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Bele chapter 40 . 6/30
Brilliant amazing grandiose story! loved it very much! thank you very much for sharing!
swethapirathiviraj chapter 40 . 6/29
This story, by far, is one of the best I've read in my travels through the jungle that is Harry Potter fanfiction. You're writing style is amazingly wonderful and is somehow concise but draws out the plot. I wish I knew how to write like that.
I know this story is long done, and you've likely moved on to other things. But I hope you keep writing, wherever you are in your life. You're really, truly talented, and talent like this shouldn't be wasted.
I am exceptionally grateful to have found this story.
Guest chapter 34 . 6/18
Ki chapter 40 . 6/15
Tom says he is ephemeral...but I don't think their relationship is. It's more like the one dante had with Ann...I think. Hopefully Harry will figure something out?
Ki chapter 40 . 6/15
Tom doesn't want immortality? :(
Why not? Vampires can die. They can be killed anytime they wish. He can stay with Harry longer.
Ki chapter 40 . 6/15
"I'll not stay where I'm not welcome. I suppose I was just feeling nostalgic."

How can Harry be so selfish? He leaves for 30 years, doesn't even apologize, and Tom has to be the one to beg him to stay?
Ki chapter 40 . 6/15
"If you take even one step, Harry Potter, I will track you down no matter what realm you escape to and flay you alive!"

Does Harry have any idea how lucky he is? That Tom still loved and wanted him after 30 YEARS. that he still missed him; was true to him? was willing to fight for him despite Harry's stupidity? Can he imagine any other lover that would? Hell Ginny wouldn't have waited 3 months.
Ki chapter 39 . 6/15
Coward Harry. Tsk tsk. Communicate!
Ki chapter 39 . 6/15
But Harry had seen the brief, consternated widening of eyes, the way Tom had tensed before forcibly relaxing himself. And that was all the confession Harry needed."

Harry can in fact read him well sometimes. Why the doubt then?
Ki chapter 36 . 6/15
"You will not stay in your delusions of detachment, and you will not continue to deny him."

He's never actually denied harry...never denied him affection or otherwise. If anything I think Harry is a bit in denial of the depths of voldemorts feelings. He keeps saying this means nothing to voldemort and denying what's clear by his actions.
Ki chapter 36 . 6/15
"She loved him, unconditionally."

Well yeah. But so did Sirius, and James too I beleive even if they are angry at him and no saying it right now.
Ki chapter 36 . 6/15
Then why in the hell did you call me by his name?!"

It was a simple mistake. People call their loved ones by other names all the time (parents mixing up siblings for example). And sirius' mind wasn't the best. Harry is blaming sirius for every little thing and taking no blame for himself. He was responsible in a big way for sirius' death, due to stupidity and arrogance. (Jk Rowling couldnt have made it clearer the way she wrote that sequence of events) but of course sirius would never blame him.
Ki chapter 34 . 6/15
There will never be another for me, Lily. Never."

Pity lily didnt feel this way for James, or that it took her so long to realize that. Severus really deserved better than her, I always felt.
Ki chapter 34 . 6/15
He needed to get over whatever weird stage he was going through, defeat Voldemort, have three perfect children whom he would love unconditionally with his beautiful wife. It was what was expected of him, it was what he expected of himself"

This is heartbreaking. And possibly similar to what he felt in the books. He should want more than just "a beautiful wife". No wonder he was unhappy.
Ki chapter 34 . 6/15
and raise a brow. "When are you going to let it go, Malfoy? I'm sorry, alright? I've said it a million times, what more do you want from me?"

If Harry thinks he has something to apologize for in regards to draco's death, how dare he speak like this? Like saying sorry a few times makes it ok? Of course dark harry comes out next
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