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Guest chapter 73 . 3/25
You will end with a cliffhanger that big and then take forever to update? i'm hurt. kidding.
Kyuubicarnage chapter 47 . 3/25
No matter how any times I reread the get over here scene I couldn't stop saying it in scorpion's voice. Just thought I'd let you know that ignited a desire for a mortal kombat binge
Susan Drakian chapter 10 . 3/16
I'm loving this story so far, only on chapter ten, I have a long way to go before I catch up. Serious Sam sent me , He had your story recommended at the end of a couple of his chapters so I got curious. Do not regret at all!
ShadowSnake22 chapter 72 . 3/11
very good story
Destroyer chapter 73 . 3/5
Hey KingKakashi, I love your story and it's storyline. I feel like this is something the Naruto Canon storyline could have developed into and can't watch a Naruto episode without thinking about this story. I have re-read this story so many times that I have lost count. One thing I can say about this story is that it is by far among my top 3 Naruto fanfics on this site or anywhere else! I love how you can relate every chapter to the overall story and I had been waiting for this update for a very long time. I know I don't review your story a lot...actually this is only my second review but I will review this regularly because this is an story that I absolutely am in love with! Keep up cranking out those amazing chapters and Thanks for your amazing story and for uploading it on this site!
javiercruzrodriguez435 chapter 71 . 3/5
well I hace to say I have been reading this story for a while and I love it, I really want to read what will happen and how naruto will deal with sasuke, I enjoyed the chapter 71, it was like 'oh kami' in their faces XD also I want to thank you for the story, although many writters don't have time to write and post their stories you made it possible and created such an amazing story I'm really looking forward for more
mundanebeast chapter 73 . 2/21
Hmm I get the feeling we're about to be treated to a mass edo party...say about 500 or so of em...give or take lol
Great chapter 67 . 1/31
Hmm, just a comment. The ages are off, because Im pretty sure that Minato is, at least, 8 years older than Kakashi and Kurenai. Unless the village was gossiping about Tsunade being pregnant for 13 years, Kakashi nor Kurenai were even born to hear about this... Unless their parents told them about it. Looking forward to more!
Great chapter 73 . 1/30
Love it! Your story is amazing... Love little Minato-kun and other characters... Poor Chouji and Ino, but there is no perfect way to win a war, without casualties. (Worried about the Edo Tensei). I'm not sure why but reading about your version of Sasuke, Orochimaru and Kabuto, I feel Yandere vibes about their respective counterpart, which is a bit creepy. I do like Yaoi, but reading it in your story, I find it creepy. Oh well, it still is an awesome read! Looking forward to more!
White Night Dragon chapter 73 . 1/29
Hello! It’s me again, WND, hopefully with my last late-but-still-going review – meaning that all my following reviews will be posted much, much sooner!

Ugh. Sasuke is back, along with that snake bastard and his apprentice. I hoped that we wouldn’t see them again until Naruto and co. would crush him for good, but I guess that was just wishful thinking on my part. Whatever his plans with Usuki are, I hope he’ll be stopped before they are fully realized.

As for the dinner that followed, along with all the gifts Naruto got for his friends, I’m certainly happy for it. It might not be truly 100% foolproof (for example, the wearer has to be conscious and able to use chakra in order to activate it), but it’s definitely a good thing that he’s trying to protect people close to him. Although I probably forgot some very important part in your previous chapters, because I can’t remember when it was exactly when Naruto managed to master Hiraishin or even why didn’t he use it more often in his late fights.

On a lighter note, I must take Naruto’s stance for the underwear, though. It helps to enhance girl’s beauty, but can’t do anything if the girl is ugly… although, for some reason, I have yet to find a single ugly girl in either your story or the whole Naruto universe.

