Reviews for The Jewel of Darkness
liquefry chapter 22 . 5/15/2016
I really enjoyed this trilogy. Your writing style is enjoyable and the characters all very well developed. Ginny in particular has a much greater character depth here than in the original. Your original characters are all great. You do a great conflicted bad guy, loved Grigore / cloaked wizard / Evelyn / Reynard and I guess Josef in the end too. The whole set of Ministry characters from the first and second book are also good. In fact I would say that this book almost sits outside fandom, with most of the major characters either OC or grown up and a bit different to the children of canon.

I did pick the core idea of the story, that the cloaked wizard was one of them cast back in time, but not the person who started the cycle. I was certain that Harry was the cloaked wizard. Positive! Although I could never figure out how Ginny would betray him. I guess this version makes sense, and I'm sure was foreshadowed heavily throughout. Although I still cant quite figure out the whole mystery... few questions below.

The power: where does it come from? The Jewel traps the power of the cloaked wizard when Ginny stabs Harry, and then it transfers to Josef when he picks it up, completing some sort of eternal circle. But what is it and where did it come from to start with? I had thought it was a result of Harry's power continuing to grow while trapped for millenia. But Josef is less powerful so that explanation doesnt hold now; although Josef does argue that Harry's power comes from the sliver in his scar. It doesnt come from the Jewel which is just a container according to the old man. It seems to just be there.

Josef's character: changes a lot in the last two chapters. He plans to make Harry take his place, which is fair enough, but does so very clumsily. Ginny knows that Harry would sacrifice himself to save them if needed as she tells Josef in ch 21. Harry himself seems to accept his fate at the end of that chapter too. If Josef had been honest with both of them they might have fought it initially, but I think both would have accepted it as inevitable in the end. Yes it is the same as Grigore but the situation has changed since, Harry knows what the green eyed wizard can do, that he has a part of the wizard's power in him already, and that he looks strangely like him. Shouldnt be hard to persuade him that the wizard is actually Harry and the only way to save everyone he loves is to sacrifice himself. Bit like DH really. I guess Josef cannot see Harry as anything other than the hot headed hero that jumps into anything without thinking it through, and doesnt believe that he will play his part unless forced. Anyway Josef's poor effort to deceive Ginny on what happened to Harry, his awkward declaration of love and unrelenting hatred of Harry for no good reason other than that he is the object of Ginny's love all seem forced in the final chapter.

Overall though, loved it, great mystery, kept me interested for however many hundred thousand words!
musingmarauder chapter 22 . 9/13/2014
Amazing trilogy. Your writing is wonderful and I love the universe you've created. Your fics deserve so many more reviews. It's a shame more people haven't discovered them. Devastated about Josef. He was my favourite and didn't deserve such a tragic ending. I did suspect that he was in love with Ginny though (although Lucy threw off that theory briefly).
lyaser53 chapter 22 . 7/8/2011
these three were excelent, you are very talented!
pairofhumanbludgers chapter 22 . 9/7/2010
Wow... simply amazing. What a complex masterpiece of a story! Loveitloveitloveit. It could probably have been told in a few less chapters, but I do understand the need to develop characters and keep the plot a mystery.

I need to apologize, though... I really should have reviewed every chapter, but I just kept ravenously devouring every chappie and then on to the next story as fast as I possibly could. I couldn't put it down.

I LOVED Josef, he was my favorite character... you made him very real and believable. What an ending! He made such a sacrifice for his friends, and to have to live that horrible existence over and over again... *shudder* And his love for Ginny breaks my heart. Poor guy. I alllllmost wanted Ginny to go with him... but of course she belongs with Harry.

Man, you could write fanfiction within this fanfiction. Fabulous.

I have a few questions, however. Does the cloaked wizard know what Josef will become?

Why is Josef suddenly so desperate to have Ginny that he would blackmail her like that? Had Josef been planning to get rid of Harry before they arrived at the temple, or did the cloaked wizard's presence along with the Veil (and Josef's connection to the cloaked wizard) spur that on?

Why does Josef have blue eyes, but the cloaked wizard's are green?

What happened to Chapter 23? I see that it's reviewed on here, but the chapter itself isn't online.

