Reviews for Night of the assassinsTears of the innocent
rurouni dee chapter 1 . 3/26/2008
It's turning into a great story. I can't wait to read the rest of it. )
Quetzalcoatl Mistress chapter 4 . 1/13/2008
I'm very surprised at how well this story is turning out. At first, it seemed to be something of a rip off from 'Lossehelin's' My Only Joy. Now, I see that it has taken a completely different path.

Through each chapter, I have watched your literary skill grow and grow. It's as if you get better by the day! The Kenshin/Kaoru relationship is working well, I think. However, you may want to give some personal, emotional insights as to the way they feel about each other.

In this story, there's only enough description to state the facts and get through the moment. This is both good and bad. For one, if you don't bother with over-explaining and beating around the bush, you don't have to worry about using sentences like 'his golden red hair caressed his creamy, lightly tanned skin as the cool autum breeze swept through the darkened street.' However, this technique sometimes leads to dull writing.

So far, you have given only very brief descriptions of the friendly love between K and K. I want to see some good, long, horribly flowery and corny 'the reason that I wake up in the morning' monologues!

Please keep it up!

Oh, it's 'sigh' and 'sighed', not 'Sighted' and 'sight'.
alwyzme chapter 4 . 12/16/2007
So much happened in this chapter. Kaoru carried out her mission almost flawlessly. Now that she is injured will Kenshin be more reluctant to let her go? He has always been worried but she has never physically been hurt until now. She hasn't had a crisis of conscience is it because revenge is on her mind? What happens when revenge is no longer her anchor and motive? Kenshin thinks that he can't be saved but there is hope for her is it because she doesn't have bloodlust? But it doesn't seem he doesn't either so what is he comparing himself with Kaoru has worthy of living?

Throughout the 10 years of raising and training her was he involved with anyone on a long term basis? At first I was thinking that was it a possibility that he already met Tomoe before he met Kaoru and had killed her, is that the case? Or that the girlfriend that Takasugi is going to look for him end up being Tomoe? If Tomoe is her past does it either mean she left him for Akira? The summary with the pairings for the story having me thinking of all the possible scenarios.

Saitou has had his encounter but knows it is a female. Will that throw him off of Battousai's trail? He has been looking for him and nothing and must have done a lot of investigating. Now this death and running into Kaoru what will he think? Saitou knows that the Mayor's son wasn't the upstanding citizen he was, was the father in the same boat? Must really piss Saitou that he has to work for them and not be able to kill them for being such a pariah to the city.

In your pairing you have Kaoru with Soujiro before she is with Kenshin will he be making an appearance soon? What about Okita because he was smitten with Kaoru? Are Kaoru's feeling for Kenshin still platonic or has she been harboring her feeling sin secret? She worries him but she isn't like Misao who is in love with Aoshi. Does she see Kenshin as friend and savior only? She has had him exclusively for herself so she hasn't put a label on what it is. Will Kenshin hooking up with someone be what changes it for her or will be a development of things?

As for Kenshin uncomfortable feelings about the bra incident that couldn't have been worse than when she started developing as a women and getting her period for the first time. I wonder how he handled that? He hasn't thought of Kaoru as a young lady now it is hitting him hard with the dress and then having to undress her. What other awkward situations will they face? Kaoru has begun to form friendships. Kenshin has allowed Misao what happens when Kaoru wants more? Kenshin is also wanting to have Kaoru exclusively for himself because she is his warmth. Have they ever had a big argument that both feared losing each other? Katsura mentions guilt for what her parents death? Or that he turned her into a killer?

