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Vernoodle chapter 1 . 6/25
Lol, sorry but that review before this one made me laugh so hard! Hahaha
Guest chapter 1 . 6/19
will never understand peoplewho like hermione and lucius like are you ok in your head
Parthena C chapter 50 . 6/15
Perfect and real.
black-elleboro chapter 50 . 6/14
This story is just a piece of art, it should be turn in an original work and published. I read it all in three days because I couldn't stop. It captured me, tortured me, made me yearn and long and forced me to love it. And I cryed a bit at the end. What am I going to do now that it's finished?
omen chapter 1 . 6/3
Somebody needs to follow this right now because it has 666 followers and that number is very disturbing. Great story otherwise.
Guest chapter 50 . 5/30
Absolutely beautiful
Anon chapter 13 . 5/27
this is the best thing ever without exagerration it is.
Sacredism chapter 40 . 5/25
ugh really she's pregnant how cliche and utterly annoying, you'd think with all the pregnant women in Fanfictions the world didn't suffer from fertility issues. is this like a go-to plot line in the world of fanfics

I can take everything else but the pregnancy I mean COMMME ONNNN...
/initiate biggest eyeroll of my life.
GunsFallSilent chapter 50 . 5/24
You made me cry, I never cry for a story but I was crying. AND you are one of the only authors here who can do proper grammar ;D
Soluzek chapter 1 . 5/10
So, wonderful first chapter here... I write non-fanfic stories in first person present, and it's such a rare thing to see this combination of PoV and tense together, and written well, I was just grinning through this entire thing, despite the intensity, the suspense, the curiosity and horror. Also, nasty Lucius is a delicious Lucius. Looking forward to this fic, no doubt. *clicks next chapter*
Lheto chapter 50 . 5/3
Wow. This is one of the best stories I've read here so far. It's amazing how you narrate the story. I believed everything last one of Hermione's thoughts.
PouleauPotter chapter 50 . 4/28
Hi ! I'm French and I read Eden in English and its traduction in French.

The first time I read Eden, I couldn't stop reading. I was addicted. I knew from the beginning That Lucius and Hermione couldn't end together. I knew it... But still I hoped, hoped for a miracle.
No. Though You did warn us, I was naïve.
This Is not a love story, Eden is more, it's complicated, kind of twisted but still I had the foolish dream That they could live happy, like a normal couple.

But how live like nothing happened ? How pretend That she didn't ruin his life Just as he ruined hers ? They couldn't end together.
So Lucius died, and I swear when I read the death scene I completely lost my mind. I screamed, , I pried, begged for a miracle. No miracle Just death.

The final chapter is the best piece of littérature I've ever read. I mean Just the last sentence is... I can't find the right words to describe how it makes me feel. When I read your story for the first time I didn't cry, I wasn't able to concentrate at school, my mind was locked. The fucking last sentence of Eden is carved in my mind. "She waits" OH GOD ! THAT'S BRILLANT !

When I read Eden for second time (in French) I pitied the ignorants those who Will Never know nothing about what happened in This Hell, nothing about Lucius who didn't rape her, but loved her against everything he believed, he fought for. The Order Will Never know about Ron's kindness(it's more he is an Angel who Never hated Hermione, he loved her, he raised her child. He is a hero, more than Harry).

I pitied those who Will Never know anything. They Will live happy.

I don't know if Éden has a happy-end or a sad-ending. Maybe when I'll read Éden for the third time I'll know.

TheCupcakeViking chapter 50 . 4/26
I'm crying right now ... I can't decide if this is a good ending or a sad ending ... I believe both. Damn it, I just knew I should have kept away from those onions ... :-(
YELL00W chapter 50 . 4/20
First of all hello. Let's be polite.

This story, your story destroyed me.

I read it in French, thanks to poussinette who traduce it (and I can tell you that French people love your story). But... I had to tell at the veritable writer how this story is just incredible. So, let's begin. (Excuse me if my English is rough and clumsy, I will try to be careful and clear).

First of all, when I saw the pairing of Eden, I wasn't attracted. I don't really like this couple; it's so strange for me. And I'm a big fan of Dramione. But, when I learned that it was a translation, I said to myself "If it's a translation, it's a normally a good fiction". So, I began to read it.

In short, to tell you everything, I started reading it around 6 pm. I read, read, read and read. I made a break to have dinner (my life is exciting, isn't it?), and I went back to my reading. And I read, I read, I read and I still read. At 1 am, I stopped me to sleep. I was at the chapter 35 if I remember well. I tossed and turned in bed during half an hour, unable to sleep. Then, I put my glasses and my phone to continue. Finally, at 3 am, I finished it. In tears. I cried for a quarter of an hour, cursing myself because you warned us, I should have known that I will cry all the tears of my body, I should realize during my reading that this story will destroy me; and also swearing against the characters, mainly Hermione who don’t know how to use a fucking Vulnera Sanentur please.

