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HiNekonoShiva chapter 10 . 12/6/2017
Aaaaah OMG, I'm sorry if my review is a mess, I just finished your story and I'm still in shock. Like wtf? It makes sense that it happened like that but I just want to cry in denial. Good job, my feelings are a mess because of your story... which means you write incredibly well and know how to have your readers involved, but the feels!
If I had been told I would be sad over a love story between Artemis and Kimmuriel, I would have laughed at the fool's face. You just proved me wrong, sooo wrong. You managed to make realistic this improbable couple and add just the type of drama that corresponds to the characters.
Your story is unbelievably sad, but wrapped in unbelievably good writing. Thank you
Jarie chapter 10 . 6/16/2015
i laughed so much as the story was going on and nearly cried at the end ;_;
just so fun to read! great work! I especially like the circle artemis did from a life of survival to love and friendship and in the end came around to the life of survival again.
thank you for trying to give them a happy ending, but i can see, why it did not happen. shame on monogamy x) (i know i know, it's not the only reason the three of them couldnt just make up...)
Rael chapter 10 . 5/1/2011
This story was simply amazing.

I must say, when I saw the pairing and rating, I was a little skeptical, but when I actually stopped to read the story, it was simply beyond all expectations.

You managed to capture each of the character's personalities well, and to write the plot believeably. Kimmuriel has always been a personal favourite of mine, and is a difficult character to portray, especially in romantic situations, but I do believe you pulled it off, and had his personality down to a tee.

I was nervous when I first came to more romantically intimate scenes, as those seem to pose quite a bit of trouble for most writers, but again you have exceeded my expectations.

I would like to congratulate you on a brilliant, fascinating, enthralling story, even if the ending was bittersweet.

I wish you the best of luck for writing fanfiction and stories in the future, and cannot wait to read them!


Nezumii chapter 10 . 2/23/2011
This will sound really stupid but I can't help thinking of an alternate ending to this fic.

Kimmuriel would return to Artemis only their meeting place would be a high roof and Jarlaxle would have went with Kimmuriel. Artemis cracks a bit when he is told that survival is more important then him. He would say "This is what I think of your 'survival'." and throw himself off the roof to his death.

The two drow's reactions would be delicious.
Yulandia chapter 10 . 2/4/2011
Wow. That was an amazing story. Quite an emotional roller coaster for all three characters as well as for myself. The title of this story was completely appropriate from beginning to end.

I was really impressed with Kimmuriel's honesty, both with Artemis and with himself. Just the fact that he could and did remove all fronts once he realized that's all they were, spoke so highly of his character. Powerful, brutal, cruel, but ... honest and passionate. And he never once lost his "drowness". I liked him. And I really liked how you paced his progression in the relationship - slowly, as each feeling and reaction was analyzed, and fear overcome. How completely sad for him that he finally gets a taste of real affection, trust and love, and then has it ripped from him.

Poor Artemis. He really opened up in this story. He trusted and trusted and was hurt and he trusted again. And despite this, he never seemed out of character to me. He was certainly caught in a new kind of whirlwind with two men desiring him.

And poor Jarlaxle... most likely Artemis's perfect match. Trust and friendship were already there. SO sad that the friendship was lost through sheer stubborness and revenge, though I still hold out for a rekindling of thier friendship - an admission of betrayal and overreaction of some kind from both parties. It could happen!

Great story! Well written, passionate and thoroughly gripping! Thank you!
freak-joy-spastic chapter 10 . 10/21/2010
Despite the fact that it had an unhappy ending the love scense at least were very much in good taste, and the over all story flowed rather well. It may just be MY interpretations of the Drow getting in the way, but I felt that perhaps Kimmuriels emotions came a bit rushed. Other than that, and my depression due to a strange up swing in stories with sad endings that i've read latley, I can honestly say I've no complaints. Much anime love ~bye bye~
Adalla chapter 10 . 4/19/2009
I read the whole story after it was completed, so I will only write down some things about it as a whole. Sorry for my imperfect English, I hope you can catch all my meanings :) (Sometimes it feels so frustrating to notice that I would like to say so much about stories, but I lack the words)

I liked the way you described the characters and their actions. They were loyal to the original ones, but you also managed to give them more depth and edges. So I think that in this case you actually managed to to better than Salvatore himself -your style has same atmosphere as the original books, but you bring much more life to the characters. I like that.

