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Tripple-A-Plus chapter 2 . 5/16/2012
I've got the same question as Jed did but I am actually looking forward to reading how they would cope with living apart and it's going to be fun to read all about it. Thank you so much.
Tripple-A-Plus chapter 1 . 5/16/2012
The ending is really sweet. It made me smile. Thank you so much.
alix33 chapter 39 . 3/24/2010
"On a misty April morning in 1985, Jed awoke to the sounds of D.C. traffic outside. The beeping horns of gridlocked cars, that forced him out of his nice warm bed at dawn, worked better than an alarm clock." - My apartment is on an incredibly busy Johannesburg street and yet, after nearly ten years of living there, I have tuned out almost totally the traffic noise in the late mornings (I work night duty permanently, so I very rarely get up that early in the morning anyway, as a rule) and either wake up to the alarm clock or way before it by myself.

"Oh how he cherished those notes. He often said that one lipstick-stained note from her was all he needed to make it through any challenge he faced in his day. He never realized just how true that was until he got to Washington without them." - AW!

"Jem and the Holograms" - I had to Google to know who that was. I will bet that is one of the very few US TV shows we in South Africa never got to see in the 1980s. Even though there were anti-apartheid sanctions in place at the time, we still got to see pretty much what I would call a boatload of US TV shows pretty soon (pretty soon meaning within a year there) after they started airing in the US anyway.

"double-stuffed Oreos" - I do not think we even get those in South Africa.

"Abbey, who had lost her argument with Zoey, had returned downstairs and rushed to answer the phone on the first ring. "You're late." "What?" "You said you'd call at 5:30. It's now 5:33." Jed replied to her tease with a little one of his own. "Sorry, it took me three minutes more than I planned to wake Rita and get her out of here." "What did I tell you about your trampy girlfriends?" "To take them to cheap motels instead of the apartment?" "Damn right." Jed chuckled. They both enjoyed a little banter that raised the others blood pressure first thing in the morning, especially since they knew how harmless it all was." - Hehehe.

"Abbey passed off the phone to the pajama-clad preschooler and continued wrapping a trio of egg and cheese sandwiches in foil," - Scrambled egg, fried egg or chopped up boiled egg? And what kind of cheese? Oh yeah, also what kind of bread?

"the crashing echo upstairs led her out of the kitchen. She planted herself at the foot of the stairs and looked up to see Lizzie tossing her overstuffed suitcase down the steps. Liz shrugged when she saw her. "It was heavy." Thank goodness Jed wasn't around, Abbey thought. If he had been, he might have reminded her - and their daughter - that back in college, Abbey frequently hurled her bags downstairs when they were packed to capacity, and that little gem would have undermined the pearl of wisdom she was about to throw Liz's way." - Hehehe.

"Sitting on the edge of the mattress, Abbey uncovered her small frame. "Come on, right now." "Why are you so mean to me?" "You want to see mean? Because I can do mean." - Abbey won't really (do mean, I mean), as she would feel awfully guilty afterwards if she did.

"Abbey's impatience faded into worry when she heard the frightening scream downstairs. Recognizing the voice as Elizabeth's, she bolted towards the door, swinging it open and charging out of the room. "LIZZIE?" Zoey nearly ran her over, jogging up the stairs after her kitten as Abbey sprinted down. "GINGER, STOP IT! GET BACK HERE!" The wayward cat ignored her mistress and with a dead mouse in her jaws, she raced towards Ellie's room in hopes of winning favor with the blond since she had killed the rodent that disgusted and terrified her a few weeks earlier. As Ginger neared Ellie's bed, where she hoped to deposit the bloodied corpse, Ellie jumped out of her tangled sheets with a blood-curdling scream that rang throughout the house. "!" "GINGER, LEAVE ELLIE ALONE!" Zoey demanded. "Get it out of my room! GET IT OUT!" Ellie shouted from the corner. "MOM!" Liz rushed back in with Abbey on her heels. "So that's how you get Ellie out of bed." - EW! Double EW!

