Reviews for Naruto vs Sasuke: The Aftermath
REVANOFSITHLORD chapter 53 . 7/23
I like this story i wish next update is not gonna be long the way i realy wish someone can do reading this story with minato,kushina,hiruzen,tobirama,hashirama,mito the one reading this story i realy want to see they reaction
ncalo.peace chapter 36 . 7/16
Oh thank kami! She lives
ncalo.peace chapter 35 . 7/16
HINATA! She lives right? TT
WolfRaiser chapter 72 . 7/8
Awesome Story! Will Kakashi use the dog boss anytime soon in battle that would be epic. I'd like to help proof read your stories if possible. Regardless your stories ate great :) :)
PizzaFearsMe chapter 72 . 7/8
Great Story finished it about an hour ago. Hope it gets updated soon. Also if you need or want a beta reader I'd be happy to help.
Sergo chapter 72 . 7/3
Update... NOW!
Guest chapter 72 . 6/29
Very well thought out, this chapter quelled my curiosity over when naruto said "not a word" long ago. I would be happy if you continued or made a final chapter were you basically give the plot completely away if you don't plan on continuing many people would happily adopt this story, I being one of you and best of luck!
Guardian of Valhalla chapter 1 . 7/1
Plus even if he did return her feelings it could not actually go anywhere, I feel that all those stories where they fall in love and get married are actually pretty unrealistic (aside from the fact that it happens within the span of five seconds). While the manga does not up and say it, the fact that every Hyuuga looks like every other Hyuuga means that they practice inbreeding (Incest), as heir to the Hyuuga clan Hinata would never be allowed to marry outside of said clan (plus the elders would never allow the Byakugan to belong to another clan). "I have a girl I love named Sakura-chan. Well actually, it's one-sided on my part. Sakura-chan is totally in love with a guy named Sasuke. She tries her hardest, doing her best to win him over. When she's at it, her smile is the cutest thing. There's no explaining it. Before I knew it, I was in love with her. I would never force Sakura-chan to love me. I'd be no different from that guy right now if I did. So I made up my mind. In the same way that Sakura-chan tries to win Sasuke over, I'll try my best to win Sakura-chan over! And just so you know the last quote is from the actual anime Naruto that is one of those last movie is fanfiction welcome to reality guys
Angryboy13 chapter 13 . 6/29
That escalated quickly.
Naruto is going to destroy Sasuke right?
SlytherinQueen020 chapter 72 . 6/19
Would it be wrong to ask for an update for my birthday? It's July third. I know that it's last minute but I really miss this story. Please and thank you. Ciao.
Raven1302 chapter 72 . 6/18
This is a really good story I hope you will be releasing new chapters soon and completing the story.
josh4dballz chapter 61 . 6/7
SergioSilva chapter 72 . 6/2
Próximo capítulo?
IWantColoredRain chapter 72 . 6/3
Brilliant story was up past 4 in the morning reading it. Thanks and I totally agree with you, Sasuke is an overpowered selfish fucking dickless asshole, Sakura's a pathetic fangirl who doesn't deserve to be Tsunade's apprentice or a kunoichi and Kishi really disappointed me with how naive he made Naruto. Also if Hashirama and Madara and Naruto and Sasuke were both reincarnations of the same people how could they both exist at the same time? That's what I want to know. Also I was only really pleased about the Naru/Hina and Shika/Tema families in the 700th chapter. But it's a rare occasion that Kishimoto doesn't disappoint Naruto's fans, am I right?
Ninjarokusai chapter 72 . 5/29
hey just wanna ask, have you quit the story? this is one of the most well developed stories on FF and it would be a sad sight indeed if it just ended.
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