Erm, for that part where Naruto proclaims “He (Sasuke) is my responsibility, I'll deal with him. I'm the only one who can.” – not that I’m against it or anything, but this looks very close to Naruto developing a martyr complex. Naruto didn’t ask Sasuke to defect from Konoha, nor did he force him to make the decisions he (Sasuke) did from that point onward. That’s purely Itachi’s responsibility – and while we are on that topic, it seems strange that Sasuke is now so obsessed with Naruto only when his first and foremost goal should have been Itachi’s death. That’s also the reason he decided to leave Konoha, if I’m not mistaken.

Now, the part about Naruto finally making at least partial piece with his grandparents was very heartwarming. I’m truly happy that their relationship is finally moving in the right direction. Just a very small nitpick though – neither Naruto nor Jiraiya should underestimate Tsunade’s abilities. I can’t remember her fighting anyone for real in this story, meaning with her willing to fully use all abilities she has at disposal, because if she does, I don’t think even Orochimaru would survive it. When he attacked Konoha second time, Tsunade had to organize the full defense, look out for her fellow ninjas and protect the civilians and her village. Against Naruto, she obviously couldn’t go full out, and I can’t remember any other fight she was in. Just throwing my two cents into this – Tsunade, when serious, is definitely not a damsel in distress, but action heroine who can stomp crushing majority of her opponents into ground.

Now, back to the nice part, which is – wedding! There was too much going on to describe it, so let me just say that I enjoyed every single piece of it… well, as long as it lasted. Because now, it looks like Orochimaru decided to give his wedding gift and it’s not going to be a nice one…

Well, to summarize this chapter – I enjoyed it about the most right after the previous one, since seeing Naruto’s origin story about his stripper career was really hilarious! Now I’m looking forward to, hopefully, Naruto finally getting rid of Orochimaru and both his pets before turning his eyes on Akatsuki and the true threat to the world…

As always, it was pleasure to read and I’m looking forward to the next chapters!
White Night Dragon chapter 72 . 1/29
Hello! It’s me again, WND, continuing in my line of the late-but-still-going reviews!

I have no problem with an Amazonian village existing somewhere in the Elemental nations (after all, despite the obvious name, there are bound to be societies different from the one in Konoha and other villages), just let me point out that 100 miles shouldn’t be a problem for ninjas of Jiraiya and Kakashi’s caliber. Even if Naruto couldn’t run as quickly or as long as they, someone could always carry him. Or, if even that wasn’t enough, Jiraiya could always summon Gamabunta to act as their steed for a time.

As for what happened in the village itself, I quite enjoyed the way Naruto and Slick managed to free those perverts. Even though I’m slightly surprised that Kakashi allowed mere humans (no matter how well trained) to sneak up on his Sharingan, those chakra draining chains are quite good explanation for how they both got defeated and locked up. It was actually funny to learn that Jiraiya lost only because the Amazonian queen looked so much like Tsunade. I imagine that must have been quite a shock for him.

Otherwise, I found the chapter a pleasantly relaxing read after the last few chapters. Even though the general theme was kind of serious, it was put in a light enough tone to not take too seriously and I enjoyed reading many parts of it, especially the last one about Hinata deciding to keep the tape and have Naruto install the stripper pole in her bedroom. She doesn’t look like it, but she can be quite a tigress in bed, I guess.

Well, two small things at the end. First is, kind of, again with Naruto’s age. If I understood you correctly in the previous chapter (or the one before that), Naruto should be fourteen or barely fifteen when he was at Amazonia. I’m not sure how much well-developed could he be at that age, muscle-wise or… well, the other area. And second thing is something more for Kakashi and Jiraiya – why didn’t any of them suggest they all transform into females while travelling through the Estrogenia? They would get much better treatment and wouldn’t probably get into this whole mess in the first place. Aside from these two nitpicks, I only have positives about this chapter and will start reading the last one as soon as possible.

As always, it was pleasure to read and I’m looking forward to the next chapters!
White Night Dragon chapter 71 . 1/29
Hello! It’s me again, WND, continuing in my line of the late-but-still-going reviews!

