'm still not sure if it's healthy to read that, but bl** he** you made me read it. Even after all those months, I still can't get it out of my head because it was so traumatic. You mind-rap*d me. Congrats, because that's not an easy thing to do.
camembert chapter 50 . 1/22
Wow. This is an excellent piece of literature. It made me cry in the same way as Jane Eye or Wuthering Heights (which, were obviously influences). The whole time reading it you know, you just know that there's never going to be a happy ending for these two, but you hope for it even though their relationship is ugly and dysfunctional and impossible, and even when the inevitable happens you sit there in disbelief just like Hermione, hoping against hope that it's not true, but knowing it is, and knowing its better that it is. And Ron is just perfect. What a saint. Thanks for the story.
Nineveya chapter 50 . 1/16
WOW... I just... wow... I was overwhelmed with this story. I felt scared, I cried with Hermione, I laughed with her, I felt depressed with her, you drew me into the story. Without mercy, this is the first story ever than made me feel like I was part of it. I feel extremely sad that it is over... done with. Usually I know exactly what to say when to say it but now... You left me speechless.

Although this was quite a huge story you could say with ease this was a saga, but I loved to read it, I practically eaten it. I couldn't stop reading. Good Job!

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