So Megumi works for them. Is there anyone else part of the Ishin? Is Sano part of them or with another group? Seems the difficulties Kenshin had are caused because of Aoshi? Is Aoshi at the point where he wants to find Battousai to be the best? He had to deal with traitors is the Oniwabanshuu good or bad? They took out files from the compound so must be incriminating and worth going all the trouble. Are the drug and arms dealers? Or was it the traitors and he was cleaning up the mess so nothing is linked to the group? How much does Misao know of the activities? Thanks for the read until next time.
alwyzme chapter 1 . 12/12/2007
An interesting and dark twist to the relationship of Kenshin and Kaoru. So he has been taking care of her since the gruesome deaths of her parents. Does he know who killed her parents after the encounter of the two men in the hallway when he first met Kaoru? They were specifically looking for the Kamiyas so what were her parents connected to? Kaoru referred to them as bad people but she was so young when they did move so her parents must have told her about the situation. How much does she know about her parents and the association that they left behind in Japan? What was being hidden in the apartment that they were searched? Was what they were looking for found? Did Kenshin get a hold of it? Is Kaoru special in anyway?

Some stories that have Kenshin taking in a young Kaoru have her being sheltered by Kenshin after such tragedies but this one is a different situation, I like it. He believes he is an unredeemable person for what he does but he willingly takes Kaoru in without question. Nor does he think that she is such a young child that should be staying with him, he just takes her in. He sees the innocence but trains her and lets her seek revenge. Does he believe once she has taken the justice she seeks she will stop and be a better person then him? He does seem to try and get her to remember her innocence and try to protect her from anymore ugliness of his world.

I also thought of the possibility that Kaoru's parents were killed because they became associated with Kenshin. It was time for Kenshin to finish up business and leave and they were familiar with him but that is not the case but is there any likelihood that there is some connection? Did he seek out more information about the Kamiyas?

Kaoru had her innocence taken from her. When she was going to school she was taking music classes for the violin did she lose the love for the instrument because of the tragedy? Is she still a musical genius? I don't get why there aren’t more reviews this is a really good story. Thanks for the read until next time.
ELLIE 31773 chapter 3 . 7/28/2007
wowyou cought my heart. its been too long cince i have read kaoru and kenshin as friend its rare one ganbate for the next chapter. updated as fast as you can ok.
Ellavv31 chapter 3 . 7/17/2007
alwyzme chapter 3 . 7/10/2007
Is Takasugi good or bad? In the manga he was the one that recruited Kenshin and then later introduced him to Katura. He also felt guilty for damaging the boys mind in the manga so is this a new take on the character? Kaoru was warned about being visible to the world and Kenshin has such a high profile for being such a shadow of society.

Kaoru is a bit jaded but it's understandable with losing everything at such an age. I can accept Kenshin's guilt that he carries so far because he feels responsible for turning Kaoru to who she is because she is with him and the lifestyle he has chosen. How will this deep seeded guilt affect them in the future? Seems he will add to it in the future. Will his meeting Tomoe be by chance or by the machinations of the organization? He made a promise to never leave her hopefully he will not disappoint. What will be the trigger for both Kenshin and Kaoru to see each other beyond the guardian and child relationship?

Interesting that so far the people in the association so far also have Kamatari. Does it mean that at the current time Shishio if he shows up is not the big bad? In the summary Kaoru will be paired with Soujiro at some point will it be through school or the association? Several people know somewhat of Kaoru like Kamatari but it never traveled in the grapevine that is pretty surprising.

Okita has taken a fancy towards Kaoru will the complicate her current mission as well as future ones? Kaoru has slunk away from the party he has had his (odd use of alteration) eyes on her for most of he night will he notice the absence? Thanks for the read until next time.
Datstanks chapter 2 . 6/16/2007
alwyzme chapter 2 . 5/11/2007
The story is interesting, can't really look to much into the story yet. Be forewarned that once the plot thickens I tend to be incorrigible and ask too many questions. The summary as me wary because during her stay with him he also will probably get involved with Tomoe. So she will know the shadow that haunts his heart? My RK universe usually excludes her because I whole heartedly believe she was meant for Akira but this is your story and will have to see what you have in mind. Kaoru is his secret that know will know about, will he ever tell his superiors? He hasn't gotten to thinking that killing is bad and that Kaoru is too innocent, will that change? Thanks for the read until next time.
Randa-Chan chapter 1 . 5/4/2007
Yay! First review. Thuis sounds interesting. I look forward to seeing where you go with it.

Love Randa*