"Has anyone called the Congressman to wake him up?" On the fourth floor of the Rayburn House Office Building, Michael, Jed's chief of staff, paced the lobby of the congressional office suite, holding a copy of the revised version of the radio response Jed had left on Friday night. "You think Abbey hasn't already called him three times this morning?" That was Samantha Lloyd, Jed's communications director. A few weeks into her job and she already knew the Bartlet marriage better than her male counterparts. "I think that if she hasn't, you're going to have to explain to the Majority Leader why the Congressman is still in bed." "I'll gladly shoulder that burden. Trust me, Abbey Bartlet wouldn't let her husband sleep his morning away on a day as important as this." Announcing his presence by clearing his throat, Jed said from the doorway, "And I suppose there's no chance that I woke myself up this morning, the adult that I am?" "Good morning," Michael replied. Jed gestured a greeting, then addressed Samantha. "Just so you know, I was the one who called my wife at dawn and not that it's any of your business, but so far, we've spoken once, not three times." "Is she on the plane yet?" Sami questioned, approaching him with a leather padfolio. "No." "Then there's still time." "You taking bets?" "I only take bets when there's a chance I'm wrong." "Something about that doesn't sound right to me." "It's the part about me being wrong. I never am." "That confidence of yours is grating." "So you've said, Congressman." "Hasn't made an impression, has it?" "I consider the source." Jed shrugged off that flippant response" - Hehehe.

"run-through" - Which I had to Google to learn it meant "uninterrupted rehearsal", a definition I have duly made a note of, just on the off chance it might come in useful at some future point in my newspaper copy editing career.

"What if I hate it?" "Stomp your feet and cry. So long as you read it on-air, I really don't care." "It's your warmth that led me to hire you." "Let's get to work." She led the way into the lobby. "So what happens if the president decides to trash his speech on the economy at the last minute and instead does his radio address on the significance of the White House Easter egg roll?" "He won't." "How do you know?" "Because his radio address will be about the economy. It's an important one." "Okay, so he rattles off a speech about funding the Easter egg roll. How better to screw me over than to come out as Mr. Fuzzy before I deliver a message on our stagnant economy?" "Congressman..." "I'm agreeing to the run-through. What do you want from me?" "A little good cheer wouldn't be out of line." "Okay, while I brighten your day with the gift of cheer, will you do me a favor?" "What's that?" "Keep reminding me this is important just in case my departure from common sense affects my reasoning ability in the next hour or so." "Are you going to be this much fun all day?" "Only if you're lucky." - Hehehe, this sounds as if it could have been a piece of dialogue on the RL show!

"We're not blazing new ground here," - "blazing the trail".

"The whole thing would have taken 10 minutes if Greg, the sound guy, knew what the hell he was doing!" The run-through was over and Jed had just finished taping his response to the president's radio address. He sauntered through the halls of the Capitol towards the exit. "There were some mishaps, sir," Samantha agreed, hustling down the corridor with him. "Mishaps I can handle. That guy had no idea how to work the board." "He'd never done it before." "Well, then, by all means, let his first time be on the day of my radio response. Tell me there's no vast right-wing conspiracy!" Having reached the crosswalk outside, Jed stopped until he saw a break in the traffic. "To silence you? No, there's no vast right-wing conspiracy to silence you." "How about to make me a laughingstock?" "That's entirely possible." "Have I mentioned how much I love politics?" "Not today, sir, no." Samantha flipped through the itinerary as they reached the Rayburn Building and headed towards the elevator." - Oh dear...

"All you have left before vacation is a photo-op tomorrow morning." "No way. I'll be spending tomorrow with my family. Cancel the photo op." Jed pressed the call button. "It's with the Cow Alliance." "What the hell's the Cow Alliance?" "C-O-W. Cattle Owners of Wisconsin." "What the hell do they want with me?" The duo stepped into the elevator. "Actually, nothing. They're here to meet with the Wisconsin delegation and we snagged them for a photo-op. Or, more accurately, we snagged their cow." "The real thing or are we talking acronyms again?" "The real thing." "They brought a cow on a plane?" "They drove." Sami followed Jed out of the elevator. "With a cow on a hitch?" "What do you care?" "I don't." Jed crossed the threshold into the lobby of his suite." - Oh dear...