I've got to say that I also love the ending, even though it is a sad one. Sometimes it feels that people don't really have courage to treat characters badly, even when it would fit better to their story. You did finish the story in a way that really touches reader and also leaves him thinking so many things at the same time.

In total, I think that you have found your style to write. The story seems to go on fluently and easily. I hope to read more stories from you in the future!
thelizfantasy09 chapter 3 . 3/12/2009

I hope you do alittle epilodge to it..cause I think that it would put some readers at know if artemis pulled through the depression..
carnivalofbunnies chapter 10 . 1/9/2009
I'm amazed at how effortlessly you can mimic Salvatore's style. Seriously. I would almost accuse you of being the author and writing under pseudonym soley for fan reviews! Well done! This is a story I won't soon forget.
Adia chapter 10 . 3/23/2008
Just read this story yesterday and figured I should be good and leave a review. I was actually surprised at myself that I enjoyed this story as I'd never considered Artemis/Kimmuriel before, but you definitely pulled it off - with two very tricky characters. However~ I felt so sorry for Jarlaxle that I couldn't really cheer Artemis and Kimmuriel on :(

That said, you did do a fantastic job (I just love Jarlaxle too much I guess) and I did love the ending even if it was very sad. I think it would probably be the most likely ending, even if Kimmuriel and Artemis had had a few happy months together (though I do hope Artemis and Zak end up in a better situation!).

I also liked the fact that *everyone* was depressed in the end, and found the changes in Jarlaxle's character quite fascinating - that his happy-go-lucky character (even in a place such as the Underdark) seemed broken. Quite thought provoking.
Sszvein chapter 10 . 3/17/2008
Loved that fic! And yes, there's no way Kimmuriel could have won, this is Jarlaxle we're talking about after all. I was certain they would end up as some sort of threesome though, why didn't the drows think about that? It's definitely something common in their society and they have this tension/rivalry going on for them.

Glad to see you back to writing, keep it up!
amlugwen chapter 10 . 3/15/2008
now what to review on this? it was great! despite not having a happy ending but a very sad one *sniffle* (I'm still not sure whom to pity most )

ha! I knew Jarlaxle would win :) - I had no idea however, that he would do what he did which means I have to compliment you to another successful surprise (orc: so mean ;)) and another very big compliment about dissolving the knot and finishing it! *cheers*

when I started reading the chapter I realized that I had really missed your triangle, I'm not sure how to manage without them now, lucky me that it is not your only story though this one is special somehow :-)
Ziggy Sternenstaub chapter 10 . 3/12/2008
Sorry that I didn't write this yesterday. I rushed out in a hurry and then remember half way home that I was supposed to review. Ops:(

Anyway, I haven't been following this story at all closely, so these will just be some general remarks.

Firstly, I was very much impressed with the ruthlessness that you displayed in this chapter, the willingness to do the most in character thing, despite the fact that it would not give you a happy ending.

Secondly, the fact that Kimmuriel, a very "typical" drow, was nonetheless in love enough to do something that might actually kill him in order to keep that love was a very different take on the possibilities inherent in this race-demonstrating that they are capable of passionate love, that their hateful behaviour is a result of *conditioning* rather than of nature.

Thirdly, Jarlaxle's solution to the problem and the deal that he offers Kimmuriel is very much in keeping with his very clever character-particularly the part about leaving Artemis in pain and alone. I did love that you revealed exactly how petty he can be under his carefully constructed cloak of mystery.

Finally-and this was my favourite part of this chapter, I admit-I admire you for showing Jarlaxle in combat against a character well known for being extremely dangerous himself, for validating the reputation that Jarlaxle has of being a dangerous and very tricky opponent, rather than letting him rest on his laurels. I enjoyed that you displayed his ruthlessness-and the merciless nature that he keeps well hidden under his perpetual good-cheer. In particular, the scene in which he is trying to keep that, in that instant, facade, and yet cannot help but appear angry, was quite an insightful portrayal.
Nariel chapter 10 . 3/11/2008
nods As much as my inner fangirl suffers, this IS the most realistic outcome... well Arty, cheer up. There's still Drizzt. ducks a thrown dagger

And my heart aches with all of them.
chair-chan chapter 10 . 3/11/2008
Aww! It's finally over. And so sad! I was still hoping for a happy ending, despite all the sorrow in the last few chapters. Maybe there could be an alternate ending for those of us who would enjoy it? Pretty please? The story is so good, and it's something that very few people do. I look forward to reading whatever you write next! :)
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