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senthecat chapter 2 . 1/15
Loving it. It's a romance/drama with plot I love that
AngelicDemonicDragoness chapter 8 . 10/24/2013
are you seriously going to end it there? sorry but that ending sucked camel balls
Guest chapter 7 . 9/16/2013
It gets good and there is no more chapters pouts hehe shark man needs the love :-)
Guest chapter 8 . 9/7/2013
WTF! That is not an ending! :(
ByAGhost chapter 8 . 6/26/2013
Just.. whyyyyy!? D: Why did you drop this fic just like that? I love this fic, in fact, it's my FAVOURITE one so far! Even other OTPs do not beat this one. I was all totally imerged with the story. The characters... The way you write is all-capturing and I makes me wish to LIVE like that. Damm it, now there's no chapters left to read Q.Q Can't you continue with it? :c
itachiluver chapter 8 . 5/11/2013
Great story ] Keep it up
My-LookingGlass chapter 8 . 3/28/2013
Please come back and finish this! I wanna see more! You can't leave it like this
Forever-Buckskin chapter 8 . 3/14/2013
Wooow awesome so far! It was really good!
angelofthelord15 chapter 8 . 3/9/2013
please finish your story! Its so awesome! kisame and sakura all the way! :-):-)
Cynthia chapter 3 . 1/3/2013
I ship this pairing so hard now.
acetwolf94 chapter 8 . 10/22/2012
PLEASE ADD MORE 2 the story! Its really good.
Guest chapter 7 . 7/7/2012
It's been so long since an update! I hope this fic isn't dead; I book-marked it. Please write more!

jowilleatyuh chapter 8 . 4/21/2012
*chuckles* that was one hell of a horrible ending xD lul the rest of the story was cute though
Crystal M. Key chapter 8 . 3/15/2012
Aaaarrrgh! Cliffhanger-induced madness! Oh, this story is brilliant, and I really hope you update it. Please? Poor, poor Kisame. Are you operating under the Tobito theory? Anyway, your Tobi is adorable! ADORABLE! I want to cuddle him! And the April Fool's was amusing. Thanks! Favorite quotes:

Even if she hadn't been blindfolded and trussed up like a turkey, the odd jutsu he'd caught her in guaranteed that she couldn't move a muscle, much less escape. She was only slightly peeved that he hadn't underestimated her like most people- it actually stroked her ego a bit that he thought this much caution was necessary.

The scent of wet fur and pack lay over her skin like a cloying blanket, something Kisame's darker half found extremely offensive. The voice that normally spoke of blood and battle as glorious things was suddenly urging him to drown it out with his own, to bite, claim, fuck. The girl could fight, would give him an exhilarating challenge, maybe even a few new scars to remember her by.

Hearing a splash, Kisame looked up in time to see Sakura wrapping a towel around herself as she stepped out of the bath. It was large, fluffy, blue, and normally his favorite, but right now it was blocking a very nice view and all he wanted to do was rip it to shreds. Damned towel.

"A bit of advice… don't bring up Deidara's bloodline limit around him."

Sakura blinked. "His hands, you mean?"

"Mm. You would do well to not mock him about it. He doesn't react well, and dislikes cleaning up the resulting mess."

She gave him an odd look, then shook her head. "I don't really mind that, so much as the fact that a strange man groped me when I was tied up. How the hell was I supposed to react to that?"

Not expecting such a candid response, Kisame stared at her for a moment. "How indeed."

Kisame found excitement in battle. If provoked, he would play with his opponents, but only if they presented a proper challenge for him. Or just pissed him off, which Maito Gai apparently excelled at.

Shaking her head, she snatched up her scrolls and finally plopped down on the foot of the bed- just in case that bondage-vine… thing got any ideas. She had an insane moment where she almost expected it to come to life and attack her like something out of a bad H-novel, then firmly pushed the thought away and vowed to beat the stuffing out of Jiraiya next time she saw him.

"Where's the fire extinguisher?" he asked urgently.

"In the closet next to the extra room," he replied automatically.


Kisame blinked, and he was gone. He listened as the younger man ran down the hall and slammed open the linen closet as directed, then squeaked as what sounded like a mountain of sheets and towels fell on him.

Setting down the scroll he'd been staring at absently, he stood and made his way over to glance down the hall. Tobi managed to struggle his way free of an amorous pillowcase, grabbed the desired bright red cylinder from the inner wall, and booked it back down the hall.

"I think he was trying to impress that kunoichi, un."

"And he thought burning down the kitchen would be a good way?"

"He said she liked his cooking or something. Maybe she's suicidal?"

"Let's hope not. She'd probably try and take the whole complex down with her."

Deidara grimaced, not bothering to argue the obvious.


"Where are we going?"


"Er, not that I mind being out of that room, but it hasn't been very long since I was fed last. Do you guys really eat this often?"

"Are you implying that we are fat?" Zetsu deadpanned.

"What? No! I-" Sakura cut herself off when it hit her like a ton of bricks- he was actually teasing her. That he had referred to himself in the imperial third person didn't even faze her.

A wicked thought formed, and she skipped ahead a step before she could stop herself. Glancing back, she eyed the way his cloak had been cut extra-large to accommodate the flytrap-like extension on his shoulders, and raised her eyebrows in an exaggerated manner. "Then again…oof!"

