Reviews for Lucky In Cards, Unlucky In Love
Hermi-ko chapter 88 . 5/26
I knew that Hiruma was double-faced but not like that. It's nice to see how his competitive mind and need of winning translates to in the confort of his domestic life with the manager. I love how Mamori is not caring about bruising his ego when it comes to cooking, which is her forte and his weakness. Great read as always, keep up the good work and thank you very much for keeping alive the HiruMamo fandom.
Guest chapter 88 . 5/26
I thought that this will be the continuation of the previous two chapter. could continue that, please? I am so digging the idea of Mamori falling for other guy. thanks
Jack Inqu chapter 88 . 5/26
Well, no one is perfect. chapter 87 . 5/20
Damn, it's almost like reading a netorare story. My heart ache while reading this.

Thank you for continuing the story after all this year but please, don't let it end here.
Jack Inqu chapter 87 . 5/20
Good job, Hiruma; well done.
Woodrokiro chapter 86 . 5/6
Hermi-ko chapter 86 . 5/6
Oh. My. God. Just came back from work to found out you again outdone yourself with a new OS! All along my reading I was like: "Oh no he did not just do that! No, he did not dare!" But he did. Gosh, he did. Feeling so bad for Mamori right now. You obviously got me half thinking she was going to have a crush for Hiruma at the beginning but then that's even better. How he is going to make her see the good in what he did just there, I have no clue. And I am so curious at what tone Hiruma used to say her name at the end. Was he kind of feeling a tiny bit guilty for making her such a mess of emotions? That was harsh, even by his standards. And did she grab the creampuffs on her way out? I was halfexpecting her to throw them at his head. Great writing as usual though, can't wait for the next OS, hope it's the second part but even if not, you are fabulous and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm in such a frenzy with your stories I have translated 10 chapters in a day yesterday :) Love *Hermi-kô***
Guest chapter 86 . 5/6
This is the most emotional chapter ever, I got little bit teary eyes. Good job author-nim, please update soon
Jack Inqu chapter 86 . 5/6
Ouch. I wonder if there's going to be a follow up to this chapter? Because I think they need to clear the air and get things settled.

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
Guest chapter 85 . 5/5
hirumamo and star wars is the perfect combination.
I loved it.
DeAmonQuEen chapter 85 . 4/30
Aww! Loved it soo much! it is indeed the cutest birthday celebration I have read. And I really enjoyed the star wars excerpts in this chapter! Great job!
lollipop1141 chapter 85 . 4/29
This was awesome! Thank you for updating again! I really love this oneshot series!
Hermi-ko chapter 85 . 4/28
Best birthday celebration ever! Great OS as usual, love the embarassed Mamori and the way Hiruma is used to her antics (or so) by now. Thank you for the great read! And the others as well were awesome, you are such a wonderful author! And me i'm still 45 chapters behind in translation _ Have a great end of the end, Dozen and One Stars :D
Jack Inqu chapter 85 . 4/28
I can definitely see Hiruma being a fan of Star Wars. Underdogs coming from behind to knock off the powerful evil Empire? Right up his alley, even if he would probably fit in better with the mindset of the Sith.

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
crecentomoon chapter 84 . 4/25
kyaaa! that was so cute.! :)
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