Reviews for Oliver Family Reunion
ObsessedwReading chapter 4 . 7/7/2016
Nicely written. :)
ObsessedwReading chapter 3 . 7/7/2016
Amazing fanfiction.
ObsessedwReading chapter 2 . 7/7/2016
Fantastic chapter
ObsessedwReading chapter 1 . 7/7/2016
Wonderful fanfiction.
Guest chapter 9 . 5/17/2014
Can you write that wedding episode please
Marikalay chapter 9 . 8/7/2013
I'm really too busy laughing to come up with anything clever to say, but I did want to tell you that this is really good work. Almost as insane as "Of Love and Bunnies."
Marikalay chapter 3 . 8/7/2013
That was brilliant. I love the part with Rocky and Adam.
Guest chapter 9 . 1/29/2013
my friends all looked at me like i was crazy because i was literally Rolling On the Floor Laughing from this story. you did a great job.
Karma22 chapter 9 . 1/31/2010
So in my house, I am officially the Freak for laughing. I was laughing so hard at one point that I crashed my elbow into the table and really hurt my funny bone. So I was sitting there laughing and crying all at the same time. I FREAKING LOVE THIS STORY! It's right up there with my other favorite Power Rangers story, Of Love and Bunnies. OMG so funny. Can't wait to read the sequel which I am off to do right now!
Itachi's apprentice chapter 9 . 12/14/2008
Great story now onto the sequel.
Itachi's apprentice chapter 8 . 12/14/2008
Great work.
Itachi's apprentice chapter 7 . 12/14/2008
Great work.
Itachi's apprentice chapter 6 . 12/14/2008
The room was silent, in awe of that pronouncement and the fact that they had just met a legend.

“Cool,” Chip said.

A VERY CRAZY legend but a legend nonetheless.
Itachi's apprentice chapter 5 . 12/14/2008
Great work.
Itachi's apprentice chapter 4 . 12/14/2008
Great work.
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