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Guest chapter 60 . 10/2/2017
It all started with a trading of music ... I can't believe it's over ( Crying) I'm sorry I just loved this story drama and all ... I'm happy that I read it but am sad that it's over ... Thank you for writing this story and being able to share it with us.
I Love this fan fiction ! I Love Axel! I Love Roxas! I Love Reno! I Love Namine!
I Love Demyx! I Love Sora! I Love riku! I Love zexion! I even Love larxene!
I Love Luxord! I Love xigbar! And ... Jessie ... I don't know how that is.
I Love kingdom hearts! And your fan fiction is Amazing! I'm gonna stop shouting now
Cara chapter 59 . 9/29/2017
What's wrong this chapter is amazing ... Just WOW... I am so glad Axel and Roxas Made up there was a lot of tension between them before. To tell you the truth if Axel Said sorry like that to me I would forgive him to. By the way I like how Roxas made the first move and he acted so cute in that part! ... You Know I always thought when Roxas was have those Dreams that somehow was talking to Axel in his dreams. But, I LOVE YOUR IDEA SO MUCH MORE BETER! I love that Roxas was able help himself though his own emotional trials. That just shows you how mentally strong Roxas truly is. Roxas has always motivated me and now reading your fan fiction he is a role model ... I know he's not a real person ... But in a way he is real to me ... Oh, yea ...
Axel kind of is that way for me too ... I hope Roxas's mom excerpts Axel.
Cara chapter 58 . 9/18/2017
umm... I'm not going anywhere soon ... This chapter was so sad form both sides first with Roxas and now Axel ... (Crying) :( when there sad I'm that way too...
This story is still excellent though. and just so you know my reviews before didn't have Cara on them so the two before this message is my thoughts as well.
Guest chapter 57 . 9/18/2017
Yeeeeeeesssssssssss! Roxas , it took you while but now go find Axel! ...I can't believe it ... it's almost over ... I'm sad ... Because I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I can't believe that Haner made him choose between him and Axel ... That was a stupid move on his part,especially since they just became friends again. And Namine I just gonna say she is a sweet heart... even though Axel is the better match for Roxas.
But even though in this fanfiction we don't see her a lot her part in the story is really good. I can't wait to read the next chapter and I'm already Imagining what could happen right now. Oh yea, thanks Demyx for being there for Roxas and for giving him hints about Axel's feelings. I can tell that made I and Roxas super happy! I can't wait for this next chapter! thank you for this fan fiction ... most of time I forget it's a fan fiction it's really that spectacular! Guess whats funny I thought at first I already read this chapter so just make sure I scrolled down ... And I kinda gonna little spoiler as to what might happen ... But I still loved it and I only read four words until I was like ... What ? Demyx never told roxas this in the past chapter... And the I was like Oh... It's because I forgot I already changed to next chapter my bad ... But it didn't really give anything away.
Guest chapter 56 . 9/9/2017
Oh, no I checked my last review and it has many spelling area's! No! It didn't even have my characters name on it. What meant was when the characters feel sad I feel sad too. and that I loved whole chapter just the parts I talked about stood out to me. This story has never sucked in it's life...
Guest chapter 56 . 9/9/2017
Awwww, this chapter was so sad for everyone even Axel. I mean there was a a lot of happy parts but near the end ... Poor Sora poor Roxas Poor Axel. But it was still really excellent I have just gotten so attached to characters that when there was I'm sad too.
Oh, by the way I really liked the part where Axel got roxas a Electric guitar. And liked Roxas's Speech and when they went to the eclipse. I loved the whole chapter but there where just parts that suck out to me. Oh, and I love the brotherly relationship between sora and roxas in those moments it really shows how close they are to each other.
That Awesome! I also Love the relationship between Axel and Roxas! But I think you already knew that ...
Cara chapter 54 . 9/6/2017
Oh my gosh, that's so cute! When Axels like yea Roxas you should love me. Ha ha this story is so good. That part stuck out to me but that doesn't mean I didn't love all this chapter. And poor Roxas he got the sniffles... :( Awww
Cara chapter 53 . 9/5/2017
What are you talking about? Your not rushing it this is a master piece! I like that Roxas is going to have some self discovery about himself. That's Interesting it makes me want to read even more. And I like how Axel is giving Roxas time to figure things out. This chapter is Awesome!
Cara chapter 48 . 6/20/2017
Aww, Hayner has a crush on roxas that actually sounds pretty cute to me but I am routing for Axel x Roxas but please let Hayner have a happy ending... Please. By the way still love the story.
Cara chapter 47 . 6/18/2017
How could you not like this chapter? Anyhow I thought it was Awesome...
Cara chapter 42 . 6/18/2017
Happy Anniversary! I Loved every moment of this chapter
Cara chapter 40 . 6/15/2017
Ha ha! Demyx seriously that was your emergency... Yea okay. Nice story I am still loving it!
Guest chapter 37 . 6/14/2017
Ha ha ha! I Loved learning more about Axel in this chapter. This is fun! Nice Ideas
Demyx its almost as if this has happened before... Wink, Wink anyway I'm weird. I love this story, Roxas your Awesome!
Cara chapter 35 . 6/14/2017
Demyx! Did you know ever since I read fan fiction I slowly have started to love Demyx.
its just I like or love seeing Demyx now in fan fiction or just kingdom hearts.
Love you Demyx Amazing Character
Cara chapter 33 . 6/14/2017
Axel is thinking about his feelings towards Roxas ... COOL!
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