Reviews for Flowers are Often Poisonous
Niku Snow chapter 1 . 10/24/2008
This is the first fiction I've read since joining!:-) My first story to post is a chapter of the Asellus epic- where I integrate many Mystics throughout the game into the plot. I don't ever read Yaoi manga, but I love a lot of the art styles in Shojou. Your writing is beautiful and breathes life into the more linear game characters. I feel that the Mystics stories should always be written like Romantic-era stories full of nature and energy but artistically subtle and covert. I think your small piece did a great job, and I appreciate your further development of an otherwise very mysterious Mystic, Rastaban. Please skim my piece when the server allows me to publish it! Until then I look forward to your other works!:-)
akikos-wok chapter 1 . 7/1/2007
Since I too am quite partial to the Rastaban/Ildon pairing, I feel it's my duty to review!

I normally hate second person narrative, but you manage it fairly well here, and I wasn't distracted by it. I do feel you could have achieved the same story just as, if not more, effectively in first or third person, but that's just a personal preference.

You definitely managed to capture the essence of Facinaturu, beautiful but full of death quite nicely here. The symbolism in the poisonous flowers works well. The parallel between Rastaban's plan to grow a purple rose and Asellus's story was clever. The interaction between Ildon and Rastaban was believable, not too fluffy, nor too angst-ridden- either would be miserably out of character. I particularly liked your Ildon actually; he had small traces of compassion that provided some insight as to how he might have come to be in an at least moderately healthy relationship.