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Tony7323 chapter 10 . 5/5/2013
That was Awesome Very Nicely Done you Write SMUT very well I Loved it
Tony7323 chapter 6 . 5/4/2013
Amazing I really Loved that Chapter
Tony7323 chapter 3 . 5/4/2013
Now that,s Some Very Powerful Writing I Love it
Mardelzor chapter 2 . 8/6/2010
CCCccdrracKK! did u hear that? it was the sound of my HEART BREAKING as i read this chapter! i'm feeling all depressed now, good job! great description, if you can make me cry, u know you're a danged good author!
Supergal2005 chapter 11 . 3/16/2009
I loved the story, but what happened to "Turning Point". I read "Starting Point" and "Points in Between". They were great. I would love to see how you continue this story. Please let me know. ;)
StanaTorv chapter 11 . 12/29/2008
so sequel?

:D sam
StanaTorv chapter 9 . 12/29/2008
just a random note...i love cassava. you can do so much with it. ive had it in curries and everything. i like it boiled but its good if you wrap it in foil and cook it on the fire and then smother it in tomato sauce :D

love your fics btw

:D sam
Luvin Lulu chapter 1 . 6/25/2008
I've loved this story! Please post the sequel soon!
seasonsclouds chapter 3 . 1/29/2008
"We all have our own demons to deal with. There just comes a point in all our lives when we have to say "enough." When we have to stop using the past as an excuse or crutch and own up to the fact that present and future are our responsibility. That the lives we have are the lives we've made. So we better be damn sure that they are the lives we want, because at the end of the day, we can't blame anyone else but ourselves if we're not happy with them."

What a beautiful bit of writing. The tone and wording is perfect. It's always nice to stumble upon the rare perfectly-written phrase. Well done.
mumrulz chapter 9 . 1/26/2008
Well I finally got back to finish this!

Not only do hungry kids want to be fed, apparently they want it to be a regular occurrance, so I had to go & do some grocery shopping, for the poor starving neglected kids. LOL. I am now kids free so am determined to finish this wonderful story.

Chapter 9:

Good to see the 3 of them being a happy family & doing somethng domestic, shopping for groceries. Love that Parker has the Booth smile & puppy dog eyes. Brennan has no hope against them .

**“Actually, whenever we are together I have fun; and Parker just makes it that much better.” really is a sweet thing for her to say.

Chapter 10:

After 4 years of being together, I am surprised at how surprised she was at the suggestion of moving in together. Actually I would thought that they already would have been! ;-)

Funny how Brennan was both relieved & dsappointed that the question of marriage didn't come up. LOL.

**“which place would be better for us to move into, yours or mine?”

...I'm glad to see that she didn't let her fear take control. Once the thought of getting a place that was 'theirs', they really got caught up in the idea of it - deciding what they would need & the best place to start looking.

I really like the idea that Booth never introduced Parker to any of his old girlfriends. The fact that he did with Brennan just makes their relationship seem so much more special even back when Parker & Brennan became apart of each others lives with Booth.

**I want to enjoy the now and look forward to tomorrow, without worrying about what could go wrong – because, as long as we’re together, we can overcome anything.” she is getting the hang of this relationship stuff. LOL,

**“I have missed you. I’ve missed the sight of you,” as he ran his eyes up and down her naked body.

He then leaned forward and kissed her lips. He rubbed his cheek along her breast and nipple, “the feel of you.”

He then reached forward and took a deep breath, “the smell of you.”

“The taste of you,” he said, before he leaned forward and licked her from end to end.

“The sound of your sexy moans,” LOL. :-)

...loved it. He has all 5 senses covered!

Wow...the, this was your first time at writing it? would never have known. Your'e a natural. ;-)


Can't wait for the sequel...& the prequel?...guess what...have I mentoned I loved it?LOL. And all the moments in between.

I like the fact that Brennan has had such a positive influence over Parker over the years. His inquisitiveness, his interest in books & mostly his enjoyment in writing & that Booth is willing to nurture these traits in his son.

Poor Booth, realizing that Parker is growing up: Daddy - Dad.

**The only thing that would make it better would be if, next to Brennan there was a little girl, with her hair and eyes... sequel?:-)

Finally reached the end I am sad to say. Loved it! Now that is my kind of angst. ;-)LOL. :-):-):-)
mumrulz chapter 5 . 1/26/2008
Ok, I am back for more reading & reviewing of this wonderful story. Trudging through all that know what it does to starting to pay off, at least Brennan had decided that he, that they were worth fighting for.

Chapter 5:

**The upcoming confrontation wasn’t just like any old conversation; it was probably the defining conversation of their relationship. If she could not reach him and make him understand, they would be over.

...I'm glad that she realizes how serious the situation between her & Booth is at the moment. How close she is to losing him & what they had. I'm glad that she forced him to listen to her explain what had been gong on with her for the last few months.

How sad that Brennan didn't say it often that she loved him. Doesn't matter if he knows it, you still like to hear it. So different from the prequel.

Chapter 6:

Just read your A/N saying that you were going to try to give us plenty of fluff to make up for all that horrible angst - even though timeline wise it was only for a few hours, it seemed like forever. Thought my heart was going to break for them. :-(

Great conversation between Angela & Hodgins. You can see why Angela is torn, wanting for her friends only to be happy, but will that be together? Angela is feeling 'tough love' for Brennan knowing that she really does need to let go of the past.

