Reviews for O Mine Enemy
lovemya2000 chapter 4 . 4/10
Really Annoying How Weak Harry Is Towards The Muggles. He's Like Dobby. Book Harry Had A Satisfactory Bit More Of Defiance. I Hope He Snaps Soon.
KneazleGriff chapter 21 . 4/9
Please continue! This is good! :)
Anna chapter 21 . 3/15
Oh no! This is sooo awesome! Please, I need more!
Guest chapter 21 . 2/16
OMG love this! Keep going!
Shiba-san chapter 21 . 2/8
I love this story! I love how realistic all the characters are! It's wonderful! Please Update!
Lillian Snape chapter 21 . 2/2
Can't wait for the rest of this story.
GOF1989 chapter 21 . 1/29
I just found this story and it is one of my favorites on this site. I like how Snape and Harry are doing was is necessary to get through the war, while also butting heads at every turn. I'm glad to see the story is not abandoned, especially since you left it on a cliff hanger! I look forward to the next chapter, I hope it's not a long wait!
Guest chapter 21 . 1/25
When is the next chapter omg this story is amazing I love it I really thought I would hate how un canon it is but wow it is amazing please please post soon.
Cha'90 chapter 21 . 12/29/2013
Wow, I'd love to know the ending of this story. Hopefully you haven't given up on it.
l'Ciel chapter 1 . 12/29/2013
This story is one of the best SevHarry mentor whatnot fictions I have read recently. The portrayal of the characters is multifaceted and complex. Particularly how their personality is revealed to the reader over time is well done. The hesitancy of their progressing relation is something that gives the story credibility that is often lacking in fanfiction. aditionally, the plot moves along at a reasonable pace, so one does not get bored with details. All in all, the balance of plot and character development is very good! Reading the note on your profile, I hope you will indeed find the time to finish this piece. I know how life tends to get in the way sooner or later. It would be a loss, though, not to be able to read it to completion.

I'll "follow" it until then!

Guest chapter 21 . 12/12/2013
Wens the next chapter coming! I'm so hooked on this story!
Bonnie Gaynor chapter 21 . 12/8/2013
Aaaah, now, that was it? *search* Do you plan to finish the story? It would make me more than just a little happy, you know ;)
I really like your approach to the Sev/Harry topic - again a new one for me. The character development is very well described and so realistic it could be canon (or at least I wouldn't have a problem with accepting it as canon)! Also the plot with the second prophecy and Harry's, well, kinda mad plan to win the war is so much better than many things I've read so far! So very intriguing that I was pretty sad when I reached the last chapter.

Now, I noticed you like chocolate... What about a chocolate wizard chess set where every piece is covered in something different? And one or two pieces might look a little like Sev and Harry... :D
Well, all I want to say - again - is that I'd love you to continue this brilliant story! :))

Best regards,
Chantilly's Mom chapter 21 . 12/1/2013
Read your notes and am very glad and grateful that you hare not abandoning this story. It is well written and has a lot of thought provoking items within it. As for getting back into the habit of writing, I've always found that, a journal or diary helps. If you can write a little every day, no matter about what it give you the discipline needed to continue even if it's a sentence at a time. Good luck and Thanks for a great read.
A x Stupid x Lamb chapter 21 . 11/17/2013
One word: great! :D
Guest chapter 21 . 11/9/2013
still hopeful you will continue this one day...
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