"This is what being a legislator boils down to? Photo ops with cows?" "Well, you wouldn't have to except you have a likeability issue with the dairy farmers and I need this photo for the press release I'm sending out Monday on the farming bill you're supporting." "I don't remember agreeing to support a farming bill." "It's on your desk. It's a big enough gesture to pacify the New England dairy farmers and minor enough that it's no big deal politically. You'll read it, you'll support it, and I'll announce it on Monday." "You really like calling the shots, don't you?" "It's how I get things done. Now as for the photo, your suit might get a little soiled..." "Oh for crying out loud, if I have to tell my wife that I'm ditching her and the girls on Palm Sunday so I can suck up to a cow, she'll have my you know what in a sling." "One picture and you're done, I promise. Bring an extra suit to change into and give me 10 minutes before church." - Hehehe.

OK, the rest of my review for this chapter won't fit, so I will PM it, OK?
alix33 chapter 38 . 3/24/2010
"Mrs. Wilburforce, you make the best peanut butter cookies!" Ellie reached across the kitchen table to the plate of cookies. "Don't you dare!" Mrs. Wilburforce smacked her hand. "You've already had three." "Mom won't care." "I beg to differ. And even if she doesn't, I do. No more junk for you tonight." Ellie grudgingly pulled back. "But you always let me." "I don't let you." "Well, you don't squeal on me. Same thing." "That is not the same thing. If it is, I should right my wrong and tell your mom about all those times I looked the other way." "Okay, okay, it's not the same thing." - YOU GO, Mrs. Wilburforce!

"Are you still at the office?" "This damn speech is taking me forever!" "That's not like you." Having already changed into a pair of pajamas, Abbey slipped under the covers. "What?" "To spend so long on one speech." "I've never given a speech to a national audience before." "How quickly you forget Stockholm." "You know what I mean." - AW!

"Brittney tried to cheat off Ellie so Ellie wrote down the wrong answers and waited until Brittney handed in her paper to change them to the right answers." Jed smiled, proud of Ellie's quick thinking. "That's my girl!" - I also liked that a lot.

"You need to tell her as bad as it is now, it'll blow over after spring break." It was his turn to stop now. "Sorry, old habits die hard. You said you already took care of it?" "I did." "What did you say?" "That it'll blow over after spring break," she replied, amused. "What brilliant advice." He gave a soft laugh. "And now that I know you agree, I feel a lot better about it." - Hehehe.

I LOVED how they worked on Jed's speech together!
alix33 chapter 37 . 3/24/2010
What are patient orders? Lists to the nurses and to the medical staff of when to change or give a patient's meds and to change or do his or her dressings?

"Abbey, overhearing snippets of talk between the doctor and his male pupils, thought nothing of it at first. She continued to scribble on her chart. But when she caught a glimpse of that absentee student running toward her group moments later, she took a break from her own chore to watch and listen to what happened next. Amanda McKenzie waved a stack of papers in her hand, announcing to her peers, "I got the labs!" "The labs?" Watkins questioned. "I thought we wouldn't have those for another hour." "I rushed them along." "Whenever I try that, they kick me out. I don't know how you did it, but good job. How do they look?" "Low white blood count, high ANA. And check it out, he has a negative RA Factor." "What does that tell you? Do you think the original diagnosis was wrong?" Watkins already knew the answer to that. He was testing her." - In-te-res-ting, though I am somewhat apprehensive...