And finally, could I have that pdf of the three stories by any chance? Thanks for sharing this fantastic story.
h3ll chapter 22 . 7/5/2010
This is one of the most epic stories I've ever ever read and I've been reading fanfictions for four years now. Truly, I mean it when I say this is THE BEST STORY I've ever read. Kudos to you, Kevin! I'm actually surprised it has very few reviews. It certainly deserves hundred times the reviews it has got. A totally awesome story. I loved reading this trilogy. Thanks so much, Kevin. It'd be nice if I could get the footnotes version. Thanks a lot, mate. Keep rocking the fanfiction world!
LAHH chapter 22 . 3/30/2009
It was an excellently written story, and i liked the cyclic ending. Although, I have to pity Josef - reliving that again and again and again for ever. Thank you for writing this. x
Lalaith Yamainu chapter 20 . 3/26/2009
""What has that bloody idiot done?" Josef said. "I swear, I'll teach him a new definition of pain when I find him.""

Okay, I was going back, trying to find the Priest telling the story of the Creature, and came across this.


Just scary.
Lalaith Yamainu chapter 22 . 3/26/2009
Wow. This... this is a work of art.

You're right. I love Josef. The choice he made, when he was all alone, to continue the cycle... "greater love hath no man than this - that he should give his life to save his friends". He gave his life, more fully than any of us can imagine. In the moment when he was free of darkness, he made his choice. He made the right choice. I think... for all he did, for all he became, he was still a good man. At least, that's how I choose to see him. A good man, who did what was necessary to save the world.

You're right, I will enjoy going back and re-reading this. And the footnotes version would be wonderful if it's finished yet.

I'm surprised at how close I was, but still so far off. Some things I still wonder though: Who was the Priest? Two families were mentioned as still existing from the beginning - which were those? How did the Priest (and co.) know what needed to happen? Josef has blue eyes - why does the creature have green? When did parseltongue enter the equation?

Now I'm off to bask, to question, to ponder the mysteries of life.
Lalaith Yamainu chapter 19 . 3/26/2009
Oh, this is delicious. So many answers, so many questions, so many things twisted together...
Lalaith Yamainu chapter 18 . 3/25/2009
Dude, I so called Albert being Antonin.

742 is still a mystery... unless my psycho theory is right and it's the year they go back to.

Justinian WAS hiding more. I wondered. So he's a follower of the Priest, and Antonin was the Priest's apprentice. Hm...
Lalaith Yamainu chapter 13 . 3/25/2009
FINALLY they believe him!

Wait... they believe him, right? Scrimgeour knows there's a dark wizard running about?

Lalaith Yamainu chapter 12 . 3/25/2009
I have... a crazy theory.

Really, really crazy.

Honestly, you should be complimented.

It means you've built such a dizzying web that only insanity explains it.

I don't know whether I'm hoping I'm right or hoping I'm wrong. One the one hand... the senseless deaths won't be so senseless. On the other... pain and suffering for our favorite peeps.

Argh, it's so crazy I'm embarrassed about it. But you'll only want to know now, so I might as well tell you so you can laugh at me.

The Creature said he stopped trying to change the past. Mira remembered things that haven't happened yet, yet already happened. Ginny supposedly IS the Angel, yet doesn't remember it. Harry's already been touched by the darkness. The Creature claims it wants Ginny to understand, so she can be redeemed.


Oh gosh, I am crazy.

Maybe the Creature IS Harry. Harry and Ginny go back in time, trying to stop the creature. Harry, already infected by darkness, starts going Dark. Ginny, realizing what's happening to Harry, seals him away. Creature!Harry is trying to shock Ginny enough, to scare her enough, to HURT her enough, so that she won't do it. She'll stop the bad things.

That why everyone keeps talking about how nothing can be changed - because it's already happened.

There. You can laugh at me now. I had to get it out though.
Lalaith Yamainu chapter 11 . 3/25/2009
Lucy's fate was... a shock. That she admitted to committing such horrible deeds willingly... doesn't jive with her character as I thought I knew it.

Oh, I'm so lost right now. And, (judging from the chapter I'm on) I'm not likely to be getting answers soon. Argh.

