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Lina-Freedom chapter 21 . 8/25/2018
The story is highly enjoyable and I would love to see update or conclusion to it. There are some really strong points to it. The "dream" sequences are interesting. The emotional and existential struggle of the mind vs body is nicely written. I would love to see the payoff to that if I am right where it leads. I hope that if you continue the story, that you will return to Shinji and the moments recorded after Leliel. I also hope that the last time we see Shinji in the story taking bath, that it won't end up like with Asuka in NGE bathing the Roman way.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/7/2018
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ZayneLvLz chapter 7 . 3/20/2018
waaaayyyyyy OOC the premise is interesting af. but the characters are so OOC which itself wouldnt be so bad especially if there was some explaination. but its like they're all in a constant state of emotional upheaval. going from one end to the other with no warning or reason. then asking each other 'wats wrong or why u upset?' like bish these 2 just switched bodies and sexes but nah lets all act with the empathy and understanding of a preschoolers plastic spork. beyond that you actually explain the environments well and tge words flow nicely. were it not for the way everyone acts like the same person with slightly different reactions and different memories (gendo ikari does not get outwardly emotional, or curse. he uses his intellect and outward impassivity to fik with others and get them to do what they want. also ritsuko akagi is supposed to be one of the greatest scientific minds in the world in NGE and is also mostly outwardly impassive. yet she is reacting to shinji's penis like a giggling school girl. also why the heck is misato a pedo) oh hwell.

this is a great idea with the body switch thing and your words flow well. but the charaterization (not nearly as bad as mine lol) is odd and jarring
ZayneLvLz chapter 3 . 3/20/2018
Rei is way out of character. tho at least Shinji is reacting like he would. surprised asuka is taking so long to wake
Guppy O Doom chapter 21 . 2/15/2015
Greetings, I feel the need to apologize for this first, up front, because this review was not penned in the hopes of improving this work (although that would be a nice addition), but rather for purely selfish reasons. Your novel, for although you have stated in past authors notes that you do not consider this one it is indeed, a novel, caused me to think. A rather dangerous proposition at one in the morning after a day of thinking entirely too much; so, like any good introvert, I feel the need to categorize and order said thoughts.
Firstly, I greatly enjoyed the premise of this work; initially I signed on with hesitance for although I possess a great love of gender benders I find it increasingly difficult to find any worth reading, and after reading the work of Icarus Onesun, most other forms of writing (especially when considering the realm of Evangelion) rather fall by the wayside. And although it got off to a rocky start, the plot was intriguing enough, and the writing improved fast enough to capture me, hook line and sinker.
I have a great love for novels dealing in the realm of emotional turmoil - namely angst and what not, but it is combated by another love for the seemingly opposite - humor. Luckily, you supplied both quite efficiently, and I experienced soaring heights of humor, and despairing depths of woe. (alliteration!)
In the hopes of continuing to be irritatingly vague, I would also like to comment on your characterization, which started off cringe worthy (not to be offensive, but everyone seemed OOC for the first bit) but evolved quite magnificently. The true worth of an author is their ability to make the reader fall in love with their characters, and you have done so swimmingly (although you did have a bit of head start - fan fiction and all).
I greatly enjoyed the gender dichotomy that was displayed throughout the novel, the little things that seem inconsequential, yet help to construct ones gender identity. You incorporated science, in the way that Shinji experienced oddly improved vision, and the way that sensations seemed more extreme (hot vs cold), but did it through implication, rather than overt statements - something I find applaud worthy.
I did read your profile, a broad and rather shallow skimming to be more exact (it is rather late) and read your comments on your use of 'big' words. I have to say that I agree with you on the point about the sheer elasticity of language - English specifically with its many synonyms, antonyms, and all the other 'nyms in between allows you many ways to say the same things. My comment to you, however, would be to keep your audience in considerations. Feel free to call me on my next statement, but I feel that there are several cases where you have used words that you do not truly know the meaning of. The context in which they fit in is awkward, although I am open to the possibility that your lexile level is simply that much higher than my own. If your reader is confused, than your work is confused - big words are nice, but it is always wise to keep them somewhere within the common lexile range (or rather, common colloquial), because otherwise they simply become points that drag your reader from the story - veritable word vomit that the eyes simply gloss over. If the word makes you stop to ponder its meaning, it may be better to look for another.
Now to transition awkwardly.
You did, however, reinforce a point I find difficult to truly... come to terms with. Throughout the work, more so with Nagisa, you bring up the idea of identity, free of the physical. On one hand, I find myself nodding along; I see agreement with my views on gender; your chromosomal placement does not control your identity, male or female, you are the same person no matter the gender you uphold. Sure, others perceptions of you may change (much like Kaworu stated), and there may be different things that emerge due to hormones and other things physical - but the truest you still remains, and they are the same person.
Conversely, though, I find myself caught in a conundrum of contradiction. Identity may be based on something innate, internal, and transcending of the physical, yet the physical plays a hugely important role in how we 'evolve.' You are not the same person you were ten years ago - two years ago, or even two weeks ago. Your experiences converge to create a constantly shifting range of character, and it is this exact evolution that defines the 'true' you. It is, however, heavily rooted in the physical. Although you may be the same person, no matter your gender, your gender works heavily in deciding who you will become. Men tend to gravitate towards 'manly' things - cars, sex, guns - where woman will move towards more 'womanly' things - makeup, fashion, and romance. Although horribly overgeneralized, stereotypes are there for a reason. Who you are physically DOES(cant italicize, curses!) play a role in who you are deep inside.
Human are constantly shifting and evolving, and each minute we spend doing so plays a large role in who we are from one moment to the next.
I also read your religious status as Aethiest... you state, in your file, that you try 'your best' (a very vague set of parameters) to respond to all views. That being said, I would of course overjoy me to hear a reply, so I will pose this question under the implication that you will read this view, and respond. That being said, feel no need to answer this question if it feels too personal or offends you.
What do you hope?
... The latest unit of literature I have been studying has all been existential shmutt (my term), and it tends to harsh quite effectively on my religious buzz. For me, the greatest question I find myself pondering, is whether or not I 'hope.' Do I hope for the morning? (musical allusion if you can spot it) Do I have a reason to rise after the world does its best to shut me down? Religion, for me, offers that hope. I allows me to hope for a better future, it gives me guidelines to follow - to make black and white out of the endless grey humanity has forced the world into. It allows me to believe the best of people.
Your work, comments on one potential view of this opinion, namely in the cynical spiral of Fuyutsuki, who describes himself as once a man who 'hoped', but was then downtrodden on by the world, and slowly found his conviction fading. You comment on it again, with Kaji and his introspection on Misato and her 'humanity' - at once her greatest gift, and her curse... a beautiful line, I thank you for it.
I realize that these are the words of your characters, and may not be your, express opinions - but I believe it to be utterly impossible to write anything worth reading without imparting a little bit of your soul into it.
That is what I hope I did here.
A selfish report, a selfish review... I feel much like Shinji did, staring down at his hand.
So I ask you once again, What do you hope?
Because, in this big, dark world... hope is often times all we have left.

