Reviews for The Real Ending to the Little Mermaid 2
Dassa chapter 16 . 4/10/2014
A exalant story but it makes you think that melody and Darin are little kids
katie chapter 16 . 11/10/2013
I think chapter 15 was quite disturbing when they were removing the sea shell bra and also the boy what he was doing with melody . But however I think it was a good story but next time don't add any disturbing parts.
BellaMarieSwanCullen97 chapter 16 . 10/20/2011
This was good
aimlessemilie chapter 16 . 9/12/2010
Jenelle14 chapter 15 . 6/3/2010
Watch your grammar. Also,

"Darin walked into the throne room to see Melody already there. So he swam down to her and took her hand as they faced King Triton."

Walked and swam are my little issues here.

It should be:

"Darin swam into the throne room..."

I'm just trying to help.
Jenelle14 chapter 3 . 6/3/2010
Please! Don't rush!

You need to add detail and some emotion.
Jenelle14 chapter 2 . 6/3/2010
Please, please, please, Carly! Your story would be good if you Don't Rush!

Jenelle14 chapter 1 . 6/3/2010
Whenever somebody talks, a new line. For example

Wrong: "Hi." The girl laughed. "I'm Morgan." "Chase." The boy replied.

Right: "Hi." The girl laughed. "I'm Morgan."

"Chase." The boy replied.
Hersheygirl102 chapter 16 . 9/5/2009
i lued it
Sea's child chapter 16 . 7/14/2009
Great story story. You just need to work on grammar. Is there going to be a sequel?
Sorceress of Magic chapter 16 . 2/19/2009
awe that was so cute!
N0L0NG3R1NU53 chapter 2 . 11/19/2008
I like the story . . . but it need more commas.
Celeste-poet chapter 16 . 11/13/2008
Gotta work on your grammar. Would have been an interesting story, but it was really short. Grammar mainly distracted me though.
FireChildSlytherin5 chapter 16 . 11/7/2008
Interesting story. Short but sweet.
moviefan-92 chapter 16 . 10/5/2008
A nice sweet story, but it seemed a little rushed. Slow down a bit, and show more reactions and emotions from the characters. Just a writing tip. But I enjoyed the story all the same.
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