I’m not really familiar with poker, so I’ll simply have to trust you on the fact that Jiraiya’s luck in gambling is about the same as Tsunade’s misfortune. But aside from that, it’s almost frightening how all the husbands have the same grisly opinion about marriage which almost perfectly copy the opinion of their wives. I didn’t even register one chuckle or attempt to lighten the mood, so I can’t be really sure if this was meant as a truth-in-television joke or if you tried to insert more of the real-life stuff in here (the kind you explained when Chouji died). I already commented on it in my previous review, so all I’m going to say is that I hope Naruto and Hinata won’t ever suffer the same horrors as the current adult population of Konoha does.

Erm, about the scene with Kakashi… I know it was probably supposed to be funny, but it actually scared me quite a lot. If Kakashi is able to see such things right when he’s about to score, I’m almost afraid of the possibility that Kurenai would try and keep an eye on him with some heavy genjutsu that would have this exact effect. If it was meant only to keep Kakashi faithful, then it’s fine. If it wasn’t… well…

Oh! It’s always nice to see that some tricks actually manage to work from time to time! Not sure if Temari would actually fall for that, but I’m glad that at least Kiba avoided the scolding. And it also looks like their girls came out of it better than when they came in. :)

Awww, that was really sweet piece with Lee and Sakura! That’s exactly like I would imagine Lee to behave and Sakura to appreciate her boyfriend’s loyalty towards her! I sincerely hope that it’s going to be something similar with Naruto and Hinata, only much, much stronger.

Mmm, nice scene with Iruka and Anko as well. I can see Anko is still very fond of scaring others with snakes, but at least she has enough common sense to let Iruka explain first. Now she just need to work a bit on her luck aura. Snake eyes… very appropriate indeed.

Yup, Jiraiya’s years of experience from “gathering material” and writing about it in books have finally given him something very useful (aside of the revenues from the sellings). An ability to soothe a woman’s fury in an elegant, yet gentle and loving way. That was one great way to get out of the hotspot and straight into the woman’s embrace (and cleavage). And Shikaku and Inoichi also managed to fend for themselves quite well. Although… Inoichi’s last comment has a surprisingly sturdy ring of truth around it. If Ino’s wardrobe alone can provide enough clothes for twelve women to dress fully as whores, it certainly says something about her… at least fashion sense if nothing else.

I think I’ll cut it short here and simply say that most of the men made some very gracious savings about having their bachelor party with hookers on it and that all of them proved very gentleman-like behavior in the way that not a single one mentioned Anko spying on them or caused any ruckus about it (which they had full right to do). As for the part with miss Kaede – she’s a likeable character and I’m glad that Naruto, even when young, decided to help a complete stranger who was obviously in trouble. My only concern is that I can’t think of a reason why would a group of ROOT ninjas (who are supposed to be Danzo’s elite and either on par or above regular ANBU) harass a simple hooker. If they really needed to release some “primal tension”, surely there were less suspicious ways than raping a random woman they have met on the street. Not to mention if Danzo learned about it, he’d most likely have them killed anyway purely for their incompetence. And for Naruto becoming the legendary stripper… I’m quite eager to find out more about it.

Erm, and I know I also mentioned this in the previous review, but… you mishmashed present and past tenses again.

As always, it was pleasure to read and I’m looking forward to the next chapters!
White Night Dragon chapter 70 . 1/29
Hello once again, KingKakashi, and onward to another one of my late-but-better-than-never reviews!

I kind of hate to say this, but I’m very concerned about Hinata’s angry outburst at Jiraiya. Let’s put aside that she never yelled at anyone (at least in manga), even her own cousin who tried to kill her. Let’s also put aside her high respect for ranking system and all ninjas in it, especially someone with the title of Sannin. But her choice of words felt more like they didn’t come from her own mind, but simply parroted (is that a word?) what Naruto said in the arena under Kyuubi’s influence. I understand why Naruto said them when he was angry and had Kyuubi whispering in his ear, but Hinata? If Jiraiya or Tsunade ever felt like being unable to stay in the same village as Naruto, why did they came back? Why spend so much time with Naruto, why protect him, why train him and teach him all they knew? She must have heard Jiraiya speak highly about Minato, why would he feel the complete opposite with his son? To be honest, Hinata was one of the last people I expected to stop listening to reason and get plain angry. I can imagine that you probably wanted to highlight the grave error Jiraiya and Tsunade made, but from my point of view it looks like either Hinata somehow lost her quality of having gentle and forgiving heart, or Naruto has become a bad influence for her. Neither of those is good, obviously.