**But, she sort of deserved it; she has been really acting like a prime b*tch.”

**One where they communicate, share things, and where there’s no doubt about eachother’s commitment to the relationship. If they don’t have that – trust, communication, and respect as well as love, then what is the point?”

...Angela has a very good point.

Chapter 7:

**“Can I drive?”

“Bones, Bones,” “In the last seven years, have you driven much?”

“No,” she shook her head with a frown. “I’ve only driven when you’ve been injured or were trying to cheer me up.” And then with a smirk, she added, “Or when I’ve been able to blackmail you.”

“Ok, then,” “Am I injured?” he asked “Are you in need of cheering up?” “And do you have anything you can use to blackmail me?”. “Well, then,” he said with a smug grin as he opened the passenger’s side door and helped her in. “There’s your answer.”

I drive and carry the gun and you complain about it,”

...LMAO..loved this snippet of conversation.

Thank goodness that Brennan took Angela's advice & spoke to Booth about what was still worrying her. Loved their talk. You can feel their love for each other & the concerns thay have for their safety. So sweet that they both think that they can overcome anything if they are together. At least now Booth fully understands what happened & why.

Good to see them so happy again & looking forward to the picnic with Parker.:-)

Chapter 8:

Love Angela's reaction to the news of the picnic. Looks lke things might be back on track - just like a happy family. But then it is sad to see Brennan thinking about how the shine had gone off their relationship. Hopefully everything is starting to look up now & they can get that spark back.

I love Booth/Brennan/Parker interacton. So sweet how happy Parker was that she would be spending the weekend wth them.

Ok I have to take a break for a while, it seems for some reason that when kids get hungary it is expected that you feed them. Who would have known? LOL.

I'll be back later to finsh this.:-):-):-)
mumrulz chapter 4 . 1/25/2008
**But let me know what you think and if I should continue and fix everything at the end or leave them broken** could could you even contemplate leaving B&B broken. I was totally shocked! :-)

I promised you that I would finish this after 'Starting Point' & so here I am. :-)

Chapter 1:

My heart breaks for Booth. How could Brennan let their relationship reach this point with out really trying to do anything to salvage it...& looking at another man?

I am so glad that Angela went after Booth, he is the one needing comforting, needing a friend. She really stood up for Booth. Brennan doesn't seem to upset at just being 'dumped'. I'm not really feeling much sympathy for her at this moment. Hopefully Angela's words will knock some sense into her.


Angela really is being a good friend to Booth. Talking it through with him. But he really is defeated, he has given up on the relationship with Brennan, he is being forced into it by Brennan's attitude.

**Nothing worthwhile should be free and I’m not afraid of hard work.

But this, this has become back-breaking, heart-aching, soul-destroying work. And I don’t think I can keep doing it, especially if I’m the one doing all the work and she no longer has an interest in doing her part.”

...loved can understand why he is so tired, so weary from trying to keep their relationship alive. Brennan really has forced him to his breaking point.

Chter 3:

Loved the conversation between Angela & Brennan. Angela exlaining why Booth had to leave. Leave both the restaurant & the relationship.

**You can’t let the past and your fears rule your life; you can’t keep blaming what you went through every time you’re tempted to run away because the emotions you’re feeling are so powerful they scare you.

...Angela is making a lot of sense. Brennan has to stop using her past as an excuse.

Chater 4:

It was really interesting to see how the events of the night had affected Angela. She was caught between 2 friends. She had been angry at Brennan for allowing this to happen, for withdrawing from all of them over the last few months. She was feeling confused & guilty for even thinking that maybe it was a good thing for Booth & Brennan to break up.

I like how Brennan tries to work out what motivated her to act the way she had been. She thought about it logically.

**but she knew that they rather bicker with each other than make love with anyone else. sweet!

Glad to see that she has finally seen the light & realized that Booth is worth fighting for. She had better hope that she can convince Booth that they are worth fighting for.

I hope you realize how hard it is for me to read something angsty like this.:-) After reading 'Starting Point' (which BTW did I ever mention that I loved)& then reading this one, they seem like a completely different couple. Another reason I am so happy to hear you talk of adding some more in between. It might make it easier to link the 2 stories.

Well I have to leave my reading & reviewing at this point as it is now 3.30am & I will continue tomorrow, well actually that would be today. I'm glad that I am leaving on a much happier & fluffy .:-):-):-)
spacekid77 chapter 11 . 1/4/2008
Aw Luli! That was great! I'm all warm and fuzzy now!

Initially, one of the angstiest fics I've ever read (not counting Character Death *shudder*) and your portrayal of that was just amazing. But I'm glad you decided to fix them and to continue on after your first "ending" to include Angela and Parker, just makes for a well-rounded story!

Can't wait to get to Starting Point!

Awesome! Thanks for writing!
Bellabun chapter 11 . 11/20/2007

I FOUND IT! Oh it was such a sweet ending and I can't wait for the prequel, or the sequel, oh I am so excited! Great wrap up, you rocked this story from moment one! Can't wait!

mendenbar chapter 11 . 11/20/2007
These all seem to be very pointed titles. Do they have some particular meaning? (snicker, snicker) Looking forward to much more.
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