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Basil-Duuuval chapter 40 . 11/6
Wow. This was incredible. I read straight thru - I could not put it down. I found the ending a little bitter sweet - but am thankful for the open endedness of the last few paragraphs. I can dream that Tom became immortal, unable to abandon Harry in the end. Kudos and thanks for sharing this with us. ️️️
Tony Moonstone chapter 40 . 11/6
You know, it's interesting.
I don't read many Harry/Voldemort pairings so I was genuinely surprised when I bookmarked this story months ago and rather enjoyed myself.
It was different seeing Harry as Dark, a vampire and lover to the Dark Lord, and a Dark Lord himself at the same time.
That spell that Dumbledore used on Harry was brutal.
McGonagall betraying Dumbledore was shocking and totally unexpected.
Overall, a great story.
Thanks for writing it.
Take care and be well!
Basil-Duuuval chapter 19 . 11/5
Oh, my heart. Dante's words, his feelings, his description of Harry … just … **chef's kiss** I'm having all the feelings reading this story. All of them. *sighs* ️️️️
Tony Moonstone chapter 4 . 11/2
It's been awhile since I've read an Harry Potter is an ally to Lord Voldemort story.
Even rarer still to have Harry as a vampire as well.
So far the story is intriguing.
Onward I read.
Take care and be well.
l30rusty chapter 33 . 9/30
I don't see how a plate would work the killing curse would blast straight through it otherwise all wizards would wear thin plate armor and be invincible in battles
l30rusty chapter 34 . 9/30
I'm so confused what the hell happened?
maiqsmail chapter 40 . 9/8
What in the god damn fuck. Accidentally somehow moved to chapter 40 after chapter 5 and thought it is some alternate ending or something. That's a mother of all spoilers.
Guest chapter 16 . 7/18
I love how daun is just laughing at Harry’s expense- I also love how you’ve described a crush… (really I have no clue but I find all the ridiculous stuttering towards your crush ridiculous like seriously it shouldn’t be that hard to walk up and say hello …. It’s a embarrassing b stupid and c this is my opinion don’t come at me I may have had a crush at one point but I never stuttered around them but I’m not sure now I may have been more into his gf then him- sorry not sorry however I don’t know if they broke up or no because I was around for one year and during that period they seemed happy so I made a rule for myself never break up a happy relationship for your own resoans it’s not happy if a partner is oblivious to actual cheating- but like a regular happy built relationship is hard as hell to make so seeing them genuinely happy made me happy or content enough to squash it down but even now I question if it was even a crush because I managed to get over it in one day or something similar and ignore it if it lingerd I wasn’t particularly close even though I know we talked a good bit- it was nice I never really got that close with him though and didn’t try to I valued my friendship with both him and his bf and as such didn’t want or desire any harm towards them I left it alone for over it I know I’ve had less crushed more infatuation or obsessions over characters so no crushes and I honestly don’t care much in the romance department happily declaring myself to those who ask a single Pringle because I enjoy the fact that this comes with a freedom that dating sometimes takes from you not saying it’s bad I just have my own rule sets for it before I consider it really a priority which I haven’t and don’t care to as of yet but I really hope yo keep my rule unbroken that doesn’t mean I don’t tolerate friendly flirting just as long as it’s just that friendly flirting not serious just there.)
Guest chapter 11 . 7/18
Ron’s and hermonies perspective is nice I really wish they would stay with Harry through this but…. The points have been made they probably won’t… however I love the mention of Ron’s strategic mind.
Guest chapter 40 . 4/22
Enjoyed the story
Rm22 chapter 40 . 4/17
doublerk chapter 40 . 4/16
One hell of a ride indeed. I highly recommend this story to all so well done
doublerk chapter 35 . 4/16
Love the professor plot twist. Didn’t see that coming even a little! And I haven’t seen it done before either. I love it
Guest chapter 38 . 1/14
we have the same birth day
Alexandrix chapter 40 . 1/6
The story has taken me on a whirlwind of emotions. I have felt grief. I have felt love. I have felt anger. I have felt betrayal. I felt every emotion I believe a human could even conceive and then some. I highly recommend this work of art to anybody that is reading this review. I will certainly be coming back to it to reread it. It has left me speechless. truly. Well done
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