Reviews for Uninvited Guests
kinigget chapter 27 . 3/31
I think what I like most about this is that it's really not that much more batshit than actual canon, it's just more honest about it
kinigget chapter 23 . 3/31
To think this madness started with Yachiru burning down the squad 11 barracks

From such simple beginnings do wonders grow
kinigget chapter 16 . 3/31
And so the madness spreads
kinigget chapter 15 . 3/31 keeps getting worse, how does it keep getting worse?
kinigget chapter 3 . 3/30
Poor baatard...
kinigget chapter 2 . 3/30
Have I mentioned how much I love your particular brand of humor yet? Because I *love* it
kanazak chapter 6 . 3/15
This is fucking awesome. Constant chuckles interrupted by uncontrollable laughter. XD
The dark of night5 chapter 41 . 2/22
I really want the option to favorite things several times over. Because I would do that for this story in a heartbeat. Because it is genius, and I nearly died several times reading it because I suddenly couldn't breath, because I was laughing so hard my kidneys hurt. Thank you!
QueenKarin13 chapter 3 . 1/13
Poor Toshiro.
QueenKarin13 chapter 2 . 1/13
This is so funny, I've never laughed this much while reading a fanfic and that's saying something! God this is hilarious.
QueenKarin13 chapter 1 . 1/13
One thing: Kenpachi doesn't say, "Well guys" or shudder. But other than that, this was so funny! Love the advice Kenpachi gets over and over and love Toshiro's dream and everything after that. Awesome.
Flagarach chapter 41 . 12/8/2014
This was great. It had me laughing near-unlimited times, even during moments when I shouldn't laugh. I truly thank you for this story.

Zer Author chapter 41 . 12/1/2014
Wow. Just wow. i read this story, from start to finish, and I was smiling the entire time. The ENTIRE time. It takes real skill to CRAFT something like this, and I happy beyond words that I have had this chance to brighten my existence with this astounding bit of comedy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May all your efforts work out so well.
Bakkughan chapter 1 . 11/14/2014
XD Ayasegawa's freak out when he realized all his stuff was gone had me laughing out loud. Wich coincedentally got me a couple of strange looks and a single glare seeing as how i was in the classroom at the moment.
Saint Nick chapter 41 . 10/15/2014
This story has been too funny for words, so I'm not going to even bother to try to verbalize it.
But this story brings up some things that I have found very strange about Bleach, and even things I hadn't considered.
Like why is there an anthropomorphic fox? Why is Yammamoto always so eager to execute anyone for anything? Why does the number 9 espada, (I'm too lazy to look back a few chapters to find his name) who apparently has the powers of 30,000 hollows, never shows any of those abilities, and how not a single one of them can protect him from an ice sword to the head. Why the hell is Tosen even working with Aizen in the first place. How Aizen was able to train Momo to completely break down upon his death, but somehow act completely normal and show no signs of mental instability before then. How Aizen is able to come up with these convoluted plans based on things other people did that there's no way he could have predicted.
Any way its a great story and I can't wait for updates on your other stories
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