Reviews for Caught In A Ladder
ForgottenShadowriter chapter 25 . 7/13
Wow. Great story. I was thinking some of the characters were ooc and I almost stopped reading, but your writing more than made up for the oddness. I'm up past midnight just because I couldn't stop reading.
Redb4Black chapter 1 . 7/2
Bloody hell. Well, psychologically analyzing it, Ogata can be this kind of person. But honest to hell, my heart was racing this entire time. This is relatively realistic and absolute gut-wrenching. I'm terrified of this while at the same time I'm uttered enamored by it. Beautiful work.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/18
Don't let anyone convince you anything other than how good this story was written, everyone was kept in character for one, and honestly it was pretty enjoyable.
sumireko chapter 25 . 2/12
Super dark, me encanta ogata pero en tu historia es tan oscuro que se me rompio el corazon en un millon de pedazos, creo que voy a volver a leer el manga para sentirme mejor...eso no quiere decirmque no me guste tu historia por que en realidad me encanta, el genero y la tematica oscura. gracias 9or la historia xD
Duaimei chapter 25 . 1/21
Thank you! I really loved this Sorry!

Also thank you for explaining why the characters didn't call the police. I was practically screaming at them to call the police. The Go Institute should have asked for a wellness check on Hikaru.
Guest chapter 25 . 7/23/2017
Whoa this really grabbed my heart, poor Hkaru!
joeyxxo chapter 25 . 5/19/2017
this is incredible. The kidnapping part was horribly sad that I can't keep shedding tears as I read through the chapters. The ending part was also wrapped up remarkably well. The words about go was all that matters not circumstances goes well with the characteristics of Touya Kouyo. Others may find it lacking but to me it was written perfectly. Despite being a fanfic, it felt like a whole complete novel such that even if you have not read the original series, the story still make sense to readers. You have my respect, author, and I seriously had a great time reading this fanfic. Thank you so much for your work. Hope to hear more you once more
charm13insomnia chapter 25 . 3/5/2017
interesting fic
AMloverFF chapter 25 . 12/6/2016
This story has left me with a disturbing mixture of annoyance and amusedness. It's not about the quality of your writing, cause that is superb. It's more that your depictions of the characters yell in my ear how different our lives and personalities must be. I cannot understand their motives, reasoning, or (to me) lack of empathy. The only character I could see some reason in was Ogata, as he was the violent villain, who we've all seen before in some form.
This might sound cruel, as cushioning one's words while remaining clear is something I find hard, but I feel like your characters are almost painfully nonchalant and seemingly emotionally stunted. Though of course this is coming from a reader who struggles with her conscience if a stuffed animal has to sit alone, which brings me back to my earlier statement about us. You mentioned how your own experiences coloured your writing in regards to the lack of reaction to Hikaru's abscense in an AN. Which is perhaps the contrast that strikes me most. Backstory, I'm somewhat ill, which is why people would worry even if I left the house by myself and left a note. So while I can intellectually see what you're talking about, I am unable to comprehend it.
And even Touya "Meijin" and Hikaru's handling of the situation. Ogata kidnapped a minor (20 is majority in Japan I think), and Touya found said minor in poor condition. His initial "don't call the police" reasoning was Ogata's possible innocence, so why did he not call upon finding Hikaru? Or after securing him away from Ogata? He didn't try to secure evidence of Hikaru's injuries (and to me the ex-meijin always seemed like the zen and logical guy that'd think of that), and he let a 14(ish) year old talk him out of going to a hospital.
And then the part that confused me the most, throughout almost the entire story; why are these people never surprised? Never mind not being horrified? Take Ashiwara, probably the most emotional and happy-go-lucky of the people finding out, why is "oh wow, Ogata did what now" the extent of his reaction? Why is he not worrying over this kid who was kidnapped, why isn't he pissed off at this monster who held said kid for a month, why isn't he feeling betrayed that Ogata could do this? And why does his school not worry more? Hikaru'd probably have to keep his homeroom teacher somewhat up-to-date on what days he won't be present? How does this not ring alarm bells for anyone. AND HIS GRANDFATHER. I am honestly hoping that you suddenly remembered him before that phone call, cause his grandson was non-communicado for a month.
I have quite a few more if these, but I went on a bit of a tangent, so uhhh... Back to my point. (Also, apologies for the length of that lil' tangent, Annoyance kept feeding itself fuel.) It just really fascinates me how different our perspectives are. And I hope that you can find some amusement (or something) at how a kinda sheltered and pretty empathetic reader reacted to your story? Or well, at least that you got a "how it could be read"ish thing? Hahaha, anyway, I did actually really enjoy your story, even if Annoyance's paragraphs kinda made it sound otherwise, Amusement had a good time together with Suspense and Thrilled...ness?
Sana Lama Samaha chapter 25 . 7/29/2016
This was a good story. I read it one go, but I do have my share of criticisms. Mostly with how long it took to get Shindou any help. I mean, seriously, people are looking for him, but no one thinks to call the police? No one thinks a teenager (child, really) isn't vulnerable living on their own? Or that his sudden disappearance without word or warning isn't in any way suspicious? It's one think to not go to school or work, it's completely another if no one at all can find you even at your own home. Touya should have been suspicious as soon as he saw Shindou in Ogata's home... I really think the police, and an ambulance should have been called as soon as he was found, either by Touya, or Touya-Meijin. Shindou was not struggling violently against being taken to a hospital; if an ambulance was present, he might have been more cooperative to seek treatment. The whole situation makes me frustrated, sad, and bitter. I'm especially bitter that Ogata got off scott-free without anyone knowing his real crimes.

The writing was solid, but it shines through better in certain places. I like the scene where Shindou plays Touya, and I like how the game and it's encoded message was explained in later chapters. Having it be a message that the people playing or watching can't see is ingenious! I like Touya-meijin's calmness and consideration while he handles the situation, even while controlling his own emotions. He is the remarkable hero who anchors the ship in the storm. And this story has made me truly admire his character. Still, I think the last chapter is the best. It's a great way to wrap things up, and is void of any of the cliche's present in the endings of many stories (even published fiction). I really like that Hikaru told (part of) his secret to the Meijin. And the Meijin's reaction to the game, and his reassessment of Shindou is, I think, another brilliant example of his character. :)
Enuescaris chapter 1 . 6/15/2016
I usually don't like this type of story but damn, this one is really really good.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/13/2016
I was-no I am even right now after the chapter still laughing.
hachinonana chapter 13 . 3/27/2016
Haha wow Ogata's getting scary and insane now.
hachinonana chapter 2 . 3/10/2016
Ogata sounds like a rapist right now, honestly. Dun dun duun!
MysteryAsia chapter 25 . 11/29/2015
My emotions. I cried so much, you know. I'm an emotional person, I know. Really liked how you didn't do anything unrealistic regarding Hikaru's capture and rescue. Also, how his secret didn't all of a sudden come out into the press. I sometimes think that writers want everyone to know about the main character's abuse. Nice to read something I want to see for a change. Ogata's obsession with Hikaru became something big enough to land him in jail for child abuse. It was steady and interesting. Though I really wouldn't want to see something like this in real life... this was an interesting read. A really interesting read. Thanks~~
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