Sakura was very nearly bowled over as an orange and black blur suddenly appeared out of nowhere and tackled her. She shifted her balance automatically, one hand reflexively coming up to rest lightly on her attacker's head before her brain caught up and she realized that it wasn't actually Naruto- couldn't be. She pushed down a pang of homesickness.

Wrapping his arms around her middle, Tobi proceeded to bury his masked face in her stomach and started bawling about kamikaze grills and possessed fire extinguishers.

At a loss, she patted his shoulder awkwardly. She stared down at the younger missing-nin that clung to her. "…Does anyone have a crowbar handy?"

Kisame appeared from inside what she assumed was the kitchen. "Tobi, stop fraternizing with the hostage. The last thing we need is you contracting Lima Syndrome."

The man in question immediately released her and jumped back as if she were contagious. "But I don't like beans!" he exclaimed, as if that made perfect sense.

The library, Sakura decided, was the absolutely best place in that entire godforsaken complex that she had had permission to enter thus far. Except-

"Don't touch anything that's warded."

-for that minor detail.

Sakura felt a twitch start up just below her right eye. Irritating man. "Are you going to say that every time we come here?"

The blond in question just scoffed and flopped down onto one of the couches as usual. "Only if you insist on practically drooling over them despite the warning, un."

"What, un?"

The larger man's head jerked down at the sound of his voice, and he frowned faintly. "Feet off the table," he muttered half-heartedly.

The blond sighed and did as told, stretching his legs out on the couch beside him instead. "What's wrong? I've never seen you this quiet. It'd be refreshing if it wasn't so disturbing, un."

Kisame glared half-heartedly. "Weren't you banned from watching those late night re-runs?"

"I'll have you know that they're classics, un. And how would you know where it was from, anyway?"

"Tobi was singing that stupid song for a week straight after you let him stay up with you one night. Complete with a bad accent."

Deidara winced and offered an apologetic smile. "Oops?"

Kisame stared at Deidara. "What are you, the missin-nin's guide to women?"

"That would be telling."

"Yes, it's generally the correct response to a question. Soon we might even graduate to whole conversations"

"Perish the thought," he murmured, a small smile curving his lips.

Kisame chuckled roughly, having expected her to push him away. "Stubborn."

"Leaf," she countered, proud when it came out even and mostly unaffected.

Sakura shifted her chair so that it was turned partially away from where Tobi sat to her right and politely kept her eyes elsewhere when the man tilted up his mask just enough to eat comfortably without actually baring his face.

Everyone noticed, but no one commented on it. She had been taught by one of the most obsessively masked shinobi around, after all. If anything, she knew when to respect a person's privacy.

Wait, was she…? Kisame blinked, but the rosy tint didn't leave her cheeks.

Sakura was actually blushing, eyes focused on the prominent bulge in his pants.

It took a moment to register that she'd stopped speaking, but before he could think of a properly suggestive comment, she retreated behind that damned opaque shower curtain. A soft rustle and a slim hand emerged to drop two scraps of lace on top of her small pile of clothing.

Kisame swallowed thickly. "Tease."

Her reply was a soft, throaty laugh as she turned on the faucet.

When he finally flopped into the chair next to her, Sakura had to stop herself from reaching out to brush the loose hair from his eyes; had his sclera not been black, she was sure they would have been bloodshot and as weary as the rest of him.

Sakura was so concerned, in fact, that she neglected to pull away when a large hand curled around her wrist, calloused fingertips settling on the thin skin over her pulse. Deidara watched the byplay curiously, but thankfully didn't comment on it.

Switching her chopsticks to her free hand, she continued eating quietly.

"So, when's the wedding, un?"

'…Or maybe he was simply waiting for the right moment,' she thought, choking on a bite of rice.

Kisame didn't react, other than to take another sip of coffee. "June. You aren't invited."

Sakura's sputtering only increased.

Kisame eyed her clinging grip on the mug and finally sighed. "I'm not getting that back, am I?" he asked rhetorically.


He tipped his head back to stare lengthily up at the ceiling for a moment, then finally huffed quietly and scooted his chair back, evidently hell-bent on acquiring another mug. He returned quickly, keeping both hands guardedly around the precious beverage this time.

Both hands were braced on his chest at first, though one soon slid up into his hair, nails scratching delicately at his scalp as she tilted his head back. Her breath feathered across his skin, then her lips.

Kisame kept very, very still.

A warm, agile, evil little tongue flicked out, and- was she…? Oh. Oh, god.

A half-stifled groan escaped him as Sakura ever-so-slowly drew her tongue across one set of his clan tattoos before blowing a cool breath over the newly damp skin.

Kisame promptly thumped his head against the solid tabletop so conveniently placed in front of him. "I," he muttered into the fine grain, "am going to kill you."

"Only if you take care of that first," Deidara cackled, wisely heading for the door. "I don't swing that way, un."

The blond just barely ducked around the corner fast enough to escape the kunai thrown at his head.
RoostheFlower chapter 8 . 12/21/2011
I love you'r KisaSaku story! You make Kisame sound hoooooot :P

Please keep going on?

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