With the sincerest hopes that you continue this great work that so very truly caused me to think, I post this reply.
With regards,
Guest chapter 21 . 2/2/2015
Wow, just can I say the utter lack of reviews of this fic disgust me. The work is brilliant. You bring each character to light and highlight their personalities and yet still make them do what you want without losing that which makes them, them. Evangelion is a work that brings so much humanity to the characters, the psychological struggles, as well as the physical ones that tear at the seams of the character's psyche time and time again thought the story. You don't lose that at all, and I'm very happy to find an evangelion fic worth reading. I do hope to see many more updates to this fic, it doesn't get the support it deserves. Honestly I think the problem is personally, I came into it looking for a wank fic, asuka and shinji switch bodies?! It's M rated and has the pairing for Asuka x Shinji? That'll be hilarious to read! What I got was on a level I was almost unprepared for. For that I thank you.
Seproth chapter 2 . 6/21/2014
*casually sips some Evian spring water* Ahhh that's the stuff. I couldn't possibly get by without some of my daily and nutritious Evian spring water. Drink some today. *This review brought to you by Evian spring water*

Am I mocking you for product placement. Yes Yes I am. But only because I personally find it funny as hell.

So I'd been waiting awhile for a new update from you and was getting concerned that you hadn't updated in like forever. I was thinking oh god am I going to have to wait 5-6 years for another update. I don't think my heart could take it.

Then I realized... maybe your fixing up the old chapters. OH HEY your fixing up the old chapters.

Enough ranting REVIEW TIME!

So Shinji wakes up. You ever hear that song man I feel like a woman. Well that song couldn't be any more apt for the current situation. Man Shinji not only do you feel like a woman. You look like one, sound like one, are actually one.

