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Cera-si-fera chapter 49 . 7/8
"murderous sociopath as that of a kindhearted friend"
Depending on who you'd ask, Snape probably fits both descriptions and everything in between lol

"rosemary and thyme"
Now I'm humming Scarborough Fair and I blame you 100%

"What are the five main properties of Acromantula venom?"
Come on Harry, 'deadly' was a safe bet :-D

"and we went to Kneader's. I talked with a snake and did homework, and you showed up"
'and I made cookies to make you talk and I tried even harder at Occlumency so you wouldn't find out about that photo and freak out, and'
What - it's the perfect moment for accidental confessions...

"I am myself, Potter [...] I am Severus Snape"
This is both hilarious and sad

"Plain fare" *swallows joke about standard English cuisine*

""Ah, yes," said Snape smoothly. "The ban. I don't believe that was ever officially lifted.""
LOL the bastard! :-D

Harry teasing Snape about visiting Pomfrey had me chuckling.

Yay, everyone is alive and okay :-)

Hey - the first time ever the Volly drama happens at the *start* of the schoolyear and no one comments on this novelty? XD

"a terrible beast living in the second floor"
In? Is it terrible because it has eaten a hole in the castle?

And ugh, Snape is already withdrawing again, of course...

I hope Snape has Lily's stone rather than it being lost somewhere after all those years of safe-keeping :-(

I hope Harry will find a way to lure Snape back out. Maybe show him that photo - he does still have that right?

The hardest part of this relationship will indeed be maintaining it back in the normal situation :-/
BradleyontheHill chapter 49 . 7/8
Kay that hurt a lot but I can see the need and I'm sure Snape will learn soon that he can't extricate himself that easily, and Harry desperately needs him right now too! Maybe not in the physically-in-need-of-rescuing sense but definitely from his PTSD and emotions and loneliness and probably nightmares and... you get the picture. Other than the end where you RIP OUR HEARTS OUT lol, I liked this chapter, it had a lot of sweetness too! The reunions with the trio/Ginny and Dumbledore were great and I appreciate that Snape was pretty protective at the start of this chapter. Gotta love some healer!Snape. See you when you get back ;)
AngelMoon Girl chapter 49 . 7/6
OOH! Okay, this title got me at first. I totally feared Harry was going to forget the ENTIRE summer. I love that it was just a temporary amnesia of his time in captivity. It added a really really interesting new layer to this chapter that all compounded at the (HORRIBLY HEARTBREAKING) end (*SHAKES FIST*). You sure know how to hurt us Kirby! But it’s a necessary hurt. The last hurdle. It can never just be simple with Severus Snape ;)

So yeah, first of all, kudos on the brain block! Makes total sense that a combination of the potion and Harry’s own brain protecting him from trauma would elicit such a response. It added this suspense of, when is he going to remember!? And the drama of Snape pulling away, and not being there when Harry would’ve needed him most. SNIFF. On the up side, I do feel like it allowed Harry to spend time with his friends feeling less burdened. Because I’m sure his returned memories are going to be a little hard to deal with for a bit! I just hope our favorite potions master will find it unbearable watching Harry suffer and finally step in!

I like that Snape was blunt yet comforting as Harry struggles and panics over *not* remembering. It was very “him”. The arm grasp and his ever steady gaze... *happy sighs*. I needed that! I wonder how Snape is feeling right then... if he is concerned Harry doesn’t remember, or relieved...

He deliberately developed the potion with decreased side effects. D’aw. And that was way before he even liked the kid!

Madly love the scene where Snape raises his hand and Harry flinches, and IMMEDIATELY Snape winces, apologizes, AND assures him that is something Harry will never have to fear again. It needed to be said. I’m sure it’ll take some time before Harry never flinches again, but this was a huge first step to recovery - the assurance he can feel safe! I could just FEEL the extra caring/protectiveness Snape is putting off since the last chapter. Just as surely as I could feel him desperately trying to get it under control and into a locked box as the chapter progresses!

Snape talking about having recently been on the receiving end of forgiveness and using that as his reason for not still being angry at Harry AW forgive ME if I go flail myself out a window Snape-burrito style squealing all the way! TOO SWEET! Course I died laughing afterward that it was this that made Harry wonder if he was with an imposter and questions Snape until it’s his discomfort that convinces Harry xD

Okay, no, you are DEFINITELY trying to kill me here. THE ARM ASSIST to help Harry to the facilities? SO ADORABLE I CAN HARDLY HANDLE IT. I got mad chills too when Harry examines himself in the mirror and is like, WTF happened to me!? That would be incredibly disconcerting, seeing yourself all bruised up with not a single recollection how!