Slamming her chart closed, she approached the group. "Hi there." "Dr. Bartlet." Watkins gave her a respectful greeting. "If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to borrow one of your student doctors. I'm doing a CABG this afternoon and I could use the help." "No problem. Harrison, you're with Dr. Bartlet." "Actually, I'd prefer Amanda Watkins." Remembering the rocky incident with Abbey, Amanda immediately became suspicious. "Is this a trick?" "Yes, Amanda, you're being set up." Abbey's harmless grin gave away her sarcasm, but there was still an edge to her voice. "Dr. Watkins?" "Yeah, that's fine with me." "Good. And I'm going to assume that your remark a minute ago was just a lapse in judgment, a slip of the tongue. I'm going to assume you know that female doctors - as well as students - are good at more than just tidying up the physician's lounge." "Of course. I didn't mean..." "Don't let it happen again, all right? From now on, I expect you'll go out of your way to insure that you don't give off even the perception of impropriety." Embarrassed in front of the other students, Watkins turned three shades of red as he replied to his superior, "I will." "Good." If there was one thing Abbey wouldn't stand for, it was sexism, and that was the only explanation she could string together for Watkins's behavior in the scenario she'd just witnessed. Amanda had done all the leg work, had researched the case, and had gotten the labs that Watkins, himself, couldn't get. Hospital etiquette would ordinarily dictate she'd be the one to scrub in on the procedure. Leaving her out without reason provoked Abbey's suspicions. After all, this wasn't foreign territory to her. She had gone through that kind of discrimination as a third-year student and she wasn't about to stand by and watch another woman experience what she did, even if that other woman was someone who had assaulted her with accusations of sexism just two weeks earlier." - When Watkins said that thing a bout cleaning the lounge, I also went "WHAT?", so NICE IMO of Abbey to call him on it.

"Amanda sighed. "What?" "I didn't expect you to forgive and forget just like that." "Don't get ahead of yourself. Forgiveness I can do. But I've got a memory like an elephant." Abbey grinned. "Just ask my husband." - My memory is similar to Abbey's but I still suck totally at the forgiveness bit.

"Morgan Horse" - I had to Google Images it to know what that meant. If he looks anything like the pictures my Google search got, he is SO pretty. (BTW, is it OK to call horses pretty? Or are they handsome, rather? I know absolutely diddly about horse etiquette or protocol)

"tandem saddle" also needed to be Google Images-ed.
alix33 chapter 36 . 3/24/2010
"Liz turned the curb to pull into the parking lot at UNH, stopped the car, then noticed her mom sitting in the passenger's seat, pressing two fingers to her wrist. "What are you doing?" "Checking my pulse." "Mom." "You'll be happy to know it's returning to normal." "Admit it, I'm a better drive than you give me credit for." - Hehehe, though it should be: "better driver".

"Liz opened her door and got out of the car. She knew this rally could be hard for Abbey; she knew how much strength it took just to come. And even if she hadn't known it before, one look at Abbey's face now would have told her all that and more. "You don't have to if you don't want," she offered. "What?" "You don't have to go to this thing. It's okay. We can get back in the car and I'll take you home." "What are you talking about? I want to be here." "Are you just saying that because of me?" "No." Abbey took a beat, then added, "Well, not completely. I am here because of you. But I'm glad I'm here, and that's because of me. I want to be here." - I have never been to a Take Back The Night rally, but if I went, it would take me a couple of rallies to get into the testimonial thing too. What if you just totally start crying and stuff while you are giving (or whatever verb it is that you actually do with a testimonial, and I do not know which one it is) your testimonial? (which is probably what I would do)

"He's loopy," Liz told Abbey. "She's in denial about the fact that she thinks I'm cute," Doug countered. Liz ignored his statement and talked to her mother once again. "He's proof positive there's a clueless gene on the Y chromosome." "She came into the bakery where I work to beg me to bake a birthday cake for her little sister in under an hour. She said I was her hero." "You're such a liar! I never called you my hero!" Caught in the middle, Abbey held up her hands. "Okay, enough. I had no idea you two had such a history." "It's not something I'm proud of," Liz assured her" - Hehehe.

"If you don't mind, I need to check these people in." "I'll get out of the way, but I'll find you afterwards. I have more to say." "I'll be sure to get my hands on a pair of earplugs in the meantime." Amused, Doug roamed towards the amphitheater in the quad" - Hehehe.

