Reviews for Dirty Deeds
Lonekat chapter 18 . 2/27
Nooooo! How dare you leave me hanging after all this!? This story is perfect. It has all the needed aspects: plot, humor, meddling friends, love, and sex. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, FINISH THIS OLD STORY!
Greyfire34 chapter 18 . 1/22
Love this story and it needs to be updated! It's too good to be left unfinished!
A random reader chapter 18 . 1/3
Rip. you were a really wonderful writer and I hope you knew that while you were still here. I loved this story xx
Godric'sgirl chapter 18 . 10/30/2013
I love this. Ino better get some sense knocked into her! Lol
Guest chapter 18 . 9/20/2013
Please! I mist know how it ends. This story is great!
YukiNoYuurei chapter 18 . 8/13/2013
Damn...I was so hyped just now, reading those 18 chapters in 2 days...and then I go to your page to look for clues when you'd post again... :'( it kinda hit me like a train, those sad words from your family...I hope you know, that even if it's 'just fan fiction' you left something behind, that excites, touches and hooks people. Your talent is really wasted up there, but I hope it's a good place you went to. Prayers and love to those left behind. r.i.p. 3
Caeria chapter 18 . 7/10/2013
Kind of sad that this was never finished but thank you for the first 18 chapters. They were highly enjoyable.
Akira's Shadow chapter 1 . 6/2/2013
I read a few of the reviews just now. I am so sorry. You were an amazing author, and your spirit truly lives on in your wonderful writing.
Rest in peace, Serenanna.
Akira's Shadow chapter 18 . 6/2/2013
wow I cannot even to begin to describe how much I love this fic. There's just so much character development and i'm so glad Sakura has finally realized her feelings for Kakashi!
The drunken ight with Kakashi and the thugs was hilarious :)
I really hope you decide to post another chapter in the near future!
AMAZING fic :3
Typical Swedish Girl chapter 18 . 5/28/2013
Even if it does no good, I still wish for more. R.I.P.
vegeatakakashi3 chapter 18 . 5/24/2013
I don't know when you died but now it is 2013 May 24th at 11:23 A.M. and people are still reading it. You were a wonderful writer and even though I will never know the ending you planned it feels like this is an ending that fits this story. I loved reading this and didn't know you were even dead until the 17th chapter. :( but this was a great story.
Guest chapter 14 . 5/22/2013
I really LOVE this story story I'm addicted to it is more like it, but...Ugh it gets annoying that the chicks in this story are all in denial now, first it was sakura, then Jun, I thought she was out of denial after she admitted that she still loved Hiro but now I don't know, and now ino is in denial too. Come on I mean really, genma admitted that he loved ino, and even kakashi admitted that he loved sakura first. And the worst part is that sakura keeps thinking that kakashi doesn't like her that way, ino just thinks it won't work so she tells herself that it doesn't matter and she thinks she loves shikamaru, and Jun just gave up. Kakashi thinks sakura doesn't love him just because she says she doesn't, can't he see that he did the EXACT same thing and he was wrong? And genma thinks ino really loves shikamaru, but for some stupid reason doesn't remember that ino thought she "loved" sasuke too, so he gives her what he thinks she wants, but in reality ino herself doesn't know what she wants, she thinks she does but she just doesn't. Ino thinks there is something wrong with sakura for not noticing kakashis love for her, when all the while she is doing the same thing with genma, it's just so frustrating. And genma just now realizes that he is being just like kakashi, really it's kind of hypocritical, first telling himself he doesn't love ino until he makes himself believe it, and then finally admitting that he does love ino but not telling her that he does. Yet he can talk about kakashi and sakuras relationship, and be oblivious to the fact that his and inos relationship is the same way. I'm not complaining really this is all part of the reason I love this story, it has a good plot, it's got a lot of complications, it keeps you guessing, its not mushy (yet), and it has situations I could never come up with. You are a really good writer if you ask me, and I really enjoy this story, oh and the characters seem to be...well... in character.
Shadowrush chapter 17 . 1/16/2013
Four years later, it's still as good as I remember. It's rather bittersweet that I'll never really know the ending, but somehow I feel I already do. Rest in peace Serenanna.
Tricia1224 chapter 18 . 1/12/2013
I still come back and read this story. I know this story will never be completed. And I wish I had gotten to know you before you passed. RIP
Orasaka chapter 18 . 12/19/2012
Ah! Why did. You stop writing? I need resolution! :o
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