Reviews for O Mine Enemy
Fan girl 39 chapter 19 . 9/20
Harry. Snape’s in denial:) I know he cares for you!
Fan girl 39 chapter 17 . 9/20
You forgot a question. Will snape ever adopt Harry? It’s valid!
Fan girl 39 chapter 16 . 9/20
Should I be concerned? I’ve thought about stopping but…no. Not yet. If I find a reason to I will stop.
Guest chapter 61 . 9/16
This is one of my absolute favourite stories. You are an amazing writer. Super storyline and Harry and Severus are so in character, I could see them infront of my eye. Can't wait for the sequel
Whittweet chapter 61 . 9/8
I am on tenterhooks of anticipation! You NEED to finish this off with a sequel. I feel like whatever you have planned for the final showdown is going to be epic and so, so satisfying. I keep a written journal of all my favorite fanfics and this one is in my top 5 now.

Gold Stars all around. This is a top shelf read. For 427k words it sure didnt feel that long! For perspective LOTR is 481k. But that’s how good this was! I couldnt put it down for 3 days. My husband was worried I’d never come back to him!

Please, Kirby, if you’re still reading these comments and doing alright, know that you have real fanbase here. I’ve heard this story mentioned multiple times in the comments of several other stories! Very well done, if I could buy this I would in a heartbeat.
Whittweet chapter 59 . 9/7
I have never felt as strongly about a fanfiction as I do about this one. It makes me want to hug my kiddos tighter. This chapter especially had me bawling.
CityGirl7768 chapter 61 . 8/19
This was a excellent story. there was so much genuine emotion. this might be my favorite Harry and Snape learn to get along story. thank you for writing it. I would love to read a sequel.
CityGirl7768 chapter 48 . 8/18
I laughed so hard at this chapter.
sparkla28 chapter 61 . 7/27
This is by far the best Harry/Snape mentor story! infact one of the very best Harry Potter fanfictions even. I read this 2 years back and realised I didn't leave out a review here. I periodically come to check if there is any update on the sequel and end up rereading the whole fic again! that is how much I have loved this masterpiece. This is the best work , the best characterization of snape and Harry/Snape relationship! this. is the masterpiece I had been waiting for. I eagerly await the sequel if you decide to post it. I really hope that you will continue this masterpiece someday thank you so much for this story it makes my day whenever I come back to read this
Guest chapter 61 . 7/11
This story is great!
You portrayed Snape sooo well!
I really hope there is a sequel
Icymoonlight Mariane chapter 1 . 7/9
Amazing! Kirbyyyyyyy! It's Icymoonlight ( AO3) don't be mad, but I followed you here. ( Love you)
Anne chapter 53 . 7/8
Hi, I completed reading OME earlier this summer. Now I have been going back a rereading large sections. This story just hits home for me. An absolute home run! I love your plot and the gradual growth of both your Harry and Snape. The bonding- oh, the father/son bonding that is happening. I love how well written it is, how logical it is, how it takes two or three steps forward and then goes backward one, and so it goes. The true growth of a believable relationship. This has become one of my favorite fanfics. Thank you dear author for sharing your talent and imagination with all of us.
francine19 chapter 61 . 7/8
realmente me encanto la historia muchas graciass porr escribirla . la historiaa me engancho desde el principioo etsoy muy feliz de como se desarroollaron los personajes no puedo esperar por la secuela estare muy felizz de leerla muchos animos es una gran historia
Anne chapter 54 . 6/11
This chapter made me cry, in a good way.
Anne chapter 53 . 6/11
I just have to say that I’m absolutely beyond thrilled that you have continued this awesome fic and that I found it again after all these many years.
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