Reviews for insomnia
Mare-Mare chapter 1 . 10/10/2007

especially loved the selphieXirvine part. also the fujinXquistis part where she just turned 'les' funny...okay, i'm done.
Celestial Rage chapter 1 . 10/3/2007
Oh my god!

Oh my god!

*continues laughing for another 2 minutes, tears streaming down her face*

This was hillarious! Insomnia can really do THIS to you! Loved the part where Rinoa asks Squall for some "midnight action" and Kiros going like "dont mind me, Ill enjoy it as much as you will" But what got me laughing harder was the "she plays Pokemon and doesnt shave her legs" part.

The QuistisxFujin scene was... WEIRD, very very WEIRD.

Finally, Zell is going to have what he wants the most... just not the way he thought! :D

Selphie blowing the building and Irvine sniping the cops was just priceless! And yeah, I HATE Pu-pu (man, what kind of name is that?), so it did deserved to die.

Edea and Cids part was even WEIRDER than Quistis and Xus o_O

And finally, Ultimecia being arrested for hiring underage boys to act as her knight was so unexpected! For a second I thought Rajin had actually been dumb enough (I mean, can anybody blame me?) to sign a contract of "eternal pain and suffering" in exchange for his services. :D

Really good!

BTW, did you manage to sleep after all this rambling? :D

If you ever have insomnia again, please write another fic as funny as this one!

Sidalee chapter 1 . 5/15/2007
:D That was fun. I loved it! Rinoa doesn't shave her leg? yeck...