"I have never seen you behave that way," Abbey whispered to her daughter. "He gets under my skin." "Then why are you blushing?" "What?" Horrified, Liz covered her cheeks with her hands. "And so was he. Now can you please explain to me what kind of flirting that was?" "MOM! It was NOT flirting!" "It was, Elizabeth. Your face is as red as my sweater." "Flirting is supposed to be sweet and kind." "Traditionally, yes. But when have you ever been traditional?" "Mom!" "Even when you were hammering him over the head, you had a big smile on your face and so did he. It confused the hell out of me." "He's disturbed." "Then why do you like him?" "I don't like him." "Baby doll, you can deny it if you want, but I know what I saw." "Are you trying to set us up or something?" "I'm doing no such thing." Abbey impishly denied her intentions. "He's a 19-year-old sophomore in college." That did it. Given his behavior, Abbey had assumed Doug was Liz's age. But now that she knew the truth, she wiped the grin off her face and in her strictest motherly tone said, "Forget I said anything. You're not allowed to talk to him ever again." - Hehehe.

"I hate going to bed," Ellie whined as she reluctantly rose to her feet. "You can hate it even in dreamland." "Don't think I won't," she grumbled on her way out of the family room." - Hehehe.

"Zoey held on to him, her upper body twisting to see in front of her as he carried her toward the stairs. Just as they approached the foyer, they heard the sound of keys jiggling the lock. With one arm around Zoey, Jed extended his other to turn the knob and help Liz and Abbey in. "Is this your idea of putting them to bed on time?" Abbey held out her hands to her youngest daughter, disapprovingly shaking her head at her husband as he transferred Zoey to her arms. "We're getting there." - AW!

"Zoey had obviously been coached Elizabeth, he guessed." - "coached by Elizabeth".

"building sand castles and burying Dad at the water's edge so he can scream that we're going to let him drown in the tide, the way he always does." Abbey looked over at Jed, chuckling. He pinched her arm." - Hehehe.

"Remember when we went to St. Armands Circle in Sarasota? Dad, you bought Mom that jade necklace she still wears. I think it's time for an upgrade." "I think it's time for a muzzle," he said. "Grow some patience, Dad," Liz teased in a similar tone." - Hehehe.

"We have a whole week of hikes and bike rides and sight-seeing planned." - "sightseeing" is one word.

"By the way, this is what I was talking about before, in the orchard. You spoil them rotten, and not just Zoey, all of them." "Guilty as charged." Jed did spoil them. He wanted them to have the childhood he didn't, to never spend a moment of their young lives feeling sad. "They're going to think they can run every vacation from now on." "They do that anyway. And don't you dare sound all accusatory," he said. "You were an accessory to this crime." "Yeah, we need to reassess this good-cop-bad-cop thing. I'd like to be the hero for once." "Okay. I'll go up there and tell them the deal's off and you can come in after a few minutes and save the day." "I don't want to play mind games." "Well then, screw this time. Next time, I'll be the ogre who puts them in time-out and you come in and offer them candy." "Jed." She was less than impressed with that arrangement as well. "What do you want from me?" "Nothing." She smiled." - Hehehe.
alix33 chapter 35 . 3/24/2010
"She glanced over at him and this time, she really saw him, the concerned expression on his face and the strange red mark on his cheek. It startled her. "Did I do that?" "It's no big deal." Straddling him now, she stroked then kissed the bruise she'd left when she slapped him while she was still asleep. "Oh, honey, I'm so sorry." "Forget it," he told her with a tender tone of forgiveness. "But, if you're giving away free kisses, I also hurt here..." he pointed to his other cheek. "...and here..." then to his forehead. "...and especially here..." and finally, to his lips. "Who says you're not an opportunist?" Abbey kissed him in all those places" - AW!

"He circled his hand around the thick strip of hair hanging from the back of her head and yanked. "Look at you, you're Sandra Dee. A brunette Sandra Dee, but Sandra Dee no less." "Jed?" "Yeah?" "I assume that when you return to Washington, you'd like to have your fingers with you?" Still staring into the mirror, she raised her brow at him. "Let go of my ponytail." "You never let me have any fun!" He swatted at the dangling locks before he moved to the closet." - That in joke was cute, thanks.

"No tea parties today?" "We just finished and I'll have you know, Miss Wiseass, it was quite a nice gathering. Ken and Barbie were model guests and Zoey, as always, was a gracious hostess." Abbey loved watching her daughters engage her husband in activities he would have considered girly before they were born." - Hehehe.

