Reviews for Military Affairs
number1animefreak chapter 13 . 7/1/2012
This was really well done. I'll admit when I was a bit doubtful after reading the summary but once I got few chapters in... well let's just say I up until 2 AM before I finally convinced myself I needed to go to bed. Luckily it's the weekend.
svvanmillsarchive chapter 6 . 11/3/2011
Julie's a bi*ch!
Auto-Alchemechanicist chapter 1 . 8/6/2011
Very nice. This feels real. :D
alynawatlovers chapter 13 . 1/16/2009
GAH! That's such a cliff-hanger! that's horrible after such a god story!
Koromo Magic chapter 6 . 5/10/2008
at the end, Julie seems very obsessed and stalker-ish.

*keeps reading*
pippermint chapter 2 . 12/18/2007
i forgot about maria & denny! it'll be nice to see them again.

nothing to critique so far.

i'm looking forward to the next chapter, so bye!
bugger46735 chapter 13 . 8/13/2007
Cute ending. Kind off open-ended and bittersweet. But I like that kind of thing. I like how you put the Miltary Affairs book ending amid Roy and Riza's little flirtations, like a parallel of what thier ending could be if only...well their are a lot of things in the way of their being together. But the possibilities are their, and fiction brings out possiblities in life we may or may never have.

By and by a good alternative to the 'kiss, kiss' Hollywood ending. Yeah! Good story.
bugger46735 chapter 12 . 8/13/2007
Exciting chapter! The action between Julia and Riza was really good. I could totalty see Riza head butting someone, and your orchestration of the scene was cool, haveing julia monologue on while Riza waited for her moment.

bugger46735 chapter 11 . 8/13/2007
Ooh, Mustang gets sweep-kicked yet again. Love that he has to walk around with Useless on his forehead, gives me endless delight.

I like how Roy Alchemified the wall to escape. I never believed all Mustang could do was only fire Alchemy. He must have learned the basics along with every other Alchemist.

bugger46735 chapter 10 . 8/13/2007
Holy mother of everything that is funny! That was awesome! Ed painted on Roy's face! You really just did that. So, so, so funny.

Ok all squealing aside, I liked the lead up into the infamous scene. Describing Ed rummaging through Mustang's apartment was pitch perfect, giving great flow to the narrative, a sort of sense of suspense. Honestly I thought Ed was stealling from Mustang at first, but how happily wrong I was.

Tootles, I'll be reviewing the end chapters next.

SakuraTeardrop chapter 13 . 8/8/2007
story was great! :3 nice finishing touch. God that julie woman is such a pain in the butt

HoshiToTsuki chapter 13 . 7/30/2007
Yay, good ending! I'd have loved more romance between the two, they make an excellent couple. Oh, you know what would be great? You should write that real book, then if it gets published... tell me, so can read it, yes! Great idea!
Blaze Alchemist chapter 13 . 7/29/2007
A lot of people have a hard time ending a story and some times it doesn't work out so well...Your story was not one of those! The ending was simple but it worked great! I really enjoyed reading the entire thing!

Kitsune Moonstar chapter 13 . 7/29/2007
Great story. I look forward to reading any of your future works.

Kitsune Moonstar chapter 12 . 7/29/2007
Great ending. This has been a wonderful read the entire way through.

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