Aside from that, I can already see where the bachelor/ette parties are going and I must say I’m very much looking forward to them! Especially considering that they’re going to be organized by Anko and Kiba, their tastes are well known when it comes to the opposite sexes… well, Kiba might be slightly more timid than Anko, but I’m still sure that it’s going to be something! And Subarashi Kitsune… why does that sound so strangely familiar?

Well, that was one very rich description of where Naruto’s bachelor party is taking place. Although the part about hookers, not strippers, seems to be balancing on technicality and completely missed the original point of not having scantily-clad women on the party. I’m having a bad feeling about this if any of the girls finds out about who Genma invited…

… … … all right, I’m glad that I finally found out the true reason Shikamaru dislikes women and from now on, I’m never going to blame him for that. His mother – his actual mother and wife to Shikaku has *that* opinion about marriage? And men in general? How could anyone justify that opinion? And none of the women in the room felt any need to correct her? Bluntly – I don’t consider that crap about 99% and 1% to be anything to alleviate the mood or make it look more like a joke. Right now, Yoshino made it to the bottom of my favorite characters list (in your story) right next to Ino and I hope so much that Hinata won’t listen to any of her advices, not now, not ever. If Yoshino is unhappy in her own marriage, for whatever reason, she’s free to feel like that, but spreading that opinion around and proclaim it to be the only right opinion feels dangerously close to a twisted way of feminism, proclaiming that all men exist purely to serve women and women exist to enjoy that. And I’m not happy with that view, especially since it has nothing to do with true feminism and is only based on one woman’s own opinion.

Aha, so Anko makes a promise, then balances on technicality as well? Really, does that woman have no shame? What about a principle, morality, honor bound by the word that person made? If she’s going to be like that in the following chapters, I hope I see/read as little of her as possible.

Oh… I got the feeling that with Hinata comparing him so much to Naruto, it would in the end turn out to be him. The nickname was also quite a big lead-on, not to mention how you described him almost word-to-word when he returned to Konoha from his training trip and Ino ogled him in her flower shop. But, erm… couple of years ago? Like, more than two? How could Naruto possibly be so much endowed (and able to perform like a professional stripper), considering that he must have been fourteen (at most) during that time? I’m really curious for Naruto’s explanation about all this.
… not going to comment on Anko actually spying on her own husband with nothing more than that she dropped even lower on my favorite list. I’ll only wonder how would she react if Iruka spied on her.

Erm… I know that I’m probably being a bit aggressive about this, but the explanation about snakes would more sit with either Kurenai or Tsunade. I don’t doubt that Anko knows a lot about snakes, but the language she used to describe about snakes “hearing” his surroundings is more fitted for an encyclopedia than for a half-crazy woman she is.

I’m so sorry that I sound so negative about this chapter, but while I like the idea of bachelor and bachelorette parties in general, the way Anko/Ino/Yoshino behaved and no other woman seriously challenged them ruined it for me. First they promise no strippers, then bring in the video of legendary male stripper, cheer, howl and whistle at him, then spy on the male’s bachelor party and finally decide to go in there in disguise to make sure they didn’t sleep with any other girl? And no one has any problem with it? How can any of them ask for their husband’s trust when they themselves are unable to trust them? It’s starting to look like there’s many more dysfunctional marriages in Konoha than I thought there would be and their numbers are only going to grow, with the current Genin generation being in there as well. The only positive thing I see here is that at least Hinata and Sakura offered *some* small protests, which really makes them much more appealing in my eyes, but all the rest just dropped down a lot.