Your also a ginger... enjoy.

So Shinji tries to rationalize this as a dream. Fair enough I probably would to... after coping a feel but then I'm old. So yeah Shinji is told sorry kiddo you ain't dreaming this is real.

Then Ritsuko says we need a psych evaluation and I burst into laughter. Thus Evangelion honey. There are no Psychologists here. Soooo good luck with that psych eval. I guess you could give it.

Hell Fuyutsuki gives the closest thing to a psychological evaluation in the series. To Gendo of all people (mmmm Gendo you can throw me from the highest deck of a building... I'm beginning to wonder if this is healthy anymore)

Speaking of my future hus... I mean the leader of Nerv *shifts eyes nervously*. Gendo and Fuyutsuki have a conversation. As per usual I love their banter together. I even love that Fuyutsuki one their little intellectual debate over Rei. (Sorry Gendo but ya changed the topic. To me that's losing.)

Honestly despite the length of this review not a whole lot to say as this was A) Kind of a short chapter (By your standards at any rate) and B) More of a setup for a lot of things.

So yeah. I guess you've probably updated quite a few of these old chapters. Guess I'm gonna have to reread them all when I get the chance.
Ace736 chapter 21 . 6/14/2014
This story is really great, I have nothing but good things to say about it.
The characterization (and character development) is near spot on, the writing is very detailed and engaging, and the plot is original.
Waiting for an update! Keep up the great work!
Fenrir666 chapter 21 . 3/20/2014
Man, Shinji has some problems, huh? Poor kid. Poor *kids.* Poor *everyone.* Tĥis a really good fic.
Fenrir666 chapter 10 . 3/20/2014
Well, I've been meaning to watch Evangelion, but I haven't yet, so I can't offer an indepth critique on how well this relates to the show, but I *have* really enjoyed this so far. I like how you're playing the body switching for something besides cheap silly/kink (my general exposure to body switch stuff). I enjoy how you've included how stressful such things would be, as well as the issues with identity, I thought that was a pretty neat touch! You've written well enough that I don't feel that I'm missing a bunch, despite minimal knowledge of the source material, which is pretty impressive!

I hope this story can get some more attention, and I intend to reccomend this to my friends that are fans of the show. And, based on this story, plan to watch the show myself!
melzez chapter 9 . 3/13/2014
Good so far Started reading this fanfiction Cuz I like gender bender
nobodyreallyimportant chapter 21 . 3/13/2014
I love this story, you do a really good job on the characterization and all the details are the icing on the cake. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
AhumbleHalofan chapter 10 . 3/4/2014
I just became slightly ill reading Asuka's memory of New York. I can see exactly what has happened to her and I can't fault you for coming to that conclusion...
AhumbleHalofan chapter 1 . 3/4/2014
Only just skimming this and already I can see this appears to be an interesting and well written little story. Good job. Usually there's a half dozen things I could bitch about. Not this time!
Seproth chapter 1 . 3/3/2014
I had a thought before I drop into a proper review of this. One could argue that Asuka and Shinji didn't necessarily switch bodies per say. Rather that they swapped behavioral patterns and merely Asuka believes she is Shinji and Vis Versa. A thought that crossed my mind... huh... well anyways

So yeah while it has been probably 5ish years since I read this chapter I have immediately noticed a difference in it. For starters it's obviously longer. You have adapted the wordier approach and there is more techno babble in it. Things you have begun doing ever since you came back. All of these are positive things in my personal opinion.

Anywho even Asuka's characterization has changed to fit in more with what she's like post time skip (That's what I'm calling it here and now.) though again my memory of the original chapters is very VERY hazy sooo I could be wrong.

Still it was a good action prologue I can imagine an episode of Evangelion starting that way. With everyone in full scale panic mood of oh god angel coming. Cept Gendo he just sits there like the hunky bad ass that he is... I got lost in thought where was I. Gendo... no bad Sep get your mind out of the gutter.

So through what I can only describe as space magic (or the fact that an angel had two contradicting A.T. Fields) causes our two for lack of a better term heroes to swap bodies. From here I can only imagine hilarity and Hi jinks ensue.

boy I bet this will be a silly story with nothing but pure comedy hahaha.

I say having read every chapter already. Ahhh I'm so witty.

Good to see you reworking all these old chapters. I'll be sure to put a proper review for each one that I haven't already reviewed.
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