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JGM16 chapter 21 . 9/6
Wow, in the original, Luke did it to himself, and in here, everyone but Mieu and Ion was a dick
Angel's Angel chapter 86 . 5/24
I just got back to this story again... after a few years for not checking in... and damn it I just cried buckets from the previous chapters where Luke almost died! I pity the now sensitive skin around my nose

Still, it's been such a long time since I read this and now it's over *cries in the corner*
But now everyone's happy and that's all I ever wanted in a story

Thank you for writing this!
Saikuron no Senkai chapter 86 . 5/19
This is, I'm being completely honest here, one of the best reads I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. This was well written at the start, kinda went downhill round chapter 40 in grammar, but still enjoyable. I love the entire fic, and I hope you write more in the future.

-The Whirling Cyclone
EdgySzay chapter 86 . 4/12
My god, this was a fantastically swell and amazing ride, I'm glad and honoured to have been able to read this magnificent piece of work you've made in all of its complete glory! Truly, the amount of work and dedication you, your betas, and the people who followed and reviewed you to help fuel your ambition in completing this journey of a story from a completely new take based off of on the Tales of the Abyss game was remarkable! I'm sure I've learned if not twice the amount of wisdom I'd care to admit within my sixteen years of a life time from having read this story! Quite the vivid imagery of emotions and action you've made, I was completely immersed in the entire thing that I felt what the characters felt. The journey the bunch of them made, the losses, the gains, the friends, the experiences they all share, they make me feel jealous for not having either of them. Our world today bound with things of success and glory, not one really cares anymore for the state of the world, the peril we all had dug our own grave into, through the little things and every action we've done, blaming it upon something else as an easy way of escaping responsibility, guilt, and regret... Such beautiful journeys does not seem to exist at all for the common people. Either way, enough of me rambling! Thank you, very, very, much! For this wonderfully epic journey that his lifted and pulled my spirits up and ending it on a bright and enlightening note :)! You've made my week reading this from beginning to end! Thank you so much again! I really, truly can't thank you enough :)!
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 37 . 3/26
["Where's Natalia?"]

I'm glad Guy made up with everyone and told the complete truth! :D
Guest chapter 83 . 2/26
SukiMiso chapter 86 . 9/14/2014
Amazing story! Great work!
sadisticnihil chapter 86 . 9/12/2014
I can't even type right now i'm just so emotional. I didn't have a clue what I was getting into when I started this beautiful story. I can't thank you enough. It's truly made me so happy reading this story all the way. I devoured every chapter with love and I can only imagine the hard work you put into this masterpiece.
Words are not enough to express my thanks. Thank you so much.
Ahhhhh i'm gonna cry that was so perfect (ó﹏ò。)
I- I- I REALLY LOVED READING THIS ! THANK YOU! i'm going to stop typing now before I embarrass myself further, you wonderful, wonderful person, you. Thank you for this fantastic adventure. I won't ever forget it! Ahhhh I wish the game had been like this so perfect THANK YOU!
Kanon58 chapter 7 . 9/9/2014
awesome switch and yes asch would have punched you.
Kanon58 chapter 4 . 9/8/2014
Locket of his little it Luke himself or Asch ? 83
Kanon58 chapter 2 . 9/8/2014
Luke turned into a shooting star rip
CrazyCartoonistOtaku chapter 86 . 8/10/2014
Oh my gods I've literally spent the past week obsessed with reading this fanfiction and I've finally finished it! Aside from the "what-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-my-life-now" emptiness I feel at something so amazingly beautiful and touching, a MASTERPIECE in shot, had ended, I have to tell you I am beyond blown away by this story. It's so powerful and emotional and I can promise you that the number of tears I've shed while reading this was no laughing matter. I swear I lost a good fraction of my body's total liquid composition. And to think you were able to keep everyone from being OOC, except a little on Asch but that was totally understandable for this story, as well as keep so many accurate details of the original game inside while also weaving together a new story within it, while also keeping it realistic and believable, like how you drew the emotional aspect of human nature so well, as well as the fragile life-and-death concept. By not letting everyone live in the stereotypical happy ending, you've turned that concept into a beautiful arte itself. I must say this story has motivated me to live my life to the fullest as well. To love myself and everyone else more. Sorry if this sounds cheesy, but I really am moved to no end. It is extremely obvious that a lot of hard work and careful thought was put into writing this and as an amateur writer myself I have to say I admire you so much. With this one story alone, you've become one of my role models. I really hope I'll be able to work hard enough and do as well as you did. Thank you so much for writing one of the best Fanfictions I've ever read in my entire life, and I've read a fair lot. I love this story so much and I will be re-reading it as many times as possible when I have the chance. I'm not letting go of this one.
Kanojo wa Rinko chapter 86 . 7/29/2014
I first stumbled upon this on TVTropes on recommended fics. Although I only read for the KHR! fandom, this fanfic had spurred my interest so I read this. It took me two days and it had been a wonderful journey.

