Reviews for In the end
angel in pink chapter 1 . 11/18/2008
They just finished off the Ori and the Goa'uld...We are the champions...PERFECT! :)
ALIMOO1971 chapter 7 . 5/31/2008
great chapter and story, i hope you are felling better soon, i hope that there is a sequal to this but the hints there 'might' be. keep up the good work
ALIMOO1971 chapter 6 . 5/31/2008
I bet it is Jon, Jack clone, i haven't read the next chapter yet and i'm looking ford to reading it
awishaway chapter 7 . 5/31/2008
Figured it was the clone. Nice story. Sorry to hear you are chanied to your computer by doctors orders but good for us as you will be writing more of your great stories for us to enjoy. Thanks.
Maj. Gen. Jack O'Neill chapter 7 . 5/31/2008
great story

the song in the last chapter is by Semisonic, not Greenday though
awishaway chapter 6 . 5/31/2008
That was great. But I hate cliff hangers that is mean. As for the Mystery Man and the Song he choose. Well now I have an idea as to who but what he would sing hum. Hurry and post so we don't have to guess.
ALIMOO1971 chapter 5 . 5/30/2008
great funny story so far, please up date soon
Leilina chapter 5 . 5/30/2008
So sorry to hear about your technology issues! I'm very glad you are back online! :-)
awishaway chapter 5 . 5/30/2008
Loved it nicely done. Glad you are back up and running looking forward to the next chapter and finding out what Sam sings.
SG1SJSGAEJ chapter 2 . 9/22/2007
I loved the end. What kind of a moron would bet against something like this happening if SG1 became all but obsolete. Landry can be such a moron. Great job capturing him. Thanks for the grat story.
Jyulin chapter 4 . 8/27/2007
XDD The songs match the characters perfectly
Halfpastdead001 chapter 4 . 6/11/2007
hhahahahahaha love it i realy do how a bout

how a bout i feel free by donner summer for t and cam ? it might sound odd but im a bit mad
awishaway chapter 4 . 4/28/2007
Siler and Bob the builder now that is a funny matchup. Really enjoyed it. got a good chuckle thinking of Siler and crew singing this on the show.
awishaway chapter 3 . 4/28/2007
Somehow I would have expected Vala to sing Barbie Girl. I love the fun shared between her and Daniel while they sang the song. Nicely done.
awishaway chapter 2 . 4/28/2007
only need two words to describe it. Love It. What a cute way to tell a story.
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