Reviews for Hell is Other People
TheWhimsicalOwl chapter 34 . 8/13
Oh my god just binged that whole thin Not even my fandom I had forgotten the Alex Rider books even existed and that I’d read them,,, but like,,,
I was intrigued by the summary and started reading and I was a goner after that
Omg though
All the right elements
The characterization
The hurt/comfor I’m in pain I need more,,,
And the cliffhanger I want to see the testimony
Also Chloe I love her I wonder what her reaction will be
I feel so bad for her she was so nice
And Sally and Lizzie they were so cut Yesssss
The Mannings parenting Alex 333
I’m here for it

This is the fic I never knew I needed
Guest chapter 34 . 6/26
Love this so much, hope to see more in the near future!
Guest chapter 33 . 6/25
This is so so good have been rereading. I'm begging you, it's been a year, please please please carry on and improve 2022!
Guest chapter 3 . 6/15
“Alex looked at the broom he had in one hand, and thought, briefly, of his rigorous, if short, training with Scorpia. Looking back up at the man, he shrugged, and when back to his work.” This line makes me laugh a little bit because I distinctly remember him enjoying his training with Scorpia more than his training with the SAS in Scorpia. The way that training ended must have really soured his experience after the fact haha
I just looked up cam cream for the first time and found out it’s just like. Camouflage face paint? Good to know. Idk why I didn’t look it up the first time I read this tbh.
ALSO THE BEGINNING OF HAWK BEING THE WORST! Love that for us. I know he’s got some serious trauma stuff but also I want to break his nose.
Fox looking cheerful being a terrible sign means everything to me.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/15
Hnghhhhhh the beginning of the MI6 as Alex’s legal guardian fake out. Love that plot line.
And K-Unit babey!
Also: Alex, honey, please eat. Please. For me.
Reading this fic in your twenties is SO different from reading it in your teens lol. Now I really understand the Mannings haha!
hollyhock13 chapter 1 . 6/15
Okay, I would like to start out by saying that this is the first fic I ever left a review on in my journey into fandom because I was a shy little bean but I adore this fic.
I may or may not (read: definitely did) have made two of my friends read this despite all of us being well over twenty and past our Alex Rider phases.
I have literally read this fic at least six times as it was being written, and it was worth every single read.
My one friend yelled at me for reccing the best fic in the fandom so nothing else can ever live up to it I know you’re not super proud of the writing in the first few chapters (I don’t know anyone whose favorite writing is stuff they did in high school lol), but that’s high praise from one of my other favorite fic writers!
Basically, I just want you to know that I love this fic a TON and will follow it to the end and beyond
Guest chapter 34 . 6/10
Gorgeous in every damn way. Thank you a million times over! I’m following you here and on AP3 and even took the time to copy all the chapters to a drive just in case. You inspire me, your writing is fabulous and faithful and I insist you be proud day to day, hour to hour, and minute to minute. Thank you thank you and keep it up!
CalamityJim chapter 33 . 5/29
To download stories that you wrote you go to your control centre, stories, manage story, and then there will be a download button at the top. It downloads the entire story though with the AN notes in the middle so you can't just grab it chapter by chapter to publish. There is some cutting and pasting involved but it is still much faster than having to rewrite half a million words. I brought over my entire body of works this way. Hope this helps!
CalamityJim chapter 34 . 5/29
I know you are putting this up on ao3 but you can download the chapters from the chapter edit tool in your own control center. I brought all my stuff over that way instead of having to rewrite it
Cinnax rl chapter 34 . 5/28
Aww man that was a damn cliffhanger! Well I just hope that I'll have the story fresh in my mind when you post next then! Fingers crossed.

Yesterday was sorting my bookmarks, came over HIOP, which apparently I first started reading pre-pandemic, and decided why the hell not! Proceeded to reread the entire thing in within less than 24 hours! This story never gets less interesting, and I've learned so, much, vocabulary and phrases now that I play closer attention to them (a few years back I paid more attention to the actual story rather than diction, but now, as a language student, I love it); when I first saw 'mollycoddle' in chpt 4 I was immediately like, oh my god, I learnt that from this story didn't I!

These are just one out of many ways which I adore this story... Thank you dear author for this extraordinary ride, I couldn't have wished for a better way to start the school break!

Sorry for this message being so unorganized, I am still marveling over, just everything I suppose. The way you write these characters is so impressive, like everyone has a time for the spotlight, and every perspective, everyone's psychological insight has been given, while Alex is no doubt the main character, every other character is a main character also, I realized that this is how Anthony Horowitz writes right, just remembered that, but my god its is refreshing.

Hope writers block hasn't been too much of a bother, I am SO looking forward to the testimony!

And hope all is well :D Stay safe and stay awesome!

Guest chapter 34 . 5/8
The testimony is so exciting! Please please upload it soon, it will improve 2022!
Guest chapter 1 . 5/8
Just rereading this again, you are so talented at characterisation. I'm really hoping that you'll finish this more then 10 year journey!
TrueWhovian77 chapter 34 . 3/7
I started following this fic YEARS ago, I loved it and it stayed in my mind even after I fell into other fandoms. I kept seeing these MASSIVE updates in my email and thinking “how in the world does this author keep writing that much?” I’m still in awe of the sheer volume of words you put out and the quality you pack into every chapter. Recently, I finally got around to catching up on the updates I missed! I’m doubly invested in this storyline now, it’s hard to refocus toward other fics! Thank you for writing, I wish you a wonderful day and good luck with the endgame, should you choose to end this fic anytime soon
traLane chapter 34 . 2/13
I can’t believe that one of The BEST pieces of fanfic I’ve ever read was done on a dare! I’ve never read an Alex Rider story or book before but this is fantastic! I’m not sure one of the books could be this good. Thank you for this. I’ve loved every bit of it and I do hope this masterpiece gets completed.
mayfriend chapter 25 . 1/8
Every time I think I've read a chapter that can't be topped, you blow me away again. Shout out to 'Alex had missed kindness' for making me feel like I'd been punched in the heart.
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