The characters seemed so real and at times I would tear up at the most emotional moments of the story, such as Luke being blamed by the whole group without being able to defend himself. The entire fear of being rejected had weighed heavily on me at the same time as I watched him tremble in fear and cry in the darkness. The connection felt very real, and you did a amazing job at that!

I also loved the twists you had used to get to similar outcomes but still different in their own ways. Throughout this whole fic, I wondered if you would give a happy ending, and a happy ending you really gave because the original ending had one surviving. I also kept imagining this being an actual game or anime. It just felt that real to me and I wished it was, haha.

Thank you for making such a wonderful read for us all. I felt that these paragraphs of words would not be enough to thank you for the ride you took us through, but I just had to write down how feel for this story. I think it's the first time I added something to my favourites without blindly doing so. So, again, thank you.

Kanojo wa Rinko
Pokeshadow55 chapter 86 . 6/2/2014
I understand that you've had many reviews to this story, but despite that I want to put my two cents in. It took two solid hard days and a five hour break for sleep for me to read this whole story front to back, and I regret absolutely none of it. I admit, I'm very picky about what I read, and what lead me here was someone mentioning how this story was their inspiration for their own Luke/Asch Brotherhood Fic, and being the bromance lover I am, I couldon't resist.

I admit I was afraid and apprehensive about reading this story at first, despite its status as complete and its gorgeous length, though unfounded as they were, I found myself fearing for the plot, what it would be like. You didn't disappoint. I've been looking for nearly a year now for something to convince me that reading fics that seemed to do nothing more than tear my heart to pieces was worth it, and this was what I was looking for. As someone relatively new to the ToA Fandom, it was dizzying at first, but I fell in love when I told myself not to, and the hope your story gave me, from the development to the characterization, and I can only hope that someday I might be able to do something like this too.

So, so, so many fics with the most beautiful of plot and writing are abandoned into the deep pits of the archives, and finding this completed gem in all its glory makes me regret not finding it sooner.

Sure, line breaks got eaten, making for choppy reading at times, and there was a fair amount of tiny things, like a lack of a space or a comma, the rare misspelled word, but even the pickiest can't be dissatisfied with this. Ever. If they are I'm going to beat them with a shovel and shove them through a brick wall after clubbing them with my giant eraser.

Finding this gave me hope to think of the other stories, completed and otherwise, sitting around and waiting for us to read them. It's stories like this that remind me why everything that I know is worth it, because you can't go through something like this without coming out with a bit of your own character development along the way, k'now?

Apologies for rambling, it's a nasty habit of mine I know. But as odd or sappy or cheesy as it may sound, I'm not lying when I say it's those like you, with the will and devotion to go on for so long that help me believe I might be able to reach your level someday. I'm just a lowly highschooler though, what do I know? Heheh.

Thank you for this story, and I only wish I could have found it sooner than now. Deep respects for you, and I hope that you've at least taken the greatest of joys in your stories. Lord knows you would deserve it.
KyubiSora chapter 86 . 4/28/2014
this is the best tales of the abyss fic I have read it is even better than the game in my opinion
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