Reviews for For The Sake of Dreams
Ender0656 chapter 1 . 4/29/2007
Overall, not a bad attempt, I will admit though that it feels as if I’m reading a Dawn of War novel. I don’t really like self-insertions so there’s a lot I'm not going to say about this but there was one particular part I didn’t like,

“For someone who had just pissed off one of the top ten most powerful (and the number two most terrifying we can’t forget Asuka, now can we?) persons in the world”

This part was poorly written, also it takes away from the professionalism of the read if you ask the reader a question like that.

Dartz-IRL chapter 1 . 4/27/2007
To be honest, I'm not sure what to make of this. It's definitely different.

The basic structure is something that, by rights should be deserving of an automatic flame. NAuthor Inserts... trahs talks Gendo into the ground type thing.

But then.. it's what happens afterwards that makes it interesting. and how Gendou behaves.

I think, the reason why this works is because, even though your there, you're definitely not the main character. This be a Gendoufic... You're just there so he can show his stuff.

Good Work

Dartz IRL
Caladchbolg chapter 1 . 4/26/2007
I...liked it. Those who know me and what I do may be surprised me to say so, being that I'm partially responsible for the death of a number of horrid, horrid self-insert fictions. (SI as a genre only rate from bad to horrid)

That being said I started reading this with absolutely no idea what to expect. I skipped the Author's note and missed any mention of this being a self-insertion, even though it became increasingly obvious towards the middle of the story. I started getting pretty disenchanted as this was dawning on me. For awhile it just felt like another author bringing himself into the story and defying all logic and physical limitations for a round of mindless Gendo Bashing(tm).

Nothing gives me an aneuryism more than unconditional hatred of Gendo's actions and attitude without any note at all of the events leading to him becoming the way he is, his psychology or past. When an author self inserts himself into the universe and effortlessly overcomes all obstacles to confront Gendo, and then both assault him physically through various supernatural means, and THEN further add to the madness by beating the chessmaster in a round of verbal discourse...well it makes me want to kill, and I do.

That being said, this was pretty good! You addressed every issue I have above well, whether intentional or not; it's pretty deep. I'm shocked. The dialogue was good, and you used your author surrogate to examine Gendo's psychology and methodology (as you interpret it of course), it was entertaining. The fact that you appear in your own story with immense power, you only use it to further the story rather than stroke your own ego, really the fact that your author surrogate is such an immensely powerful representative of god seems...insignificant-I liked it. Then to top it all off, you're mortal-unheard of in self insertion. You're shot and you die...kind of, in my head I interpreted it to mean it was only the death of an earthly shell. You have little to no effect on the timeline, don't steal the girls, and don't rule the evaverse with ultimate power and a flooding of confidence-you only live to examine one of the most complex characters in Eva, and then die once your purpose is fulfilled.

The death itself even seems like a mischievious wink at Self-Insertion fiction itself. Cool. I kind of wish you had posted it sooner, you shocked me. Keeping it short was a great idea too, Evangelion can only sustain a foreign body for a short amount of time. Again, pleasantly suprised. Good job.

Those of you who read this review and think this means it's ok to create that Self-Insertion masturbation fest you've been itching to do-don't misunderstand me. It's still not ok.

This is it right here, the one and only. It's just been done and can't be duplicated. The only way a self-insert can live successfully, is to die. Well done.

-Required SI Review Statement-

Before anyone starts listing successful "SI" fictions to refute whatever is written above, don't. I've been through them all and tore the evidence apart one by one, most of them aren't even true SI's. Again-just stop please.

I apologize for this Statement, it has become necessary to prevent spam in the review section whenever I critique something in this genre.