Reviews for Fate Owed Us One
greenfly chapter 3 . 5/16/2008
This is really good...
greenfly chapter 1 . 5/16/2008
Good start. I've decided to read all your fics because a) they all look interesting and b) they are really quite good!
Gseven chapter 3 . 12/28/2007
I like how you are progressing the elder Harry with the younger Harry. I would like a little more meat to the chapters, but that is a personal thing I deal with. So far you have a very good idea and an interesting way of getting it out. I look forward to more.
Cateagle chapter 3 . 11/5/2007
*chuckle* Ohh, nice set of changes you've rung in. I get the feeling that, if this Ron stays basically the slacker he is in canon, that it's going to be the "Golden Couple" of Potter & Granger from third year on. It's interesting to see them already starting to form a bond with a potential beyond friendshp.

This should be quite interesting.
katdemon1895 chapter 3 . 10/1/2007
cute, i like how this is going so far, the yoga and tai chi is a nice touch and i loved the little rant harry gave the snake, that was amusing

please please update as soon as you can
GinnyLover14 chapter 3 . 8/3/2007
Very nice story!

Cant wait for more!
Enyaw Yepse chapter 3 . 7/18/2007
Alorkin chapter 3 . 7/18/2007
This is a great story! I think you should add 'humor' to the 'categories'.

I'm rather surprised Harry didn't swat the Basilisk on the nose with a newspaper. ("Bad snakey! Bad! Use the sand!")

His intro to 'Harry the younger' was interesting, if a bit dry.

I'm glad SOMEONE other than me, decided to have Hermione Granger exercise. Having grown up exercising n some form or other, I cannot understand the wizarding world's reluctance to do so.

Since H/Hr is my preferred ship, you have another few points.

I have placed this on my 'alerts' list and hope to read more soon. Alorkin
darkangelwp chapter 3 . 6/20/2007
LOL! This is really good. PLease update soon.
Heala chapter 3 . 5/24/2007
I like it so far, but who was Harry's wife in the future. Also I hope you plan to expand on what is going on beyond just mentioning events, just a little explanation. But keep up the great work and update soon!
linen-and-curls chapter 3 . 5/22/2007
oh, are you gonna make it H/Hr? or keep it canon? because i don't think future harry would like it if past harry went for someone not ginny

linen-and-curls chapter 2 . 5/22/2007
ah, great chappie. reading more now
lemonwedges4 chapter 2 . 5/21/2007
Heather chapter 2 . 5/21/2007
I like it, very different from the usual fate owes me one type of story. I like the idea of a big brother or parent figure sharing Harry's head and giving him the advises he needs. thank you for the update
Heather chapter 1 . 5/20/2007
I like it, a different way for Harry to go back and help himself. Looking forward to more. thank you
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