Ooh, Snape seems even less fond of Remus now than he was before. Something tells me that man holds a grudge like no other... and that sending Harry to Voldemort ranks HIGH on the list. I’d be curious to see how that relationship plays out in future, because Snape might’ve already felt some jealousy over Harry’s closeness with Remus and now there’s THIS. Like will he even trust Harry to be alone with Remus again!? Remus has proven himself to be “weak“/a danger once... hm. Lots to play with.

The Quidditch-related smirk, HA. Dying for future callbacks to last chapter, I’m telling you. Then Snape’s protective side rears up again, and ARM, and oh man can we just live with these two in that cottage forever!? I’m not ready for the distance Hogwarts inadvertently creates ;_;

I was super happy to see Dumbledore again. You write him so well. I enjoy his more coddling nature, few can coddle Severus Snape and get away with it ;) I liked the quick little moment where he catches Harry and Harry acts like, well, Harry, apologizing for EVERYTHING. Snickers. It’s like his default button. Also Dumbledore DEFINITELY knows something is up. Since when can Harry tease Snape like that and not lose his head ;) Ahh I just loved that scene! Icing on the cake was “my boys”!

LOVELY moment, when the kids reunited. Again, superb characterizations. Ron is probably my favorite. The bravado over his scar, OMG. I died! And of course the perfect sibling reaction from Ginny! It was all so wonderful! I am a sucker for emotional Harry/Ron hugs since they happen so infrequently... you can probably guess how happy I was then, to read your version of such a tender moment! But then my most favorite part is definitely Snape swooping in out of nowhere to shoo everyone away so Harry can rest. You just KNOW that closet mother hen was lurking about much longer than they knew, waiting to give Harry an appropriate amount of time with his friends before descending on them in all his scary flowing black robes to impose bedtime. *SNICKERS*

BTW... this all has me SO excited for sixth year. Even just your tease from the girls has me going “Whaaa?” Never a dull year, that’s for sure!

Thank you thank you thank you for one last image of terrified Snape at Kneader’s immediately after Harry’s kidnapping. I will never tire of it!

It was so sweet when Snape gave Harry his cleaned clothes, wand, and study schedule. But it also hurt to see him actively trying to pull away... using the formality of the moment like a goodbye. The stiffness ;_; THEN. Harry remembers! Reminds me of when he is tortured and he wanted Snape so much he bit his tongue from crying out. UGH. And Harry wants so badly to use the ring but is afraid that will just lead to it getting taken away sooner, god, I AM JUST ONE BIG SOB RIGHT NOW. Objectively I know this won’t last but damn! You give a girl doubt! ;)The one plus was that Snape doesn’t outright deny Harry - he does tell him he can come to him anytime. Now I’m just wondering who breaks first, and how the resolution happens! I have complete trust in you! I know you won’t draw this out inordinately long, it’ll be just the right length :)

