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flower scent chapter 68 . 12/22/2011
I am in lack of words, I really can't describe how wonderful your story is. You always impressed me with your ideas, words and the different situations you decorated your story with.

This story handled the two brothers i a different way than the others story you wrote. Sesshomaru in this story is more emotional and kinder than your other stories, he even adapted the two orphans Rin and Inuyasha and he opened his heart to fully accept his younger brother and he tried his best to make amends and already he did a great job and he could implant colorful memories inside his little brother's mind. He gave him home, family, position, wealth and even gave him his own daughter as a mate. He was very generous with his brother. And for Inuyasha, I like the idea of him acting like a child and talking like a child and I am happy for him that he found his soul mate and he had a beautiful girl.

Thank you for writing this story and it must take too much time and effort from you to write it and continue writing and pleasing Inuyasha fans with your fascinating stories.
Ned Pepper chapter 1 . 10/10/2008
who named who? gawd you a really good with mystery and suspense i'm not sure my stories are the same. i do hope you will someday become a very recognized writer.
AdidasRed chapter 68 . 5/24/2008
Oh my...I really really love this story.. You are indeed a skilled writer and the effects tt the story had on me remained for days after i've finished reading it..I was so addiceted and eager to finish reading the whole story so as to know how the story goes. Wow. Fantastic. Keep up with ur good work and i always look forward to reading other stories tt u authored. Oh yea, btw i love stories with satisfying endings like this. They just keep readers coming back for more. p
wbaker5286 chapter 68 . 2/4/2008
this story was a wonderful, anazing, emotional roller coaster ride. i love stories that make me feel. you made me feel so much.

i have never read a story that i couldn't stop at any time to take care of real life issues until i read this one. i had to keep reading until the end, no matter what was going on around me. i was captivated.

i am usually only drawn to canon pairings, but i'm glad i decided to read this story. you were able to take a heretofore unacceptable situation(in my mind, at least) and make it seem to be the most natural progression.

this story, and the feelings it brought with it, will stay with me for quite a while, and for that i thank you
musicallady1 chapter 68 . 10/16/2007
Great story! I'm trying my best to not cry happy tears, but it's so darn hard. I'm glad that Inuyasha got to see Kagome and her mom one more time, even if they didn't remember him. Well, her mom did for a moment. I'm super happy that Rin and Inuyasha had children. Of all the things for their children to inherit, his temper had to be the first thing. I guess they couldn't be Inuyasha's heirs without the temper. It was great that you put Kouga in the end of the story, and how he realized that the feelings he had for Kagome weren't real except for the brother/sister type; same for Inuyasha. I can't wait for your next story.
Bibi11 chapter 68 . 10/15/2007
Lovely ending chapter - Inuyasha and Rin at last have their pup. Now, since Sesshoumaru has also been acting as Inu's 'Papa', is he now a 'Grand - Papa' I really enjoyed the surprise ending; it was a nice touch! Inuyasha's 'second mother' (Mrs. Higurashi) remembered him. Her motherly love of Inuyasha transcended time. Thanks for a wonderful story!
Bibi11 chapter 67 . 10/15/2007
Kagura was doing okay talking to Inuyasha until she tried to use the guilt approach with her last comment. Inuyasha vents! It was bound to happen because he's in so much mental agony over his and Rin's problem. And then Sess stringing him along later was just great - Sess has a wicked sense of humor! The rings were a novel idea - will it work? And yes, I want to know the answer to Inuyasha's last question too. He still doesn't know all the details of his inu heritage. Even though Sesshoumaru is teaching him, there are a lot of huge gaps in his education that will take a long time to fill. Lots of detail - I really enjoyed the chapter!
Shiba-san chapter 68 . 10/14/2007
This story has brought me to tears more than any other story. It it one of the best stories that I have ever read. Such emotion. Please write a sequal. Please!
clemar chapter 68 . 10/13/2007
The ending of the story was so wonderful. Thank You.
FinallyAwake chapter 68 . 10/12/2007
I think I want to cry. I loved it.
AmoraLynn chapter 68 . 10/12/2007
Oh it's so beautiful. I love the ending so much!
Bibi11 chapter 66 . 10/11/2007
Now we know why Kagura called Rin 'quite the little woman' earlier in the story! I can understand the reason for her reaction though, Inuyasha is her's forever (learned possessive dog trait?) no matter what happens. Off to read the next chapter - I wonder what Totousai will make with Sess's fang? Can't be a sword; maybe a charm of some sort for Inu and Rin? Riveting chappie; Inu's past is so sad!
musicallady1 chapter 67 . 10/11/2007
Thanks for the hint that it wasn't a sword. I bet you don't tell all your readers and reviewers that. I hope not at least. I want to feel a little special...I wasn't thinking about two youkai rings because I assumed that Inuyasha and Rin weren't going to have children of their own, and that they may have to do some sort of "adoption" like with Rin and Sesshoumaru. I also thought that maybe Rin would have to get impregnated by someone else, but then I dismissed that idea because of the whole youkai mating ritual and how they mate for life. The last sentence is priceless...what a cliffhanger! It's like watching a soap opera and you have to wait until the next day to see what happens. I think that the pups would be Inuyasha's because it's his seed and not Sesshoumaru's right? I mean Inuyasha is just pulling the strength to get his seed to the right place (blushing furiously as I write this) so that he can pup Rin. I wait with anxious breath for the next chapter. Keep up the awesome work!
Shiba-san chapter 67 . 10/10/2007
I hope it's really Inuyasha's pup and not both or just Sesshomaru's pup! Please Update
clemar chapter 67 . 10/10/2007
Wonderful! Wonderful! I loved that Sesshoumaru has had the rings created. Sesshoumaru does love his brother. I look forward to your next chapter and what will happen next. I also want the answer to Inuyasha's question.
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