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Memoriesofalamb chapter 1 . 1/20/2015
When I read your introduction, which claimed this story was not to be taken extremely seriously, I admit I was not expecting something as intense and dark as it really is. I mean, god, that was wonderfully creepy, in a very positive sense. The tension was tangible, the dynamics involving, and the plot original and interesting. Very detailed and colorful descriptions of every move and thoughts of the two lovely protagonists. Overall, a great job.
The Phantom Dragon chapter 1 . 7/29/2013
tee hee hee Seph and Zack in a scary movie, who would have thought
Sunny Lighter chapter 1 . 5/1/2013
creepy... I love it
chibi heishi chapter 1 . 2/3/2010
And somehow, I think this one was actually even creepier than the other.
aomoa chapter 1 . 1/28/2010
Holy crap..this was intense...

Dhampirangel chapter 1 . 2/25/2009
*Shiver* That was creepy... Lily Valley seems to be a very fitting name for the town. I remember reading somewhere that the lily was a symbol of death. Hate to be one of the lost SOLDIERs, though...

Anyway, well worth reading.
persephonevii chapter 1 . 6/29/2008
Well, I read Lily Valley. It's a bit of a bummer I read 'Dead to the World' first because knowing that Seph and Zack survive kinda took the intensity out of the story, but if I hadn't of known... I'm sure it would be just as freaky as DTTW.

However, there were still great moments in the story. The hints of what the curse is, what it has done sets up the atmosphere nicely. You have a real good knack for that, you never actually spell out the true nature of the town/house, etc. in your works and that's great IMO. Let's the reader come up with all their own horrible ideas. Plus in RL, most people never do get down to the truth of a haunted house, town, etc. and that's part of its 'scary' appeal.

The dimming of lights was what freaked me the most, with the nasty possibility of the pair getting locked up in that village forever if they didn't leave by the last lights. And of course, where did those SOLDIERs go? That's never solved and makes you wonder what happened to the poor fellows.
Reaper Nanashi chapter 1 . 6/26/2008
Wonderful! Quite thought-evoking and just creepy enough to make my skin crawl while not giving my imagination nightmare fodder. Much appreciated. _;;

While the ending is fine itself, I wish there had been a little more; closure for the poor lost SOLDIERs, exactly what the heck was going on with the town . . . but I suppose that's the whole point, right? _~

Anyway, fantastic!

-RN (LS)
Crystal Rose of Pollux chapter 1 . 4/8/2008
Ooh, this was so scary and intriguing! Poor Zack; he must've been so scared when he heard the bell and couldn't find Seph... I love Seph's line "I was unavoidably delayed"! I love how Seph remains calm throughout the entire thing!

The descriptions of everything they saw were so vivid! And yay for their friendship!

Great work!
Ayuka86 chapter 1 . 11/14/2007
This was mega-creepy!
Hikari Dragoness of Light chapter 1 . 6/2/2007
*Shivering* I'm scared. VINCENT! *Hugs Vincent plushie* This really scared me! LoL! I love horror stuff!E This was so cool! I want to go to a place like that! Except with a coffin being made for me and a grave. That's just scary! Seriously! Have you concidered trying to write horror like Stephen King. You're not quite there yet, but this scared me as much as any one chapter in one of his books. Like Bag of Bones. *Shivers again* That's what this chapter reminded me of, and Rose Red! Damn good books and movie. Scary too. Even Sephy was scared! Good job!
rivendellelve chapter 1 . 5/19/2007
Woah creepy...
Chibi Cheesecake chapter 1 . 5/18/2007
So. I was sitting here reading this, and all of a sudden I thought I heard voices whispering...? Definitely almost peed my pants. XD Geez, I need to go to bed.

One thing though, Sephiroth never had any idea Hojo was his father, if that's what you were getting at during the schoolroom part. ;

Anyway! "'Oh, that's really not funny,' Zack said when the initial shock wore off." total love there. Oh Zack. X3 So yeah, fun story! ...Not so much for Zack and Sephiroth, but you know what I mean. X3

See you!
PurpleKiwi chapter 1 . 5/17/2007
Woah... FREAKY! *shivers*
Kaori chapter 1 . 5/17/2007
Ooh, this was really interesting! For the past few days I've been checking for an update from you and I'm glad to have found this! I love your Zack and Seph stories, the way you write out their characters is just right on the spot for me :) Keep updating!
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