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Marauder Luck chapter 50 . 7/7
(From the person who wrote the parody of Eden)
Sacrilege! I just noticed I didn't fav my fav story until now! **slaps myself**I thought I did and then I remembered I didn't back when i got an account in 2014 because i didn't want to seem like a perv by faving a M rated story. Yeah, no such luck ;)
Anyways my review from when I first read this is on page 19 of your reviews, back before i had an account:
"curioustoexperiencecruciatus chapter 50 . Aug 14, 2011
Dear obsessmuch,
Like many others, I read this as fast as I could, without stopping and even not sorry I did not review until now! This story/novel is truly mind blowing, heart wrenching and devastating. I feel I have lived a shard of Hermione's life and suffered all she suffered.

You are a great writer. You seem to be well-read of classic literature too, which makes me laugh at your erroneous description of yourself on your profile page. Were you inspired by Paradise Lost?

Oddly, after finishing your novel I felt myself genuinely curious what a crucio curse would feel like! Unfortunately, just after finishing your novel, I became horribly sick for an entire day, probably more sick than I ever have been in my entire life, and regret wondering about the crucio curse. I guess being 21, I have never experienced any real physical pain until yesterday.

But becoming sick right after finishing your novel gave me a new perspective of the story and suddenly I felt more horrified than ever that anyone could torture another human being. Physical pain should be illegal!

Then again, your blending of what constitutes good or evil, has left me seeing things more grey than I usually do and this fits well since I have started to read Nietzche.

Thanks for the amazing read and truly take care!"

Your story pretty much made my summer that year. I was obsessed with it. literally. and i still haven't gotten over it. clearly. edenmost powerful story ever written.

AND now I'm writing a parody all these years later. i wish i had updated it but i'm honestly have writers block for that story...and cheating on lucius with other fandoms :(
Guest chapter 6 . 7/5
Ugh I just hate how weak and what a coward she is. In the real books Hermione would have died before betraying Harry and the Weasleys. It obnoxious to see her become more and more pathetic every chapter
Dona-Dona chapter 50 . 7/3
I just came across this fic yesterday and I have been reading it non-stop. Hermione being obsessed with dead Lucius, its sick but real different. In a way its sad too. But you wrote the story wonderfully.
Vernoodle chapter 1 . 6/25
Lol, sorry but that review before this one made me laugh so hard! Hahaha
Guest chapter 1 . 6/19
will never understand peoplewho like hermione and lucius like are you ok in your head
Parthena C chapter 50 . 6/15
Perfect and real.
black-elleboro chapter 50 . 6/14
This story is just a piece of art, it should be turn in an original work and published. I read it all in three days because I couldn't stop. It captured me, tortured me, made me yearn and long and forced me to love it. And I cryed a bit at the end. What am I going to do now that it's finished?
omen chapter 1 . 6/3
Somebody needs to follow this right now because it has 666 followers and that number is very disturbing. Great story otherwise.
Guest chapter 50 . 5/30
Absolutely beautiful
Anon chapter 13 . 5/27
this is the best thing ever without exagerration it is.
Sacredism chapter 40 . 5/25
ugh really she's pregnant how cliche and utterly annoying, you'd think with all the pregnant women in Fanfictions the world didn't suffer from fertility issues. is this like a go-to plot line in the world of fanfics

I can take everything else but the pregnancy I mean COMMME ONNNN...
/initiate biggest eyeroll of my life.
GunsFallSilent chapter 50 . 5/24
You made me cry, I never cry for a story but I was crying. AND you are one of the only authors here who can do proper grammar ;D
Soluzek chapter 1 . 5/10
So, wonderful first chapter here... I write non-fanfic stories in first person present, and it's such a rare thing to see this combination of PoV and tense together, and written well, I was just grinning through this entire thing, despite the intensity, the suspense, the curiosity and horror. Also, nasty Lucius is a delicious Lucius. Looking forward to this fic, no doubt. *clicks next chapter*
Lheto chapter 50 . 5/3
Wow. This is one of the best stories I've read here so far. It's amazing how you narrate the story. I believed everything last one of Hermione's thoughts.
PouleauPotter chapter 50 . 4/28
Hi ! I'm French and I read Eden in English and its traduction in French.

The first time I read Eden, I couldn't stop reading. I was addicted. I knew from the beginning That Lucius and Hermione couldn't end together. I knew it... But still I hoped, hoped for a miracle.
No. Though You did warn us, I was naïve.
This Is not a love story, Eden is more, it's complicated, kind of twisted but still I had the foolish dream That they could live happy, like a normal couple.

But how live like nothing happened ? How pretend That she didn't ruin his life Just as he ruined hers ? They couldn't end together.
So Lucius died, and I swear when I read the death scene I completely lost my mind. I screamed, , I pried, begged for a miracle. No miracle Just death.

The final chapter is the best piece of littérature I've ever read. I mean Just the last sentence is... I can't find the right words to describe how it makes me feel. When I read your story for the first time I didn't cry, I wasn't able to concentrate at school, my mind was locked. The fucking last sentence of Eden is carved in my mind. "She waits" OH GOD ! THAT'S BRILLANT !

When I read Eden for second time (in French) I pitied the ignorants those who Will Never know nothing about what happened in This Hell, nothing about Lucius who didn't rape her, but loved her against everything he believed, he fought for. The Order Will Never know about Ron's kindness(it's more he is an Angel who Never hated Hermione, he loved her, he raised her child. He is a hero, more than Harry).

I pitied those who Will Never know anything. They Will live happy.

I don't know if Éden has a happy-end or a sad-ending. Maybe when I'll read Éden for the third time I'll know.

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