Reviews for Field of Foxgloves
girl with nose glued in a book chapter 1 . 2/5/2008
wow. this is a great story. i am a big fan of Watership Down, and i didn't think i would like any fanfics about it, but i was wrong. you use the lapine language very well and i love the name Inlethlay. your style is good cuz you get right to the point without leaving stuff out or having all the useless fluff i tend to end up with. Do keep writing!
Crepe Marshall chapter 2 . 10/3/2007
This is a really good (beginning of a) story to explain why Woundwort is so evil. If this wasn't on I might think that Richard Adams himself had written it.
darkfire chapter 2 . 9/28/2007
awesome! lol i feel sorry for woundwort now. feel guilty 2 i laughed when the dog killed him in the book :S lol
Loganberry chapter 1 . 8/17/2007
This isn't at all bad, for a first story in particular. It's got a solid, coherent narrative and the characters are believable. It integrates the previously known rabbit (ie Woundwort) well with the new rabbits. I can see skywalker05's point about the words not flowing quite as well as they might, but then that's something that tends to come with experience, so is not something to worry about too much just yet.

Minor problems: Inléthlay would have an accent on the E, like so. Also, Richard Adams always uses "kittens", not "kits" for young rabbits. "Skip laurel" is an American name; "cherry laurel" or just plain "laurel" would be better for an English setting. Finally, it's "ni-Frith", not "Ni-Frith". Hey, I said they were minor problems! :P

Having Teasel laugh I'll deal with separately, since it's controversial. In WD itself, laughing is something unknown to Hazel's rabbits, which is why they're alarmed when Cowslip does it. Having said that, there is lapine laughter in TfWD, so it's not entirely certain.
Disoriented11 chapter 2 . 8/2/2007
Good! it all happened rather fast in my opion but really it makes Woundwart's past so much more real.
hopedream10 chapter 1 . 6/2/2007
Great story, I'm so glad someone decided to do a story on General Woundwort, I always thought he was an interesting character.
JedimasterSheelal chapter 1 . 5/9/2007
This was good. The last part set up the next chapter in a way that my ending didn't. I'm really excited to see what happens to the bunnies!
skywalker05 chapter 1 . 5/9/2007
Good expansion on the story. Your prose is fine, without grammar troubles etc. The characters seem consistant. My only complaint would be that you seem to lay the rabbit characteristics and made-up words (Adams' rabbitspeak, "silflay" for example) on a little heavy; the words don't integrate as well as Adams' did. Hope that helps and isn't too vague; perhaps one or both of us going back to Watership Down will help my review.