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Fenrir of the Shadows chapter 38 . 3/1/2008
First of all, all I have to say is...WOW...I deeply apologize for not reviewing any of the last few chapters, since I haven't had a lot of time lately, but I'm finally happy I got around to reading the last bit. The entire story you've written is very good, heck, excellent at least. It is very deatiled and not a case of tell-not-show like you have dreaded. You've come a very long way in your writting skills. My favorite part of this chapter was Kratos' last line. It sort of fits the situation you were in. You've put a massive amount of work into the story, and I believe you deserve all of the popularity it has finally recieved. I'm very flattered about my character's cameo. Just some advice: Keep writing, man. Keep writing.

Sincerely, Fenrir of the Shadows.
I.K.A. Valian chapter 38 . 3/1/2008
Nice ending. As much as other people are sad that it's over, I'm glad that it's over. Those ordeals were horrible to go through. I'm happy that these characters can live in peace for once. Hell, even Kratos can die finally. Besides, I always like to think that a story never dies if it lives in the hearts of the ones who read it, and this story does just that. Thus, this story will live on forever (or at least until the Internet dies and we die as well... maybe you should print it all out, just to be save, lol).

I actually thought one part of this chapter was funny. The part where you said, "At Marshall's place, there was a full police..." I thought "At Marshall's place" was fairly humorous, though maybe it should be classified as dark humor since it was his grave site, either way works.

And speaking of Amazing Grace, that song was written by a Slave Ship Captain who gave up his ship and repented after he had a realization of conscience about the slaves he was transporting from Africa. (Actually, the movie "Amazing Grace" was where I learned this). I only bring this up because that song is very integrated into our own world history and struggles. So how would you work it into Aselia's world history and struggles?

And, that's about it for this final review! Thanks for a great and wonderful story. Hope to see more soon.

~I.K.A. Valian

P.S. I apologize for the delay in Legend! I've had the flu for the past week and it has not helped me write at all, (Only helped me cough and hack, not helpful at all in the long run). I'll get to that chapter soon though, now that I'm recovering.
mandrakefunnyjuice chapter 38 . 3/1/2008
The last chapter is done. It's finally over. It makes me sad. :(

Even though it's finished, I'm going to continue to praise this story. It's worth it. You did a wonderful job, and I'm glad I could be a part of it. (Flag bearer, yay) It's rare that stories like this are seen, and it's a treasure when they're written. The characters were nearly real...I could see it all play out like a movie in my mind when I was reading it. This chapter made me sad, not only because it's the real end, but because of the funeral and the honorary awards and all that. It set it all in stone. :(

Well, anyway...Even if you don't post a sequel, it'd be nice to see you touch on the ToS universe again. It's been great reading this story, and I'm definitely going to honor this in my profile.

See you around the fandom-

Dreamer's Samhain chapter 38 . 2/29/2008
Ya know, I'm smiling like a complete idiot, even though I'm sad this story is over.

gotta love the cameo -grins- I was trying not to grin too much.

and add on the fact that it was a funeral -shakes head- I am such a weirdo. but weird ish good.

anyway, that was an aweomse last chapter. probably one of your best, and plus, it was nice to see that everything was going to be okay once again -nods-

now we just need that in real life -groans- curse you cold weather. and curse little foals who can not stay dry -bashes head off of desk-


PS: some foals are staying at my barn, and one of them worked up such a sweat, she was soaked. and I'm worried she may end up sick.

PPS: I GOT MY NEW COMPUTER! WOOHOO! -happy dance- though i lost the chapter for Imp Files I had written.
Dreamer's Samhain chapter 37 . 2/25/2008
-is getting hammers ready and set- this old computer is going to DIE when the new one comes in -cackles-

anyway, nicely written, and wow. -shakes head- Kratos is gonna end up dead, not now, but later on. but shesh.

You can tell that I can't comprehend that O.O

anyway, can't wait for the next chapter, cuz, well, I wanna know what happens with Lloyd and Colette using the Eternal Sword. -nods-

I.K.A. Valian chapter 37 . 2/25/2008
Wow, so it's almost over. I did notice a few places where the wording didn't make sense, but after reading it over a few times it made sense. (I'm currently too lazy to go finding the three or so places that I found.)

I wonder, is Origin going to recombine the Flamberge and the Vorpal Sword to make the actual Eternal Sword or if he's just going to leave it as is.

Not much more left in the story, so I look forward to this epilogue you've got coming up.

Oh, and I remember now, I did see the Departed. (I feel stupid for not remembering.)

~I.K.A. Valian
mandrakefunnyjuice chapter 37 . 2/23/2008
It's sad, yet happy, yet sad still. You tied up the loose ends, but it didn't seem yet solid. Probably why you have an epilogue. (starts crying) NO! IT'S OVER!

mandrakefunnyjuice chapter 36 . 2/17/2008
I like this chapter. I don't really have anything to say, though. I like the little bit of Ratatosk that you managed to include here. I hope you update soon again. But then again, I hope you don't, because that will mean it's the end of the story...(sniff) It makes me sad. But oh well. All things must come to an end eventually, right? I'm curious as to if you'll kill Kratos off in the end or not. Seems to me he's far outlived his life expectancy, no? But he might just go back with Derris-Kharlan again, or maybe he'll just take his Cruxis Crystal off and spontaneously combust or something. Hmm. The final battle is at hand...mwhahahaha!

