Reviews for Perfect
Diane chapter 1 . 4/21/2007
This story was simply...perfect! Very lovely throughout, almost lyrical. I felt as soothed as Alexander as he slipped into the bath or while receiving his massage, you wove such a lovely story...almost whimsical. I loved how you started out in Pella, with young Alexander and young Hephaestion, and how Hephaestion just seemed to know the right things to say to Alexander, but you could tell he was only saying what he truly felt. It's so easy to see why Alexander fell in love with such ease.

I love first kiss stories, and their first kiss in the bath was so sweet and romantic, yet not overly soppy or sappy. It just rang clear through with the tones of first love.

The next scene was intriguing. I really didn't know at first when we were, but the King Alexander gave away that it was in the future...nicely done as a transition. It really worked for me. Alexander's excitement was enchanting, but even more so was his desire to share this special experience with Hephaestion. Again, his love for Hephaestion just shone through. I was so touched by his desire to make Hephaestion feel good.

LOVED Hephaestion giving Alexander a massage and how it eventually turned into something sensual and sexual. Very, very hot. *sigh* I'm thinking, perhaps, that Alexander knows that Hephaestion is perfect.

Great story! Thanks for sharing.
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