"I'll be waiting here with a bubble bath when you return." "Will you be waiting in it?" she flirted. "Maybe." - Hehehe.
alix33 chapter 34 . 3/24/2010
"It was parent's night at Manchester Elementary." - "parents' night".

"Believe me, the first time you perform a 14-hour operation without so much as a restroom break, you'll find that knowing things about your patient besides the location of his or her injury is what keeps you going. That's what keeps you glued to the table even if your shift is over, it's what eases your guilt about coming in on the holidays and missing important family engagements, it's what pushes you over the hump and forces you to go above and beyond the call of duty if you think that's what will save their life. That's what makes you a good doctor. Until you've wobbled your way far enough into your education to understand what I'm saying, why don't you stand back and use your two years of med school to try to learn a little something?" And the room went silent. Dr. Bartlet was known for being tough when she had to be, but she never before had to be with a student. As a teacher, interns and residents looked up to her, medical students were eager to learn from her. Never had anyone below senior resident flamed her temper the way Amanda did and never had she reacted in the hostile way she had this time." - Stuff medical student Amanda! I LOVED this side of Abbey!

"What's this?" Back at the science fair, Jed examined a potted plant at a station adjacent to Ellie's. "It's a plant," Liz informed him. Jed paused for a beat to absorb the obvious answer, then replied sarcastically, "Who says you're not good at science? Did you hear that Zoey? Lizzie, all by herself, figured out that the green leafy thing is indeed a plant. I bet she could give Mr. Wizard a run for his money. What do you think?" Liz tilted her head and rolled her eyes. "Why do you always pick on me?" "Because, Lizzie Lou, you're fun to pick on." He tugged on her arm hard enough to make her laugh." - Hehehe.

"Why did you need luck in Sweden anyway?" "My shoes were slippery and I was worried about taking a header right off the stage and into the King's lap." "Oh man, I wish that had happened!" Liz teased with a laugh." - I also wish it had happened, but to that vile Yosh What's-his-name who shhared Jed's Nobel Prize.

"She started to run when she was half-way there." - "halfway" is one word.

"I was accused of sexism today." "And what did you do to that stud of a male nurse?" "I'm serious." Jed couldn't believe his ears. He was frozen to his spot, stunned. "What? Who the hell accused you of sexism?" "This female med student...the one who called to tell you I was in surgery. She did call, didn't she?" "Yeah, just as we were walking out the door." - Abbey works with studly male nurses? So how come you have never described any of them to us readers and reviewers?

"You're mom's right," Jed agreed." - "Your mom's right," Jed agreed."

"He kissed her then. One kiss led to another and soon, they were caught in a fierce liplock by their daughters. "Are we gonna play or are you guys gonna make out?" "Silly little Lizzie, we can do both." Jed looked over at Abbey. "She must not realize that you and I are making out even when we're not physically making out." - Hehehe.
alix33 chapter 33 . 3/24/2010
"It makes me think she has a conscious after all." - "has a conscience".

"From across the table, Jed barged in to that exchange. "By the way, Lizzie, your mom told you I picked out that dress, right?" "Lying to your child is a sin, Bartlet." Cocking a brow at her husband," - Hehehe.

"Spoil sport," he grinned." - "Spoilsport" is one word.

"I can't find my keys. Liz?" Abbey rummaged through her leather tote purse in the parking lot after dinner. "I gave them to you as soon as I parked the car, remember?" "Are you sure you gave them to me?" "Yes, Mom. I saw you put them in your purse." "Well, they're not here now." "Like you'd ever be able to tell with all the crap you have in there." Jed often teased Abbey about how much stuff she lugged around with her. She called it being organized. He called it being obsessive-compulsive. "Tell me something, why do you have three different kinds of band-aids?" Abbey smacked his hand. "Leave them in there!" "You want to find your keys or not?" - Hehehe.

"Chevy Cavalier sedan." - Which I had to Google to know what it looked like. Question: How do you park that thing or even just get it into a garage or a carport (or worse, back it out of any of those places) without bumping its sticky-out trunk on anything? I learnt to drive driving the driving instructor's little hatchback and my own car is also a little hatchback (like in this picture, except mine is white, not yellow: http-colon-double-slash-en-dot-wikipedia-dot-org-slash-wiki-slash-Daihatsu-underscore-Mira).

