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Too-Many-Ships chapter 1 . 5/22/2013
:( Awnh. It's really sad and really good. You did an amazing job!
Trunksmybaby chapter 1 . 3/12/2013
Krillin deserved at least a chance with her. I think the owner of DBZ had a cruel sense of humor. But thankfully he found true love with 18 and that's all that matters! Poor Krillin, he is not ugly.. he is very cute! Even with him being short, he is a very big little man. I love it. Keep up the good work
MitsukiAbarai chapter 1 . 7/5/2012
I really liked your story! Even though Im a big fan of Krilinx18, lately I have found myself thinking about how It would have been if Krilin and Bulma were a couple. Krilin is my Dragon Ball favorite character, so I really enjoy reading fanfics like this, which portray his feelings so well. Theres just one only think that I dont really understand about your point of view: I never saw a single sign about Krilin having feelings for Bulma. And I dont say that because I want to start bashing or something, Its just that to me, as a self claimed DB fan, and Krilin fan, It would be great if you explain to me those Krilin and Bulma interactions that shows their romantic feelings. Anyway, I really liked the way you wrote this.
tinkrbell225 chapter 1 . 6/15/2010
love it very much
jamie chapter 1 . 7/10/2009
why is it all your stories sound the same?

boring drivel written by an oddball fanboy.

The Real Krillin Fan chapter 1 . 6/14/2009
You are the one who needs to let go...

You fat fucktard

you will NEVER make it as a writer,well not a SUCCESSFUL one by any means - anyone can post lame stories on here and I gotta say you are one of the worst writers I have come across.

Stop wasting everyones time and ditch the novel idea?


What a jackass you are, you know nothin about Krillin he aint what you portray him as, or the other characters..

This story SUCKS BIG TIME.
clint chapter 1 . 5/30/2009

PhinalPhantasy chapter 1 . 7/21/2008
this just reinforces why I didn't like Bulma until she hooked up with Vegeta. She was very abusive even to her friends.
Ainmosni chapter 1 . 2/11/2008
Wow...that was intense. Very real emotions. Nice work. *sniffles* Wh-what? I'm not crying...

Ooh, but I have an idea *lightbulb flickers weakly over Ainmosni's head...then explodes* Right...

Anyway, my idea is a second chapter...about 18 finding the first chapter or something. And then give it a happy sappy twist? Or something? I don't know. I just wrote a paper for 6 hours and its complete shit and my eye is twitching and...*ainmosni's head rotates a full circle* Oh great. Now I'm possessed. *vomits pea soup* Yeah...I'm gonna go to bed now.

Kapsule corp chapter 1 . 7/18/2007
That was so sad. :(

But fitting really. It's so like them. It was pretty clear that Krillin had feelings for Bulma early during the series. And that these feelings were returned after they left for Namek. Bulma was really in deinal of it though. This seems accurate and after all the drama the two obviously found a comfterable(spelling) place. I felt very sorry for him through this.

The way you did Bulma was perfect. In truth she is niether evil or hateful, but she is selfish and inconsiderate. She has no probem hurting others. Don't get me wrong. She cares deeply about all her friends, and helps them as often as she can, she just dosen't always treat them well.

I also loved how you described Bulma as Krillin's only chance, at least in his mind. It's a great explaination to way he would have such strong feelings for his friend's Girlfriend. Because we all know that Krillin cares deeply for Yamcha. Even though I liked your accurate reasoning in the story we know part of Krillin was mad about Yamcha's death because he cares for Yamcha as well as Bulma.

Krillin's real problem as someone will mention in the One shot I've decided to post. "Krillin cares a little too much about others. So he clings to them for fear of losing them." But why do they say it? You'll have to read. You must of noticed how closely and deeply he cares about Goku and the others.

My theory is that because Krillin has no family he has a fear of losing the closest thing he's ever had to one. (i.e. Master Roshi, Goku, Gohan, Bulma, etc.) Thus he clings to them desperately and it leads him to feel very attached to Bulma, leading to his needed crush on her.

Actually the K/B fits strangely into the one-shot which is more of a "short" story. (it's too short to be a chaptered story.) Bulma takes Krillin's proposal to Chi-chi very strangely.

The reasons are explained in anothor one-shot that was inspired by this one-shot. I KNEW I shouldn't have decided to finish that K/CC. Now the cycle just won't stop! I have three Krillin based one-shots that are half finished now instead of just one! The K/CC which insired a K/B(That takes place AFTER K & 18 are engaged, but no cheating is involed.), which SOMEHOW inspired a fic about Krillin and Master Roshi.


I'm done for now, and stopping the rant. I have to say I loved this bittersweet story.

ViolentPen chapter 1 . 7/14/2007
*teary eyes* ahh, i can't believe she did that to him! Bulma was such a... you know what! Good story still, but so sad :(
D4cHilliN chapter 1 . 6/11/2007
I read this a while ago but my computer hadnt let me review! Anyway, guess what? I've finally got a new computer and it's SUPER FAST! YAY! So dont expect anymore lame computer excuses because its faster then the speed of light...almost. lol

Anywho, I did enjoy this story. It was different yes, and definetly unique. It wa sa different side I saw to both Krillin and Bulma. Very good. Nice job. Bravo!

PegasusJF chapter 1 . 6/9/2007
First, I'm kind of walking into this story without any preconcieved notions. I've never surmised any attraction Krillian had for Bulma or vice versa, nor really wished for it. Granted, the last time I've seen the episode that this fic was a long time ago. But this is new territory for me. So, here goes.

reads story

This story has a lot of emotional intensity, up there with "Toys that breathe." It also has the deep introspective character of "Sacrifice for loyalty." It definitely made me want to read some happier K/18 fictions (hint hint, OGR :D ).

Well written, and very good pacing as always.

If I were to speak any criticism, I think it ended too fast after she finished reading Krillian's journal entry. I'm not sure if another ending would have made it better or worse or stuck with the continuity that you are creating with your other fanfics (assuming that's a concern for you). But that's what I felt at the end.

But other than that, it's an excellent fic.

You have proven to be one of the finest DBZ fanfiction writers, I hope that spark remains in you for a long time, both in fanfiction and potential original works.
vegamarie chapter 1 . 5/16/2007
Hey, this was another great story from you Krillin Fan. Although I'm a self-admitted Bulma fan, I did enjoy this story. I have only seen the frist three episodes of the Namek Saga, so I haven't really gotten to see the Bulma/Krillin interaction, although I do remember her walking around in her underwear. That woman has no shame. Anyway, it was powerfully written, and you do a great job portraying both Bulma and Krillin's feelings/emotions over their relationship.
Diinya-chan chapter 1 . 5/13/2007

Kami-sama. You really know how to get me, you know that? It's beautiful, and at the same time painful...I wanna hug him and hit her. Sheesh.

(blows nose loudly)
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