Reviews for Returning Echoes
otakuandtofu chapter 37 . 8/13/2014
I've read all of your fanfics so far and I find them really great! I'd like to know when the next chapter will come out because I've gotten caught up in the story.
Botan04 chapter 37 . 8/2/2014
I literally spent a whole day reading what you have had so far XD. It's an amazing story that is very enjoyable to read. Is there any chance that you might continue? Or maybe tell us when you might have a chance to update? I know life gets in the way most of the time and that takes priority over everything, but please don't forget about your reviewers and the other stories that you have left behind! It would be great to have this story finished one day and I look forward to it :)
Sad Face chapter 37 . 7/28/2014
I'm sad that this story has stopped for now and I often re-read in hopes that it will continue someday in the future. Though I understand if you've moved on to bigger, better, and more exciting aspects of life other than writing this because to be honest there are a lot of things.
briskd chapter 3 . 7/30/2014
Sweet sweet, still family fluff *Swoons*
briskd chapter 1 . 7/30/2014
Sweet Family Fluff...
KoreanMusicFan chapter 37 . 7/7/2014
please don't abandon this story! I love it!
Elliel Hime chapter 37 . 7/5/2014
Hello. What's up with you? You're fic is awesome. So. If you can. Please. Please. Continue! I love the monster...
Guest chapter 37 . 7/3/2014
It is a shame that you have stopped updating this story and I do not want to push the matter on you of continuing this story anytime soon. However I really do wish that you find it in your heart (If you aren't dead) to continue this story for the sake of me and my fellow readers. In my honest opinion I love your story and it is truly a tradegy that there isn't more of it to read.
Victini1412 chapter 37 . 6/21/2014
Please post the next chapter! I absolutely love this story. I would hate to see it not completed. So please post the next chapter!
lexica1999 chapter 9 . 6/13/2014
My love for this story burns with the intensity of 1000 suns. If I don't know what happens next I will unleash my love upon this planet potentially destroying it. Unless you want to cause the apocalypse you're gonna have to update!
RapidWaters chapter 37 . 6/11/2014
I know it's been five something years are you probably don't even remember this story blah blah blah...
But I'm begging you, please, please consider updating and finishing this! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please!
Currently Blank chapter 1 . 5/10/2014
This is by fay my favorite femEd story! I know that its probably unlikely, but I really wish that you would continue this story:D
ryeonixg chapter 33 . 5/7/2014
Awwwwww! They miss each other. And I love the growing love!
Guest chapter 37 . 4/21/2014
If you dont finish this amazing story when i'll die i'll come and haunt you for the next chapters. Jusy like Mrs. Curtis.
lexica1999 chapter 9 . 4/19/2014
This is my absolutely favorite fan fiction of all time and you have inspired me to write one myself I never really saw myself liking fanfictions (please don't kill me) but this has broadened my horizen I really hope you update because this is phenomenal and if you don't I will forever be wondering what happened next
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