It was so hard to sleep after this, after all these feelings. I was too shaken, destroyed, devastated by this fiction; unable to thing of anything else.

The next day, I thought about it again. Again and again. And I realized that there wasn’t other end. From the moment I understood with Hermione that she waits for a baby, Lucius could only die. Knowing that Hermione had his child, Lucius had 99.99 % chance of dying. Yet, I was still hoping that he could survive and ran away with Hermione and Ron; while in my heart I knew that it wasn’t possible. They couldn’t end up together, live together. After what happened to them, it wasn’t possible. This relationship was doomed to fail.

Yet, during the reading of the finals chapters, I still hoped, again and again. And I put under stress. Oh my god, I put so much under stress. I was so scared when they tried to escape by the boat, because I knew that it’d be a fail because it was too easy, it was unlikely. I panicked when they were in their cells with Voldemort, sentenced of death. I think I never read so fast in my life. Secondary effect of stress. And when Lucius was stabbed by Bellatrix, I knew it was over for him, he couldn’t survive, an yet I carried on screaming to Hermione “But shit, use Vulnera Sanentur! Aren’t you the best witch of your promotion?” above all, even if she doesn’t have a magical wand, there were a few around her, she could take the Avery’s magical wand, and treat Lucius’s wound. But, it couldn’t happen like that. He was destined to die. He couldn’t escape to that.

Anyway, I would like to talk about Lucius and Hermione now. Because the sort of study of their psychology is just incredible. I love this king of fictions where characters are analysed, are thorough to uncover their true personalities. And that’s that happens in this fiction.

The relationship between Hermione and Lucius doesn’t move too slowly or too quickly. Above all, it is a mutual hate between them, and it cannot disappear in a snap of the fingers. So, during the story, the links and feelings that bind them got confused, but rest the hate during most part of the story. Then comes love. Hermione realized this after a while, but she hid it. She knows what the Stockholm syndrome is. But, gradually, she realized that she really feels love for him, that it wasn’t an illusion or a utopia. For him… It was a little bit more difficult, that’s sure. I’m sure that, before Hermione, he never been in love. Or it was during his childhood but he didn’t remember, or only vaguely. He doesn’t know those feelings that hurt him, that’s why he asked to Hermione several times “What have you done? What have you done to me?” because he doesn’t understand what happens to him; why Hermione, particularly her, make him change at this point, until making give him up his convictions that he defended since so long. His fall is splendid. Their fall is splendid. I haven’t another word to describe it. They destroy each other, until it there’s nothing left of them. Their love is beautiful. In this war, whereas they are part of two opposing camps who want to exterminate each other; while this two characters hated them to much at first, they love at the end. And this love, I wanted to cherish more than anything else. I wished they’ll can stay together, they’ll can run, they’ll can blossom together and they’ll can really love. I really tend to place my hopes in causes lost in advance. Nobody understands them. Nobody understands her. But they don’t care. They don’t really understand too. Then, the situation deteriorates. More and more people know about what they’re doing. They are driving Lucius and Hermione back against a wall. Doomed from the beginning of their relationship. It carries their end, and most of all the end of Lucius.

Finally, I will talk about Ron. I really love this character, especially in your fiction. Hermione was nasty with him; he suffered so much even if he endures less than Hermione (my god, the episode with his sister was so cruel and horrible, I was on the verge of tears like a child during all this, I was so scared that he must make that, I put so much under stress). He supports her until the end, even when he knows what Hermione is doing with Lucius. The relationship between us is admirable. Until the very end, they manage to stay together, to survive, to go back to the Phenix’s Order (incidentally, I wanted so much to kill them because they do anything, this ban of bastards; ok they came to the Burrow, but that’s to complicated to assign a few guys to protect Hermione to allow her to escape safely without facing Lucius alone? But, after it would have change all the situation, isn’t it?). In any case, I’m glad Ron isn’t a useless character because I really like him.

Brief. In the same time, I want to hit you because this fiction destroys me so much that I can’t describe it; and on another side, I just want to tell you “thank you.” Because you give at the world of the fan fiction a marvellous story well written. Your fiction is a pearl that is so rare; it’s a veritable masterpiece. I promise you.

The authors of books should inspire them with your fiction, and not only this fiction. All this bestselling authors (like James, Toff, Dashner or Collins, etc) should do some soul searching, because your writing is so much better than the famous writer’s.

So, a new time, thank you. I know that your fiction will stay in my mind a long time. A very long time.
camillablue chapter 50 . 4/19
This story was so incredible. I couldn't stop reading, I was morbidly transfixed and read the entire thing in two days. Now, a day later, your words are still bouncing around in my head, the imagery was so vivid and gripping. I realize you wrote this a long time ago, and may not even read your reviews anymore, but I had to say something, because this story is a masterpiece. Admittedly, I spent a lot of time creating alternate endings in my head for Lucius and Hermione where they live happily ever after in an adorable cottage by the sea somewhere, but your ending was definitely fitting and perfect and the only real ending there ever could be. Amazing work.
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