I.K.A. Valian chapter 36 . 2/17/2008
Wow, that was awesome. Lots and lots of action.

I'm not sure where that line "we will not go quietly into the night" came from originally, but the movie Independence Day is where I heard it first. That speech that the president gave (I forget what the actor's name is) was really inspirational. Made me want to get up and kick some alien butt too.

You know, we gamers don't know much about Arishes. I mean, can they use magic like elves and half-elves, or are they truly just humans that hunt evil. I guess we'll never know, though I'm pretty sure Noishe would be having a magical field day if he could use it.

~I.K.A. Valian
I.K.A. Valian chapter 35 . 2/10/2008
Great chapter. I think I heard several Kratos fangirls drop to the floor from faint...

You know, as much as we criticize those idealists for messing up, it's not like they had much guidance in their efforts. After all, had Mithos had a sound emotional upbringing, and someone there to comfort him, and other things he didn't have, he might not have gone Cruxis on the world. And as for Lloyd, I think that by splitting up the team, by letting everyone go their separate ways, he lost his guidance (Hence why others took their place and ruined his ideals). I think that if Genis and Colette at least had stuck with Lloyd and attempted to help him make the world a better place, then it's quite possible he wouldn't have strayed from his goals.

And there was something I wanted to touch on. You call it just the Aionis ore, well... Kratos kept going around the game to collect the materials, which included Aionis ore, to create the Ring of the Pact. That ring is what let Lloyd wield the Eternal Sword. And I believe that after the sword split itself into the Flamberge and the Vorpal sword, that the requirments for wielding it were discarded. I base that on the fact that in Tales of Phantasia (I know, this story is AU, but still) the two swords, Flamberge and Vorpal, had to be fused by Origin so that the hero, Cress (Or Cless,depending on which game translation you proscribe to), could wield the Eternal Sword so that they could find and defeat Dhaos, an "Angel" from Derris Kharlan, and stop him from destroying people's lives. (As it turned out, Dhaos was not there to kill people but to save the Yggdrasil Tree and find a way to get another Great Seed to bring back to Derris Kharlan, which was also in dire straights. So it was another case of miscommunication)

I realize that all of that doesn't really apply to this story since you've stressed the fact that it is AU, but I just wanted to clarify that up, that is, the Eternal Sword should be usable by anyone that Origin deems worthy, not just who has Aionis ore. (Not that it matters since this is your story and you'll make it work one way or another.)

I think I've talked enough...

~I.K.A. Valian
Dreamer's Samhain chapter 35 . 2/10/2008
Even though you hate how Kratos is always running away, I don't think he would openly say something like that as easily as he did in this chapter. or as easily as it seemed.

otherwise...KRATOS! -huggles Kratos- YAY!

-tackle-hugs- thank you so much for bringing him into your story!

awesome chapter too. Well written, and I can't wait until you update again -grins-


PS: Family Roles will probably be updated before the Imp Files. still working on the next chap for IF.
mandrakefunnyjuice chapter 35 . 2/10/2008
I agree with you on the Kratos part. You'd think he'd learn after all those years that escaping his problems isn't going to solve anything, and in here he expressed a will to die, more or less. After all that time imprisoned, he's gotta learn something from all the given time on reflection.

I don't want it to end! NO!

I.K.A. Valian chapter 34 . 2/4/2008
Wow, lot's of action in this one. And just when they thought everything was hunky-dory, Boom! (quite litterally...)

I have to wonder, without the technology that Cruxis has on Derris Kharlan, how is any form of a rescue going to take place. That is... unless they've got one that was used back when the half elves migrated there several centuries ago. Or perhaps you're going to tap that Eternal Sword, though that would be a bit harder since that requires more searching and time they don't have to spare.

I am actually concerned about Kratos... What did those half-elves do to him? Is he dead? Is he in some half awake-half asleep state where it's no trouble for this Pronyma to control him? So many things to wonder about. Good thing good old Noishe is there to save the day, haha.

~I.K.A. Valian
mandrakefunnyjuice chapter 34 . 2/3/2008
Just as I thought this was about to end, it gets more interesting. I can't wait till the next chapter...:D

Dreamer's Samhain chapter 34 . 2/1/2008

-sputters- evil evil evil cliffy.

I'm going to start cheering for Kratos, cuz he couldn't just LET Pronyma take over. He's hiding and waiting. I know it -nods-

yes, you can tell. I want him to /live/.

anyway, GAH! super! awesome!

though I still like Kratos William Aurion, but heh, I'ma weird person -grins-

anyway, can't wait for your next update. I wonder...if Kratos did show up, or any of the others, they wouldn't use swords would they?

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