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Axcel chapter 4 . 8/23
Zelda really should have ratted out his monocle and had him executed right there at the party and then sized his lands and assets and raised an influential, popular individual to nobility and give him the land, titles, etc.

If anyone complains then she could simply say something like "this proves that a commoner is a better noble than someone like Reanalds. See that you remain above that."
Axcel chapter 3 . 8/23
With a harsh dictatorship comes a difficulty in keeping your underlings from abusing the people. If you want a dictatorship, the only enforcers and soldiers you can hire are the desperate and the scum. This means they are likely to abuse their power as soldiers and such to basically loot, rape, and murder the people they are supposed to police and protect. So, you have to make watchers for them and pay those watchers enough to prevent bribery and do a whole bunch of otherstuff. It becomes a nightmare of micromanagement for the dictator.

It’s just that most real life dictators don’t give a crap about their subjects so they don’t bother and the soldiers learn that if they go around looting, raping, and murdering the populace, they’ll meet with nasty “accidents”.
Axcel chapter 1 . 8/22
By the way, I like that you included the fact that Link is the reincarnation of the Hero from various legends.
Axcel chapter 1 . 8/22
Ironically, as the Chosen Hero reincarnated, Link might literally NOT be capable of refusing if Zelda called upon him.
Guest chapter 26 . 5/17
I dunno whether you're ever going to come back to this ( though I'm really hoping you are XD) I just wanted to let you that this was amazing and I binge read it all in two days XD the way you write is absolutely captivating and this is by far one of the best zelda Fictions I've ever read! So thanks bro. This was awesome.
teannava chapter 13 . 5/15
Weather or not you got high on readers praise, I loved this story. It's the first I've found in which link didn't limp towards victory, having to spend weeks in bed recovering after every single fight. He's chosen by the goddesses, is the reincarnation of a HERO, carries a sword that literally oozes good to the point of repelling all evil, and a few minor monsters get the best of him? Ridiculous. Thanks for the awesome first book, and I look forward to continue reading on.
Axcel chapter 2 . 5/14
I've always disliked Ilia. She forces herself into other people's business constantly, sucks with kids (any prospective husband or wife should be at least good at interacting with kids), she's abrasive, and whenever she speaks I just want to sock her in the face. Worst of all, she took my horse within the first few minutes of the game!

On the other-hand, I firmly believe that people should be given another chance if they are sincere about changing. No matter how many times they slip-up. If they are sincere, then the guilt and remorse and fear will cause them to learn from those slip-ups and they should be given the chance to show it. That is how I have grown and improved as a person. Of course, this is all only if the person is sincerely remourseful. Otherwise it has problems working.
Axcel chapter 1 . 5/13
Ah, Zelda, you know Link will realize something is going on and he'll involve himself. Or something will happen and force him into it by circumstance. Sending someone who could single-handedly wipe out their army or at least a notable chunk of it. Plus, he could then teleport away via Farore's Wind before he can be killed, or just gets up each time he dies thanks to a healing fairy reviving him. Then, if word gets out that he is THE Hero, the one from all of those legends, the enemy will easily believe it and decide to stay the hell away from Hyrule. Even if that doesn't leak out, the fact that one man did so much damage would make them wonder what a Hylian army could do.

I don't see how anyone could be stupid enough to think Hyrule is vulnerable.

Would they really go: "Oh, look, their capital's castle has been badly damaged and is being repaired and they've taken a bare handful of casualties in the event (actually, I don't think any of the guards are shown actually dying in the invasion, even in the cutscenes). Other than that they are still just as organized and powerful as ever. The event also put them on high-alert and they have mobilized to defend against remaining monsters and would-be invaders. Yeah, now would TOTALLY be the time to invade."

Of course, they also would simply be brutally crushed by the sheer weight and size of Link's balls. Their entire army. At one time. Besides, Hyrule also has Goron and Zora. Remember the Biggoron from Ocarina of Time? Would you want to piss that guy or someone like him off? Who needs armies when you have a mobile, living mountain (who forges swords and likely has an xbox heuge sword of his own). That bathes in lava and eats boulders the size of houses like popcorn.