Also Snape totally has the stone, calling it now!
Tog Obsessed chapter 49 . 7/5
OMG. I just binged this whole thing in a nine hour car ride and I regret nothing. That cliff hanger though. Oh man. While I was reading this and audible gasps were coming out of my mouth my whole family was looking at me like I was crazy but worth it.
anyeshabaner chapter 49 . 7/4
oh my! why would severus be like that?
AnonymousFan chapter 49 . 7/2
Wow that was evil. Harry spiraling into depression, me hoping the "next-chapter"-teaser is going to cheer me up a bit and then your happy vacation announcement! ;-) All joking aside, I do hope you enjoy your vacation and you get to rest and relax and spend some fun time.
On to the chapter: The title was foreboding - of course of Snapes later neglect of Harry - but it also got me to toy with the idea of what would have happened if Harry had forgotten the entire summer events - meaning he would still hate Snape. The actual developement surprised me, it was cleverly written - their confrontation would have had to be different if Harry remembered all that happened. It also enhanced the character and relationship developement that happened during the imprisonment.
I smiled the first time when Snape asked the exact same questions to test Harrys lucidity as in the last chapter. It was touching when he excused Harrys snooping and Harry wondered why. Also when Snape promised he would not hit Harry again. Those were messages he had previously passed unsaid, it was complementing to hear them out loud (or read them ;-) Also, of course Hermione, Ron and Ginny are the first to visit, Harry should have more (almost) carefree teenage chatter. Then Snape steps out just when Harry yawns- don't tell me that was a coincidence...
And then POOR POOR HARRY. And poor Snape, but we don't get to read about that... Funny how Snape was berating himself for leaving Harry alone when he was most needed in the interlude chapter - and now he does the exact same thing. I wonder how that will play out. Harry could really become a potions addict (hey! you teased that repeatedly and reminded us of the countless vials of dreamless sleep in his trunk) or Snape could find the stone in his robes and Harry questions how it got there or the new defense teacher of Hagrids pet could play a role or...
Ok, I'm done dreaming and rambling, I bet you will find a satisfying way to reunify them anyway :-)
Musikrulesok chapter 49 . 7/2
OMG this was an amazing chapter! I love how this story is progressing and I'm hoping Snape and Harry will have a proper conversation about it all soon. They both really need to learn to communicate more ha.
Enjoy your break :)
dreamy-bananas chapter 49 . 7/2
OH YOU ARE THE WORST. The best kind of worst, but definitely some sort of evil maniac hellbent on causing us the most torture possible ;) That last scene where Harry is flooded with memories crying out inside for Snape to come save him... IT HURTS. I wish so much that Snape could see him or hear his mental calls right now because man, he wouldn't find it so easy staying away if he knew Harry was in such a state! Wondering if Harry perhaps worsens/becomes depressed and that's what finally urges Snape out of the shadows. I would imagine after the trauma Harry went through there will be some repercussions. Persistent nightmares and such. Whatever direction you take it I am so excited, just please don't draw it out too long, my heart won't be able to take it LOL! Also, yay for Dumbledore and friend reunions! I frigging loved the way they all were teasing each other and that Ron hug, just the sweetest :) It's great that you write all characters so well and not just the main two. I hope you enjoy your vacation!
Tessa chapter 49 . 7/1
I LOVE THIS CHAPTER ! I still feel bad that Snape never came I can't wait to see them interact in a much better way ! You should definitely write a story in which Snape is Harry's biological father after you finish this one ! I have read a lot of them but never found the right one somehow I feel whatever you'll write will be amazing ! Please do give it a thought
MarinelilP chapter 49 . 7/1
Dear Kirby,

Thanks a lot for this update. I loved it, even if it made me soooooo sad. Snape being so... well, Snape-ish, and keeping Harry at arm's length, after everything... It made me so sad. And the end : poor, poor, Harry. You wrote his feelings so well, his longing for Snape, for affection, for comfort, for someone to keep his fears away... It was so well written and so sad at the same time. I loved it and at the same time I felt so bad for Harry's feeling rejected. The thing about Lily's stone was really heart-wrenching, and the fact that Harry had to face his recovered memories all alone in the dark was really terrible.

You're really a splendid writer, always surprising me... I knew Snape would try to keep his distances, you had hinted for that in the last chapters, but still, you've written about that in a way that surprised me. You're always better than what I was waiting for ! I don't know how you do it, really.

I loved about Harry and Ron's reunion too. Perfect. The hug was splendid, as the tears Harry tried to hide. And Harry having his friends while Snape tried to keep himself in the dark was a kind of good parallel of sorts. And I loved the title too... "Forgotten summer", forgotten by Harry at first, and Snape in the end (and Ron, in a way)... Hope Snape won't forget their new relationship for too long though. Argh, those two need each other so much ! Please, Snape, hear Harry's silent pleas !

I wonder what will happen next... I wonder if Harry will be brave enough to go and face Snape (ask him about the stone, maybe..., about Potions too) or if they'll stand away from each other for a while... Please, don't let them apart for too long... After those very emotional chapters where Harry and Snape were all close (physically but also in an emotional way), it hurts !

Have a nice holiday, restful and peaceful ! And I promise I'll work on chapter 7... i've been overwhelmed by work these days and have been dreaming of holidays too...
liz.onia chapter 49 . 6/30
Aw poor Harry. Remembered everything and Snape is being a bit of a git. Hopefully they make up in the next couple chapters! Also glad Ron is awake again.
Mystical G Panther chapter 49 . 6/30
Awesome possum! Enjoy your vacation! Stay safe!
Guest chapter 49 . 6/30
Excellent chapter! So glad Ron it's okay, and Harry hugged him. Seemed important there be a hug. But poor Harry! Losing three rock, and wanting Smaller to comfort him but Snape not coming, and Harry not having the confidence in their relationship to seek Snape (also probably not knowing where Snape's rooms are in the castle). Poor Harry.
Dark Coral chapter 49 . 6/30
This story is great. I usually don't like Harry as a character so much, but yours is brilliant. I'm so glad I found this fic now that you are updating. Thank you!
Aquille chapter 49 . 6/30
Is the story done?! *horrified
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