Reviews for Imperceptible
Shaish chapter 20 . 11/1/2016
Shaish chapter 17 . 11/1/2016
! I love it.
Shaish chapter 16 . 11/1/2016
LMAO I'm still laughing omg. Leave it to Miroku.
Shaish chapter 15 . 11/1/2016
Cackles. I loved the pack dynamics chapter too.
Shaish chapter 10 . 11/1/2016
Awwwwwwww. Also LOL. I love it.
Shaish chapter 4 . 11/1/2016
Omg. Adorable.
Shaish chapter 3 . 11/1/2016
Ahhh I love iiiit.
Shaish chapter 2 . 11/1/2016
I really love this.'s such a subtle thing, the tea, but so meaningful at the same time, and requires very few words, which I think is a great way to communicate with him, since he's usually of few words. It's a good, steady balance and place to try communicating with him in some way without being too much or too little. It helps start to bridge the gap.
Shaish chapter 1 . 11/1/2016
Eeee I love it already.
a reader chapter 99 . 10/6/2016
After your hiatus from Lord Charming it's nice to see you back. On your profile it says Savvy is next... which is fine. I'd hoped with only one chapter to go though that you'd maybe finish this up. Nothing beats this story for me. I love it and have read it several times. I'll keep checking back. Thank you for the 99 chapters.
galactic-overlord chapter 99 . 9/27/2016
I cannot express how much I enjoy Forthright's stories! The characterisation is always so on point, especially in this particular one. I do hope that one day Forthright finds the inspiration to write the final chapter but for now, I'm fine with letting my imagination do the work for me. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and binge read the rest of Forthrights fics! Xx :)
Salome Maranya chapter 99 . 8/27/2016
If that was the end, then it was a bittersweet one. But if it wasn't, then I'm looking forward to its completion.
The characterization and pacing were well done. One of the most enjoyable Inuyasha fics I've read.
Guest chapter 99 . 8/3/2016
I hope that someday soon, Forthright finds the time and inspiration to finish this story... Until then, I'll have to content myself with re-reading all of her other stories! Unspoiled, here I come.
newyn chapter 99 . 7/19/2016
Brilliant as all the other fic you have written. Your SessKag defines the ship. The finest Inuyasha fanfic writings ever.
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