That being said, I don’t feel any need to “beat you up” for the Naruto striptease scene. From purely writer’s point of view, I think you did a remarkable job for a guy describing it and I could clearly imagine every single action that happened there. So writer-wise, this was a great success. It’s just the personalities and faulty reasonings of most of the women in there are way out of the norm.

A small addendum – you seem to write in past tense the first half of the story, then you jumped forward to the present tense. I suppose you didn’t mean to write it like that, but it was still slightly confusing to adapt to the new tense in the middle of a story.

As always, it was pleasure to read and I’m looking forward to the next chapters!
White Night Dragon chapter 69 . 1/29
Welcome back, KingKakashi! It’s great to see you back and writing, although it also reminded me that I’ve greatly fallen behind in my reviews to your story. So, let me try and fix that with this (and more to come) review!

Well, Naruto didn’t take the news of Jiraiya and Tsunade being his actual godparents very well. I mean, he *could* take it worse, but still, he took it far enough with attacks that almost demolished the entire Chuunin exam arena, not to mention practically destroying Tsunade’s hand. For that matter, I do think that it was quite realistic, but it also proves to me that Naruto shouldn’t yet be promoted to Jounin or even Hokage for that matter, since his control over emotions is still too weak and Kyuubi can take advantage of it very easily. And since even Hinata couldn’t stop him during that rampage, he still needs lots of growing-up before Naruto can be considered for any critical mission.

Now, I’m quite sure that you have already mentioned Hinata’s pregnancy in one of your previous chapters, so let me just repeat that I’m very glad for her to bear Naruto’s child, even though it’s going to take her off the active duty for several following years. Still, if there’s one thing that could help Naruto to mature up a bit, it should be his child.

About that bit with Kiba… I don’t mind extra information about him or his father (since we have seen next to nothing in both manga and anime and I really think he’s very underused character), but it feels strange to me that while he states that he doesn’t like to talk about him or the technique he used, he gave it up so willingly to everyone around him. I know it was for the sake of the story and the background info, but it still seemed a bit off to me.

And last but not least, the ending along with Naruto’s epiphany (interesting word, really). I actually thought about it a bit more than most people would about some blabber from the mouth of a drunk guy, and the result is somehow disconcerting. I might be mistaken, but to me, alcohol doesn’t make us lie, it just gives us very clear and simple explanations to whatever troubles us. It’s not necessarily right, but it’s not lie, at least from that person’s view. And with Naruto, it means that as a kid, he didn’t just suffer from loneliness and ache for friends, it also means that he developed an inferiority complex. A kid abandoned by his parents, never explained why, never explained anything, with next to no friends and shunned off by most adults. It’s very easy to see how it came up to be, but what troubles me is that it still persists, albeit very deep in. In my personal opinion, either Kurenai or Kakashi (or really someone with any knowledge in psychology) should sign up Naruto for some therapy, because if none of the accomplishments he has made so far aren’t enough to make him feel worthy of even himself, then unchecked it could prove a very strong tool for his enemies. If not for Akatsuki, Orochimaru or Sasuke, then definitely for Kyuubi.

I really don’t like ending this review on such negative terms, but I can’t help one thing – when Kakashi discussed with Jiraiya how he and Tsunade abandoned him when he was a kid, at least Kakashi has no right to toss the blame around. He stayed at the village for the entire time and what did he do? Just stood aside, watched and did nothing, then reluctantly took them on, only to focus purely on Sasuke, leaving Naruto and Sakura behind? I know he tried to atone for most of it, but it still doesn’t give him any right to blame *anybody* for not taking care of Naruto.

Well, even with all the things mentioned above, it was still quite enjoyable chapter, and it also set the ground for future events where Naruto will, hopefully, forgive both his godparents and take them back into his family. He shouldn’t only focus on his own feelings, but take other’s feelings into account as well. I know he doesn’t realize how bad Tsunade feels because of him, but that’s only more the reason to tell him and make him know that he’s growing up and can’t act like a child anymore.

As always, it was pleasure to read and I’m looking forward to the next chapters!
red neo ranger chapter 73 . 1/27
Omg loved this story greatest story I ever read keep up the good work
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