...I think I have discovered why it takes some super-powered big bad to threaten Hyrule and why they always have peace between said big bads. No one else is stupid enough to attack them. Well, that and it is implied (and I think flat out shown in Skyward Sword) that they are the only nation in their world. Though, it is also implied that Hyrule IS their world.
Talonis Wolf chapter 26 . 10/28/2014
Well written! I like how Link proceeds from the extreme of humanity to the mild of 'Super-Beings', really shows the transition from being human to slightly not-human human, and the emotional turmoil caused by it.

Question: When you wrote on the destruction and aftermath of Romali, it had striking similarities to some accounts from survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Nuclear Bombings- did you use them for inspiration?
Logan Erwin chapter 26 . 8/5/2014
Thank you for your great story. This has been the first LoZ fanfiction I have read and it has made me get more into the fanfiction side to the LoZ games. I read your profile and I must agree with you about having dense writing but sometimes that it is a good thing to have but I do have some advice you may or may not agree with, as it is of course your opinion to judge mine. If you do ever write books they will be very long and doing such a long book like I think you might writers block will be much worse because you need to come up with your own lore and past for your characters not to mention the need to make personality’s from scratch; my point being LoZ has much of you to build on and off of, this is something I wish you to be aware of if you are not already writing. I loved your style of writing and how you compounded upon elements there and even built on top of that into something completely unique that I am sure with 100% certainty that no one has come up with some of this stature. There is one thing I think would get you more views and reviews and is also a thing I did not "like" about it, I would recommend you separate the "books" as different stories sort of like THE GOLDEN POWER (Then insert some sort of deep title after to give it a sort of depth and a sort of vague summery) and do the same with part two. My reasoning with this is that some may not be looking for a very long read and could be intimidated by the 300k word count and think "it looks like an interesting read WOW 300k words ehhhhh not worth it"and with that title people will realize that there is another book to it and can continue to read. One last criticism for you to take home... UPDATE THE THIRD BOOK PLEASE. one, because I obviously want more of this great story but also the bearer of the triforce of power was not really given much screen time which you will be doing in the third book hopefully. One last time, thank you for your great work and don't change anything about your writing style its great and there is nothing to find wrong besides a spelling error here and there that you find in all stories. Good Luck.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/15/2014
I'll re-read these because it was seriously one of the best fics I ever read. Such a shame it was left to die
Laluzi chapter 26 . 6/14/2014
Hmm. It's a shame this all ends here. I won't deny that the story does take an abrupt, unexpected tonal shift - and it's a pretty big one, going from the usual Legend of Zelda flair to something much darker - but I still hugely enjoyed it. Ah, well. Maybe there will be more in the future, maybe not - but you did give us two complete stories to read, both of which were very, very good.

I guess my only question I was left with is this - why isn't Link in control of his body? I don't quite understand why he doesn't have a connection to himself anymore, and given that he's been Wolf Link many times before, it can't be a lack of self-identification. I don't know - that wasn't a plot point I was fond of.
Laluzi chapter 16 . 6/13/2014
I love the way you do 'boss fights' in your narrative - they read smoothly and aren't repetitive, but they somehow have the same feel as those in the game.

Also, one of the other things I adore is seeing others (and Link himself) realizing that he is -not normal-, and not necessarily in a good way, at that. Unbridled courage is one thing, but as this fic has repeatedly pointed out, he has grown into something beyond human at this point, and he needs that adrenaline. For all the good he can do with his power, and all his heroic spirit, there is a part of him that would do anything for that thrill - as evidenced by his instinct to take on a battalion of soldiers when he should have been fleeing, or to let the captives die so he could tangle with a demon. It's an interesting character study.

Zelda too, although by nature nobody around her really knows what she's thinking. But she uses others and comes up with horrible, callous plans at times, and the only regret she can still feel is that she couldn't think of anything better. A dark side to the Triforce - I'm interested in what you do with Power now.
Laluzi chapter 13 . 6/13/2014
Oh boy. Link's got a girl that understands him on a fundamental level. 'Married to the sword' indeed. :P

I adored his and Arrika's dialogue after they slew the earth-monster. That was pretty brilliant. x3 Link's cautious pessimism meets Arrika's complete and unbridled enthusiasm. Very fun to read.
Laluzi chapter 4 . 6/12/2014
That meeting between Link and Zelda was -everything I wanted-. I think all I can really say is that you -nailed- those points you wanted to hit in your Author's Note, right on the head. Their odd familiarity with each other is wonderful - they come from very different walks of life, with vastly different concerns, but they resonate on a deep level.

I think this is the point where I favorite this story. It's just too good not to.
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