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SettingSunflowers chapter 9 . 4/26/2016
This is probably gonna be a stupid question because I have a bad habit of rambling, but I'll try to control myself.
Besides Piccolo, King Vegets is actually a recent favorite (his awesome facial hair reminds me of my dad.) , so I have a question for him.
How do you think you would look if you were a super saiyan god blue?(I believe that's one name for it? I'm not sure.)

Perhaps, if it's alright with the author, I will ask another question? Perhaps even a dare? Anyway, have a good day, all of you!
Pandam565 chapter 5 . 10/24/2015
Piccolo i know u liKe gohan as a friend because he was the only one who didnt treat you like a monster krillin how does it feel having an Android as a wife tien how do u feel about goku yamcha what happened with u u got weak For everyone who would win vegito or gogeta and for everyone have a meal
Fly Dragon chapter 9 . 8/13/2014
Piccolo means small in French, and have you ever found it ironic...that's what I ment to say in my last comment...dang spelling correct, I swear...
Fly Dragon chapter 9 . 8/13/2014
This fanfiction is AMAZING! Don't stop any time soon, and remember to update! Krillin you are my favorite character, and you always will, you've got more loyalty, love and devotion in one finger than most of the Z-fighters have in there whole body's, but anyways on with my questions.
Krillin,what were your first thoughts whenever you found out the whole reason why Goku had gone super saiyan was because he lost you at the hands of a monster?
Dende,while on Namic, Krillin protected you with everything he had, and proved it whenever he pushed you out of Friezas way, and was impaled through the lung, during this time what was racing through your head, and how do you view Krillin now after the fact?
Piccolo, with such sharp, incredible hearing, have you ever considered playing an instrument, after all most musicians lean by playing 'by ear', also, I know your name means "other world" in Namic, but in French it means you ever found this ironic, considering the fact that you stand above every Z-fighter?
Tien and Chiaotzu, you both have a strong brother relationship, well what I want to know is if you two play pranks on each other like most brothers do?
Well that's all for now! Keep up this Awesome fic!
Sagepelt chapter 9 . 3/8/2014
Tien: Do u still have feelings for launch(both sides)? Cause I've read fanfic where u and her fucked,hard :P

Everyone: how's ur reaction to Tien fucking Launch(both sides) hard?
Secret Tien Love chapter 9 . 3/8/2014
This Is for Tien,have you read my fanfic? It's about u and me getting married and having a daughter named,Melody. How do u think of that?
Guest chapter 9 . 6/26/2013
hey! I'm going to let you guys ask my little sis stuff to! she is half nemecian and half human like me and she is really really qiet! By, oh and p.s I think yamcha is cute!
GlassesGirl chapter 9 . 1/2/2013
This is so funny! I wonder if you are still continuing this...ANYWAYS, I have some questions for the triclops and Pie.

Tien - Can you grow hair? And if you could, would you and what color would it be? You get...A POTATO! (Spotlight on potato)

Chiaotzu (Pie) - Can you grow hair, too? What style would you want?
Also, why do you have 2 red circles on your cheeks? Wow, I ask a lot of questions...1 more! Were you ever a baby? Cuz you seemed to have stopped aging at 5/6 years old.

I just thought of a question while typing this!

Yamcha - Is Puar (or whatever that flying cat's name is) a boy or a girl? Sounds like a girl...

This is all I have left to say. Tien, I wouldn't eat that potato if I were you. I found it sitting in a mad scientists lair on a table with a laser thing-a-ma-bob pointing at it. But if you ARE going to eat it, then here is a peeler and some budder. Farewell, my friends. I am off to ADVENTURE! (Flys away leaving a rainbow trail)
Smol dragon chapter 9 . 7/21/2012
piccolo:*gives strongest alcohal in the world* one drink and you are tipsy 2 and you get drunk the third and then you pass out!if any one trys to take it away they will get supreemly drunk... mostly dende! lolol *graves leg* im not going
muhahahahahahahahahahaa *cough cough hack* ...ow...

tien: you are soo cool you are awesome but Picclo rules (not miss spelled)
the pie: how come you can fly teach me!

krillen: *shaves head* you look better this way only recognized you cuz your short!
well im not leaving! *clings tighter to Picclo*
kittycat1277 chapter 9 . 4/3/2012
Love the fic

Piccolo:I think your awesome and all that but, i ain't one of thoses girls whoses all like "Piccolo is soooo HOT!" Or " I want him in my bed!" I just really think your awesome. But my friend thinks i'm crazy.

Krillin: Hi! You always were my favroite human fighter. Anyways, all my "Friend" who watch the show think you weak. an i'm gonna prove them wrong. But, i sort of forgot the times you fought so can you remind me. -

Chioatzu: Sorry if i spelled you name wrong. You so cute i can't stand it! (Best friend: I'm started to wounder whose the real girly girl) Quiet you! Anyways, i've been wondering, how did it feel to be a emeor.

Tien: Hiya. I think you awesome. I would totaly glomp you but Satay might kill me. Do you still stay in contact with the other z senshi because, when there was another world tournment you weren't there. and nither was chioatzu. *Pats on head*

Satay: Hi!Wonderful fanfic you got goin' on and me could be best friends because your an otaku like me. (Best friend: I thought i was you best friend) I SAID QUIET YOU! Wait you are an Otaku aren't u? * Shakes hand*

Yamcha : I think your cool no matter what anybody says. *Hugs tightly* (Best friend: I don't) I SAID SHUT UP!
Haphazard Snow chapter 9 . 3/10/2012
Very cute and funny. Hope you update soon!
silentmidnightdeath chapter 9 . 11/26/2011
Hahahaha...this story is amazing. I am capable of proper spelling, Thank Kami!Err...questions...hmm...