"Let's go home," she said. "Now?" "When?" "I don't know, I was hoping we could wait until Lizzie's off the road." He smirked at her," - Hehehe.

"In a year, I'm going to be the mother of an adult." "I'll be the father of one." "Yeah, but men sound accomplished and distinguished when they talk about their adult children. Women just sound old and washed up." Abbey climbed into the passenger's side as Jed took the driver's seat. "No one would dare to call you old or washed up, Sweet Knees. And if they did, you send them my way and I'll set them straight." "How do you plan to do that?" "Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'll pull out some of those boudoir photos you had done for me last Christmas." He laughed when Abbey punched him in the arm." - Hehehe.
alix33 chapter 32 . 3/24/2010
"and stomach aches her friends got away with only landed Liz in trouble for lying."' - "stomachaches" is one word.

"the anticipation of something is worse than the real thing." - True.

"Mom's know all." - "Moms know all."

"Missing your test doesn't mean you're out of the woods," Abbey assured her. "I'm perfectly capable of ruining your weekend by administering a Biology test over the material you were expected to learn and believe me, my test won't be nearly as elementary as your teacher's is likely to be." Jed chuckled on the line. "I'd take her seriously, Lizzie. The last thing you want to do is take a Dr. Bartlet Biology test." - Hehehe.
alix33 chapter 31 . 3/24/2010
"He picked up the phone and dialed. At the farmhouse, Zoey wriggled from her mother's arms as Abbey tried to dry her off. She sprinted, wet and naked, towards the half-moon console in the hall to answer the phone. "Daddy?" Jed chuckled at her enthusiasm. "Now why is it that whenever I call, you're the one who comes running to the phone?" "I love you more than Ellie and Lizzie," Zoey offered. He laughed even harder when he heard Abbey in the background. "ZOEY! Get back here!" "Daddy's on the phone!" Abbey walked up behind her youngest daughter to wrap her up in the towel." - Hehehe, I can safely say that not even at age five were I ever so eager to talk to anybody on the phone that I would run right out of my bath towel to do it.
alix33 chapter 30 . 3/24/2010
"Jed clumsily reached for the phone. He squinted against the cobwebs in his eyes to get a look at the time as he pulled the receiver up to his ear. "It's 6:58," he said. "I have two minutes of sleep left." "Awfully late start for you." Abbey sipped her steaming cup of coffee and took a seat at the kitchen table. "It wouldn't have been if some playful little vixen hadn't kept me up half the night. How the hell are you so cheery anyway?" "One o'clock is not half the night." Jed collapsed back under his pillow. "We hung up at one. Doesn't mean I went to bed at one." "No?" She grinned, remembering the torturously erotic conversation they'd had. It had led to a game of sexual innuendo over the phone and after they hung up, she too had trouble winding down. "Get that smirk off your face!" "Just as soon as you sit up." "How'd you know I laid back down?" "The same way you knew it was me calling." "That's not fair, I know your ring." "Yeah, yeah." She liked it when he said that." - Hehehe.

"Guess what I'm looking at?" "What?" "A GQ article dubbed 'The Men of the House: An exclusive look at the newest members of the House of Representatives.'" "How'd you get your hands on it already?" "I got up early and went to the newsstand. Did you think I was going to wait until after work to get a peek at my handsome devil of a husband in action?" She couldn't peel her eyes off the photograph of Jed behind his congressional desk, signing his name on a bill. "Legislating makes you even hotter, you know that?" "Are you trying to flatter me, Dr. Bartlet?" "I don't need to flatter you. I've already got you." "So the wooing phase is over?" "It has been for a long time, pumpkin." - Hehehe.

"Why aren't there any women?" "Where?" "In the article." "It's Gentlemen's Quarterly." "Still, they could have sacrificed a page. There were no women elected this year?" "Not many. The few who were, were incumbents." "What's wrong with this country? Women make up the majority of the population. Is it too much to ask that they comprise five percent of the government?" "Of course not." "It's a sad commentary on democracy." - I agree with Abbey.

