Reviews for According to plan
Traitor of All Traitors chapter 1 . 1/7/2014
Out of most interpretations, Yui isn't the best example of a woman, mother or human being. She abandoned her son, her responsibility, her family, and never came back, never attempted to make amends, not even to save her son from the cruelty he'd been afflicted with for years since he was abandoned. You should read My Special Keeper, A Maddening Cause and A New Cause, where Yui is depicted in every sense of the words 'failure' and 'disgrace'. In My Special Keeper, she has to accept that she has harmed people, family and friends alike, and must pay the price for her neglect and absence. And in A Maddening and New Cause, she fails to reach out to her son and must come to accept that he has gone down a dark road that she won't tread down, and when he comes back with a new purpose that isn't tied to the Eva, you'll think that Hell has broken loose and people allover are paying the price for what they did to Shinji, who becomes a grim reaper of sorts.
Himonky chapter 1 . 5/11/2007
I'd agree with 'Oo' for the most part. Still, good.

Might be a bit OOC, but I don't have a problem with it in something like this. Wanting to show reverse sides to characters is ok sometimes and exaggeration can be used to do this. As long as you know that she probably wouldn't be quite like this in canon. Doing something like this makes a statement, saying that perhaps people do over-saintify her, which could easily result in creating a card-board-cut-out. This is to be discouraged.

I would discourage a longer fic though. Not only does this work well alone, but the OOC would become less enjoyable. It sticks well on its own with a 'Oo' effect.

I've always supported the thought that Yui was a saint because she's dead. Maybe it's just me, but one of the vibes I got from Eva was most of the good people had died and only a few remained. Seeing her different like this is interesting, if not necessary IC.

Worth the read for the 'Oo' effect and an alternate take on a smaller character.

EvSoc Reviewer: Himonky
Eric Blair chapter 1 . 5/11/2007
I just...


Yeah, I got blindsided, I never expected you to deliver such a...lilith like yui...

I remember when I went down the venue I asked myself the same question...Why do we make Yui a saint? is it to offset the nature of Lilith? she's no mother of humanity, that's eve...if anything Lilith would be the mother of the Angels (Not the toga wearing sissies, the EVa ones), after all She was cursed to give birth to 10 demons daily.

So yeah, I can see where you come from, I love what you did...

An excelent story, really...

but still...

Merridian chapter 1 . 5/11/2007
Actually, I like it.

Yes, it should probably have been longer, and the overall feel makes it look like it should probably have been at the end of a major story, so it fits in context with a whole. This is sort of just thrown out there.

But regardless. This still stands as pretty impressive. Granted, I didn't think she'd have come off quite this sinister, but I have thought that she was a little off her rocker when it came to deciding the fate of mankind. The whole Project E thing isn't exactly something a sane person would come up with.

Good job.
Fifth Horseman chapter 1 . 5/11/2007
Yui may not be a saint, but what littel is none of her from the series suggest that she was nowhere near what you have portrayed eiter.

This is like an opposite image, like the negative from a photograph.
Dartz-IRL chapter 1 . 5/11/2007
Mechanically, you'r writing's fine, I've got no complaints about that, it's the way you've characterised Yui.

It 'is' possible, but extremely unlikely. All evidence points towards her being quite loving and caring towards Shinji, and it is suggested that this is why she actually entered Unit 01.

But still... Power corrupts... maybe absolute power currupts absolutely..
LionHeart1080 chapter 1 . 5/10/2007
Yui's saintliness can certainly be questioned but I certainly wouldn't peg her as the complete psychopath you've portrayed her as here.