Piccolo: How much time do you spend meditating, anyway? And I concur that Goku is an idiot.

Water for the Namekians!

Chiaotzu: You are so adorable!

Yamcha: I really don't like you. Moron. Fall off a cliff. Can I borrow him to submit him to medieval torture? Because I am really good at that.

Krillin: Meh. I have nothing to say to you. You're awesome.

Tien: Same as Krillen.

King Vegeta: Which is worse, giant worms or giant, furry caterpillars?

Satay: I would fight you for Tien, but I am being nice today can keep him...for now... Is your black hole password locked? I'd love to hijack it some time. Did I just say hijack? I meant borrow...hehehee...
Chiyoko Shizu chapter 9 . 4/12/2011
Haha, I am LOVING this story! Now onto the questions...

Piccolo: DUDE, you are a freakin' GOD! (Sorry, Dende, you're still special *pats his head*) I'm insane for you! XD I even write a fanfic about you :3

Anyways, why do Nameks have fangs if they don't eat anything and they're a peaceful species that usually don't attack? OOH! Do the flicky thing with your tongue like how lizards do! You did it a few chapters back and it was hilarious. Luv ya, Pickles. 3 3 *give you a BIG kiss on the cheek* BTW, I don't believe people who say that you and Gohan have somethin' "goin' on" between you two. You seem more like a second daddy to him. *you get fresh spring water*

Tien: I read somewhere that you got your third eye by serious, intense meditation. How did that go for you? *You get scrambled eggs*

Chiaotzu: What's your favorite thing to cook? *You get mac and cheese, and a hug cause you're cute*

Krillin: I apologize to the others, but you are my FAVORITE human in the whole show! Seriously, if the Saiyans and Piccolo weren't around, you'd have a LOT of fangirls on your hands! (Including me, lol!) Does 18 know that you named your daughter after your ditzy ex-girlfriend? *you get a bowl of chow mein, a BIG hug, and a peck on your shiny, cueball head*

Yamcha: Weeeeeell, I have a confession to make. When you first showed up in DB, I had a huge crush on you. :O It be the truth. But which haircut did you prefer: the long ponytail or the short cut Bulma made you get? *you get french fries*

Dende: ... I don't really have a question for you, so you get fresh spring water, as well. Keep on watching over the world, little man! *huggles*

Yajirobe: ... Nothing much for you either, except admittedly, I don't think you're as useless as others take ya for. Besides, you DID cut off Veggie's tail during the fight with the Saiyans, right? *you get mashed potatoes with plenty o' gravy, and a bread roll*

King Vegeta: Man, your death looked painful! XD And it sucks that a gay lizard had to steal your cute, powerful son, so you get my sympathy. *you get a Saiyan-sized baked chicken* OOH! My cousin has a crush on your grandkid, Trunks! She's human, whaddya think about THAT! XD

Satay: Try not to have TOO much fun with Tien, eh? I'm sure the dude has plenty of fangirls out there.

Oh, by the way, send Tao Pai Pai this message: You are a badass, and you're my most favorite villain in the whole Dragon Ball series who didn't go good at the end! I honestly don't know why, maybe it's cause of your awesome mustache. :D I liked your clothes and you looked mondo cool as a robot. By the way, how old ARE you? *you get

Thankies, everybody, and Satay, update soon and keep up the good work!

And watch your back, Pickles. I don't care if you don't have "equipment" or a gender. I'll be back for you someday... *purr and do the cat claw thing*
FiresideChild chapter 9 . 2/25/2011
May I, first of all, extend my best wishes to you all. Satu-dear, a fine fic if I've ever seen one. (I love your humor!)

Now, the questions!

Tien- Your third eye is mostly a conductor for your energy, yes? Were you father's extra eyes for the same purpose?

Chiaotzu- *curtsies* Hello little emperor, were did you learn to cook? Did you teach yourself?

Yamcha- Why did you originally go into the bandit business?

Krillin: Hello, Krillin! Why did you named Marron (your daughter) after Marron (your Ex-Girlfriend)? Not that I don't like the name, but she was kind of a ditz. *frosty does not like Krillin's ex*

Dende- Hello, sweet one. *gentle hug* I would like to know, what sorts of things do you enjoy doing, outside of your duties as Guardian?

Vegeta-sama- What was your home planet like? Cultural traditions, government, social structure, etc.

Piccolo- It has always seemed to me that you and Gohan were very close, not unlike a father and son. Are you close with Videl and Pan, as well?

Thank you very much. I send the following food.

Tien: Lobster Bisque with Leeks and Green Onions.

Chiaotzu: Blackberry Cobbler with Crumbles and Cream.

Yamcha: Sirloin Steak with Blue Cheese and Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

Krillin: Beef Stroganof with onions and potatoes.

Dende and Piccolo: Flavored Sparkling Water

Vegeta-sama: Roast Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Turkey Gravy.
MjolnirMarie chapter 9 . 1/9/2011
My question is

Krillin: Would you go back to that temple? When did it all start between you and 18?

Piccolo:Maha your my second favorite. But anyway What do you think of Tien? is he a jerk?

Yamcha: god everyones gonna kill me for this but i must say i have a crush on you heheheh. and your my first favorite besides Tien your tied MAHAHAHA. And if you got the chance would you kill the people who are enjoying to kill you and things like that?

Tien So tell me how are you enjoying your time with Satay?

Chaotzu: I really dont have a question for you.

Yajirobe: Ok your just plain strange.

Dende; Nothing for you question wise

King Vegetable: your really...nah i leave that out

Satay: This is a good fanfic LOL. Have fun with Tien

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