"Mom, what time will Mrs. Wilburforce be here?" "In a half hour. I want all three of you ready for school when she gets here." "Is she taking us to school?" "She's taking Zoey. You and Ellie are riding with me." Jed threw his covers aside, the four-way conversation finally waking him up. "You're sure she's a good driver?" "She has a license," Abbey told him. "So does Lizzie." "Ha ha, Dad. You're not funny." "I'm a riot. Just ask my colleagues. I'm funnier than all of them combined." "Yeah, but how high is that bar?" "Watch it, smartass." Abbey sneered, "See, Jed, now she's going to spend the afternoon throwing darts at your magazine." - Hehehe.

"So Liz tried to lure it out from its cubby hole while I stood ready to scoop it up." - "cubbyhole" is one word.

"Who said I wasn't going to give her a chance?" "You have that sound in your voice." He furrowed his brows. "You know me too well. It's scary now." "Only to you." - Hehehe.
alix33 chapter 29 . 3/24/2010
"He's a good looking fellow." - "good-looking" gets hyphenated.

"You've always been the maternal type, Elizabeth. You're the only person I've ever known who made her parents buy a car seat for her dolls." Liz chuckled. "I remember that." "I do too. You wouldn't let anyone start driving until they were strapped in nice and safe." - Hehehe, when I was little, seat belts or car seats in the back seat for kids were not yet a mandatory thing in South Africa, so me and Louisa (my doll I have had since I was about a years old) just bounced along together in the back seat!

"we don't take each others things," - "each other's things".

"Did you apologize to Lizzie?" Ellie nodded. "She's still mad at me." "She's going to be mad for a while." "I suppose I should get used to the silent treatment. She called me a traitor for hiding in her closet with Zoey and said she wasn't going to talk to me anymore." "She'll come around." "Be patient, Ellie," James told her. "It may take a while if she's anything like her mother. Abigail once got mad at your Aunt Kate and didn't speak to her for a solid month." Ellie dropped her jaw and turned to her mother. "What did she do?" "I don't know, probably broke into my room like you and Zoey did." "So that's where we get it from! I don't think it's right that we should be grounded when snooping is in our genes." "Nice try, smarty pants." Abbey glared at her father. "What did I say about charming the girls with stories of my youth?" - Hehehe.

"You're just lucky we haven't gotten to the saga of the teenage years yet." Her face lit with enthusiasm, Ellie replied, "I wanna hear!" "Aren't you in enough trouble?" Abbey asked pointedly." - Hehehe.
alix33 chapter 28 . 3/24/2010
"Both dressed in blue jeans, boots, and sweatshirts - hers a crimson Harvard and his a gray Notre Dame" - AW, I LOVE their outfits.

"spying on her husband as he wandered over to a small wooden picnic table and unzipped his backpack, pulling out a couple of aluminum-wrapped sandwiches, two containers of fruit salad, and two juice boxes. "Breakfast?" she asked, sitting down on the bench across from him. "You're the one who said we don't picnic anymore. If the ground wasn't still saturated, I would have brought a blanket." "I don't need a blanket." Abbey took a sandwich. "What did you make?" "Feta cheese sandwiches tucked into those pita pockets you like so much." She pinched the bread to look inside. "Cucumbers and everything. You've come around." "I'm trying," he said. "It's an acquired taste." "Where did you get all this? I didn't see you buying cheese when we went into town for groceries last night." "That's because you weren't paying attention." - I LIKE this Jed/Abbey interaction.
alix33 chapter 27 . 3/24/2010
"How'd you sleep?" "I would have slept better if you and Grandma had let me stay up to watch the Tiffany concert last night." Over at the stove, Mary scoffed, "You had about as much chance of that as you did of asking for maple sugar candy for breakfast." Ellie started on her way to the stove to help her grandmother with breakfast. "I thought grandparents were supposed to spoil their grandkids." "Boy, someone led you astray." Mary handed the ten-year-old a bowl." - Listening to Mary there, one can IMO tell where Abbey got her ability and/ capacity for sass from.

"That's an old wives tale." - "old wives' tale" gets an apostrophe.
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