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jbkb chapter 31 . 10/29
The remembrance of how he met Rin in this chapter is different than how he described it to Kagome in a previous chapter, unless you were being metaphorical here, in that case never mind.
jbkb chapter 29 . 10/29
In the previous chapter Kagome was stabbed by Naraku, then in this chapter you wrote that he had shot her and then you went back to him stabbing her...?
jbkb chapter 27 . 10/28
How are Miroku and Inuyasha childhood friends, they do not age the same so when Inuyasha was a child Miroku didn't even exist. Another thing that doesn't make sense to me is that Kagome is 23, the last time she had seen Kouga was 6 years ago, before that she had dated him for 4 years. If my math is correct that would have made her 13 years old when she started to date him, talk about cradle robbing.
Mymina chapter 31 . 10/16
Ghost follower,it's me.
Their feelings was so well writted that I let my self fall in them.
Thank you it is a Great story!

PS:Naraku should have been more tortured before dying.
Serrena094 chapter 31 . 8/24
This was my absolute favorite story ! 3 I loved it!
guest chapter 14 . 8/8
OMG this is dreadful. Kagome is like a 12 year old with an attitude and isnt Sess a youkai? So far I see no power in him except his coldness. Where is his youki?
Mexican fan chapter 29 . 7/29
He wanted to know if you give me permission to translate his fanfic I read before, but not finished, so I wanted to ask.
what his response send me a facebook message to Inuyasha Fan Fics .
I for one profile picture inuyasha chibi pink background and a bone in his mouth
Thank You
catcrime chapter 31 . 7/11
Oh my gosh, this was sublime! Thats all i can say about your fic. I was reading it in spanish, because english in not my mother tongue, but as the person who was translating your fic no appeared again, i decided to read it in english. I FALL IN LOVE WITH IT! Thanks for this wonderful story.

PD: The song of the last... it is "Morena mia" of Miguel Bose, isn't it? That song is so beautiful and suitable for the end of this fic :D
Dra-wri-art chapter 31 . 6/1
Actually i didn't speak too much English, but your story was just so intense and great (I love it) that I just can't let go the opportunity of leaving you a review. You are such a nice writer! :)
Love from MX :)
dragongirl92 chapter 31 . 5/10
What about Inuyasha and Kikyo? I loved the story, but what happened to them?
L'alchimiste de Castille chapter 31 . 4/30
What a wonderful story. You really did well with this one, the banter was so cute. I couldn't put it down.
JustALibrary chapter 31 . 4/17
I know that this is like Mad old but this is in my top five of all time favorite fics. I just binge read this for a day and a half, and I laughed, cried and cried from laughing. This was a wonderful read and I thank you for writing it. I'm stashing it in my fic library for a reread later

I hope life is well,
Dallas W. Grayson chapter 31 . 1/11
Well, my English is not the best but between staying with the desire to write a review for your story and repent for all eternity to do so, the better I do now and hide the shame afterwards.

Here I am today, finish reading this wonderful fanfic that left me captivated and love, thanking you as you imagine that you have left the fandom of Inuyasha a story that deserves to be on the TOP of the best fanfics.
The plot, though somewhat meretricious, did it take the right path without falling into cliché and redundant. Told the story in your own way and pace, making everything fit and well, we give the reader the impression that everything could be real.

I can not find the right words to thank you for the words you wrote this story, and I do not do it soon because my English is not expert, but I wish at least my comment let a smile.

Finally, and abusing your kindness, I would ask your permission to translate your story to Inuyasha fandom in Spanish.
Investigating, I know that this story began to translate six years ago, but never finished it and, being honest, was not very well translated and contained several spelling errors.

Just ask your permission because "Haunted Heart" as called in Spanish, is a story that deserves to reach Latinas who do not understand much English, and the story is fantastic!

Although you should deny my request, also I appreciate you took the time to read my R & R.

That life will smile, Eternal fire1: 3
drkkizzes12 chapter 18 . 1/6
Hi there! After 7 years, i have returned to this site and reread this fic since it was one of my favorites. I cant help thinking that reading it once more at this age made me understand and appreciate this story more. How previous loves dont work because the time was no right, because one is not old enough, because one hasnt experienced much to know things. And im just glad i could reaf this again.
Guest chapter 31 . 12/18/2014
Best swsskag ever.
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