WHAT did the Angel do to him? Presumably seal him away for being psycho, but it... feels like that's not quite right. I wish she would show up and explain everything. Everytime a new redhead girl shows up that's what I'm hoping's about to happen.
Lalaith Yamainu chapter 8 . 3/25/2009
For some reason, I find the idea of them taking medical provisions to a possible battle hysterical. I don't know why. It makes perfect sense. They probably should have done it a while ago. I still can't stop laughing.

No, I don't speak French, which is why I found one of those nifty online translation things. It was a rough job, but enough to tell that Josef was propositioned, and he replied there was only one person to make him happy. When Harry questioned him, Josef said that he would be happier if he didn't know.

The second part of my name is japanese for "wolf". It was a high school nickname given to me by friends who watched way too much anime.

I don't understand why you keep defending Evelyn. She didn't know Harry enough to love him. He was a symbol of everything she didn't have, nothing more. He was never "taken" from her. She never had him in the first place, she never could have. She's a hateful snake of a woman who deserves everything she got. If she displayed a shred of remorse, of feeling for what she did to others, of basic kindness to her fellow man, then I would be in the forefront of her defense. I'm a very strong believer in redemption, in people being able to choose to change for the better. She mocks the idea.

RE:up. And you don't seem to list Hermione as one of the possessed, yet at one time she was demonstrably not in control of her actions.

I actually spent several of my early reviews complaining about Hermione, but as soon as her... illness was revealed, I ceased. I don't know how many of her actions are her own, and am withholding judgement until I get more information. At the moment, there's merely a large question mark beside her name.
Lalaith Yamainu chapter 6 . 3/25/2009
Yes, I'm reading (and loving) your responses - it's wonderful to have my questions answered (as much as you can without destroying the whole point of the story). I'm usually so full of new questions by each new review I forget to remember your questions of me.

To respond to some of your responses:

RE: The self fulfilling prophecy idea

It was less that I thought it actually WAS a self fulfilling prophecy, and more that I was noting that people should be a little more concerned when fighting the future. If the reason you're after Harry is because he's going to go evil, well, killing his friends isn't going to help matters, is it?

RE: I guess the question is: What makes you think that Ginny's going to save the world?

Probably the most important thing is that Grigore gave his life for hers. Everyone else's concern for her can be justified by friendship, attempts to win Harry, desire for political influence, or the persons own love for her (Harry, Josef, the Weaslys). Grigore started out using her as bait, and in the end decided she was more important than what he was trying to catch. He knew (I assume) what fate he was going to. He did it anyway.

RE: Ha. I think you're the first person to actually say that this early in the story.

Really? Wow. I've been biting my tongue about it for quite some time, telling myself she has a lot on her mind.

RE: Whatever would make you think that Josef has some sort of emotional attachment to Ginny?

I'd been suspecting it for a while, but the confirmation was his reaction the moment he realized Harry and Ginny were sleeping together. The thing with Neville, and the French, made me certain.

RE:Never, I'm afraid. And if they ever did, romance novels and movies would cease to exist.

We'd still have the stories of how they got together, wouldn't we?

RE:Heh. You've been discussing the story? I find that kinda fun. I think that's a first.

Oh yes. He gets constant updates, and gets frustrated if I forget to give him a detail that's important later. He's not a big reader, but he loves being told stories, so I always give him play by plays of what stories I'm reading. At the moment, he's conversely frustrated that A: Harry and Co. aren't more concerned about who/what Valencia is and B: That no one's trusting her enough. I want to know why someone doesn't just ask her the question they want to ask (erm... that was worded funny. She keeps not answering questions because they're supposedly not the ones people really want the answers too, so why don't they just ask the question or if they don't know what it is, ask her what the question is).

RE:You don't like Evelyn? She's not so bad, she just had a lonely childhood. Is it so wrong to desire happiness?

You're defending her? Really? "Not so bad?" I don't think a more revolting character has ever been written. The things she says alone, not even counting being evil and having killed people BEFORE being possessed. She didn't want to be happy. She wanted everyone else as miserable as she was.

Why was Remus so fixated on the idea that Harry was behind things? I guess I thought this was gonna be answered a while back but it never was. Everyone else considered ghost!Harry an unfortunate (if unlikely) possibility they had to consider. He almost seemed to want Harry to be possessing people.

Why does Josef care so much about Valencia? With everything they're dealing with, she's getting a little more focus from him than is really comfortable. And what did Josef see in the Veil?
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