Reviews for I Have Called You Friend
MangaLover24 chapter 26 . 9/14/2009
ah update soon!
la lune dans l'eau chapter 26 . 9/12/2009
WOW thanks for the update!
izzybell117 chapter 26 . 9/8/2009
damn this is good. Update soon
shkh4ever chapter 26 . 9/7/2009
I thought you where never coming back. Thank you for the new chapter and I hope you will not stay away for so long next time. Until next time.
Tiger Priestess chapter 26 . 9/7/2009
I have no idea what's going on anymore... It's hard to know what side Sasuke's on anymore. Until you update!
atrociously beautiful chapter 26 . 9/7/2009
I thought this whole story ws great and you have to update soon please, it gives me hope for SasuSaku in the future manga you are very good, i love how Sasuke wants Sakura's love or devotion and i love you made Sakura strong and not care for Sasuke right away. I also love how he is jealous of Naruto's and Sakura relationship. or it seemed like it i also liked how he was irritated with Suigetsu. Yeah anyway keep up the good work, and i hope you really update soon!

Wow this is the longest review i have ever written you should feel special!

Autumn's Wind chapter 26 . 9/7/2009
I can't wait for the next chapter.

Update soon!
C.A.M.E.O.1 and Only chapter 26 . 9/6/2009
...Dude, the tension is killing me! DAMMIT! R they gonna make it out alive?
Chantrea Moonbeam chapter 26 . 9/6/2009
Wow, it's been so long! You've finally updated! :)

Anyway, I'm really excited how the story's gonna end. XD
TigerLilyette chapter 26 . 9/6/2009

Just gets more and more suspenseful: D
Sibrael chapter 25 . 8/27/2009
This is really good. Please update soon.
SweetRevenge1 chapter 25 . 8/5/2009
I am LOVING this story! Really can't wait to see what happens :) keep up the good job!
Martha Siriusly chapter 10 . 7/19/2009
Wow, very interesting. hehe.

and I was reading the 10th chapter. Sorry about your dad :(

hope you feel better to write these awesome stories! [:
tearsofjoy159 chapter 1 . 6/30/2009
itachi is like a wicked person
Favored chapter 25 . 6/18/2009

I am somewhat confused at what is going on, but maybe that's just because of my speed reading.

Oh well, I 'll go over it again later.

That was an awesome chapter, as always, and I can't wait or the next one!
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