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Guest chapter 28 . 4/12
It would be so awesome if alfons asked ed about if they could be together at his world. And then a month later purpose to ed with flowers chocolate and a engagement ring with each others name on it
Who knos chapter 43 . 4/4
CaptainAlex2014 chapter 43 . 3/28
hinatalover445 chapter 43 . 3/13
This story... is beyond anything I have ever read in the Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction archive, for any continuity. I haven't watched Conqueror in years, and I remember I disliked Ed in that movie for not really seeing Alfons as anything other than a shadow of Al. When I started reading this, I was skeptical because I never really thought Ed felt something more than a hollow love for Alfons, and then I re-watched the movie and saw the look on Ed's face when he saw that Alfons died and I realized that this might actually have been possible if some variant had changed. You keep Ed in character through the changes and make it believable; he eighteen, he has been broken and damaged more times then are healthy for his mental state, and you expand on his guilt and horrible self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy and depression and- well you get the idea.

And Alfons, you turned him into an actual character with his own inadequacy and jealousy and his own life and dreams and make it beautiful and heartwrenching (that may be spelled wrong, stupid auto-correct) and you make their relationship real with fights and arguments and such emotion that I forgot this is a story and became so immersed that I began talking back to my computer at various points. And-

I have so much else to say, but this review has gone on for long enough, so in closing?

I am deeply thankful that you wrote this story and that you continue to write it, you are an inspiration to anyone wondering how to write a masterpiece.
charmingmetal93 chapter 43 . 3/12
Wow I like don't even have words this fanfiction is amazing! Thank you so much for bestowing this lovely gift to the world. I came to the FMA Fandom a "bit" late, but I am making up for lost time. I haven't been able to put this down since I started reading it. Thank you soooooo much for this, and I shall await the final chapter happily.
Guest chapter 24 . 2/27
THIS CHAPTER MADE ME SO HAPPY! I love the fluff, and I laughed so hard during the zipper part. I was at work while I read it and one of my coworkers was asking why I was so red in the face XD! I tried to explain the story to her which is hard, especially to someone who's never seen FMA. Anyway, love this story to death and hope you keep updating! I'm so glad you've kept updating even after all these years. This has turned into my favorite edxhei story on ff!
Nerfworthy chapter 18 . 2/25
Haha! Alfons is such a pervvv! It's great! I love embarrassed Edward, and obviously Alfons does too.
Nerfworthy chapter 3 . 2/24
OH YES! I LOVE IT! This story is making me so happy right now-
Nerfworthy chapter 2 . 2/24
OK, I really REALLY needed a good sappy cute story tonight and this was it. Moonlitwatersunnyriver told me about this story and I LOVE IT TO DEATH SO FAR! I ship EdHei almost as much as I ship Edvy!
NX-Loveless-XN chapter 12 . 2/1
Oh shit. Lol.
NX-Loveless-XN chapter 6 . 2/1
Haha Ed wants to have a deep discussion in the middle of the action. Dummy.
amenta bennu chapter 43 . 1/19
I've been following your story for quite a few years, from before the "hiatus" so to speak- I was beyond thrilled when I randomly checked and saw there have been a couple chapters added! I spent the past 2 days rereading this to remember the details, and once again I'm caught up, desperately hoping the next update is soon because darn it! I am sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what's coming next! So with that, dear author, I bow to your mighty muse and pray she be kind to thee ;) for I must have resolution asap. Hahah. Ok that's all- can't wait for more!
Still Go0se chapter 43 . 1/1

The pacing worked! I really really like how you write Alfons, have I mentioned that? He's such a perfect narrator for this story, themes-wise: Mustang totally has his number of him as a patriot and understanding if not /why/ something has to be done than at least the /spirit/ of why, and he's just alien enough to Ed's world to throw everything into really sharp relief. His frustration now in particular is almost physically present enough for him to punch it in the face! Poor rocket bb, I felt terrible for him AS USUAL. Admittedly, he and Mustang were talking I facepalmed (at him and Mustang both but especially him), which is a really mild term for when someone is talking about the start of a new kind of war, I know. It reminds me of how sort of... not blind, but purposefully non-seeing Alfons can be maybe? Like previously when Ed started rattling off statistics about the atomic bomb and Alfons got freaked out at such a horrible thing, what did you think your rockets were for, friend. I really do hope Ed will forgive him for making the aeroplanes but... I don't logically think he will. ;-; Winry's and Alfons' interactions made me smile a whole lot, though. She's so great, especially her steely-eyedness and practicality. Elysia was perpetually adorable, too- everyone was /everyone/ and you kept it together v well, as usual. I really missed Ed this chapter! Not that the narration as you had it was lacking, it's not, but I'm worried about him? I want him to be okay, at least before the major shit goes down.
Admiration at how you have most of the characters act out of love ( for a country and/or for specific people) but because of /how/ they act out of love all of their results are radically different.
I really liked how you brought up the whole "do people actually /want/ whatever they want" moral dilemma. Especially since as you pointed out, Alfons doesn't even have whatever he wants outside of this narrow Totally Ridiculous window- and neither do the people of Amestris in general. I've actually never considered why there were homeless people in Central when they could easilly have houses made until you had Alfons bring it up! And for that matter why anyone goes hungry for long, like I assume that trying to transmute beef or something would be a terrifying mess and I don't even know if going about making vegetables would work, but Ed talks about making bread from grass in one episode so some degree of food making must be possible? Not that there's an infinite supply of grass, but, if the city government slotted one area of a park or something to provide stomach-filling for people who needed it the most... Idk. It probably comes down to "because capitalism", same as where I am in real life, I would think. Anyway it's a very real problem in a fantastical environment, which is why I like FMA in general and this fic in particular. And of course it'd be especially stark for Alfons, who's entire country had been slowly starving for years.
I am still essentially doing that rolling-cat thing. \o/
Will Sing For Ginseng chapter 43 . 11/18/2014
holy shit. I read this in about two days and when I saw the 2007 publication date, I assumed it was complete and I chalked up the update date to retroedits. but I'm almost glad it's not over yet. I need more. can't wait for the conclusion. the writing is amazing! I'm already anticipating the hollowness that inevitably follows an amazing story. keep writing no matter what. and thank you.
Dansrusse chapter 43 . 11/4/2014
I started reading this when I was in highschool. I've graduated college, and at this moment in time, I am sitting at my first office job. A lot has changed. And Mirrorworld is still good. Phenomenal. Breathtaking and heart wrenching. I am so so glad that you updated. Even though its been a month, I saw it today, and it felt like the best birthday present: a fic I have adored for so long, updating my on my birthday. So what I'm trying to say is thank you. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful fix and sharing it with us all.
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