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Kryptic-X chapter 21 . 11/28/2020
Oh jeez. "To be continued" Classic words, Classic cliffhanger, Classic Hiatus. I hope you make more! This is one of the few stories that actually peaked my interest.
Evangel and jack-o chapter 1 . 12/21/2019
God, where have you gone... it’s been ages since I’ve last seen this, and now you’re gone again! If only time weren’t so cruel!
zekken4321 chapter 21 . 11/13/2018
Didn’t still read the new chapter. BUT HELL YEAH, THIS IS A COMEBACK SURPRISE. PLEASE UPDATE THIS MORE OFTEN, OUR MIGHTY AUTHORE. I only cling to this fanfic, over the loss of hope of creating the MML3 Series. Tho im still hoping they would create it again. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Please! Thank you so much!
lolrus555 chapter 21 . 10/24/2018
Oh damn! The segments centering around Volnutt and Trigger were really interesting! It really is interesting seeing more of Volnutt's thoughts on the whole situation with Trigger. We already got hints of it when he witnessed Trigger using his body so gracefully and efficiently during his fight against Glyde's bird-bots, but this chapter really hammers home the sense of inadequacy he's feeling from witnessing this other persona using his body in combat far more efficiently than him, a body that he clearly believes he's the true and real owner of (A mindset that unfortunately and technically speaking, is quite the opposite.) It's also clear to see that Volnutt is understandably hoping to god that people won't compare his feats and accomplishments with everything Trigger accomplished during those weeks that he was back in control of his body.

I really do find it interesting and ironic that currently, the one person that truly seems to be apprehensive and have a natural dislike of Trigger, a person that's managed to gain love and affection from everyone who knew him personally on Elysium, the approval of both the citizens of Elysium and an entire island's worth of people on Earth, and, most prominently, the affection and love of a mother unit that at one point envied him and wanted him dead, is currently Volnutt himself, who could essentially be summed up as a version of Trigger that diverged from the original due to a vastly different upbringing and set of memories. It's even more ironic when you take into consideration that Trigger essentially killed himself and put himself through hell on Sera's part to return control of his body to Volnutt, who he came to truly admire from what he heard of him. Not that it isn't understandable on Volnutt's part. While Yuna implied that Trigger willingly relinquished control of his body to Volnutt, he was never given the exact details of what happened or what he was like while controlling his body, so it's understandable that he'd be more than a little apprehensive and unnerved at the idea that the original personality his body possessed before his memory loss, had been piloting his body for several weeks while for him, only an hour of time seemed to pass.

I also loved the way Volnutt immediately fired upon that humanoid reaverbot the moment it recognized him as Trigger (Did uh... Did Trigger encounter this thing within the story itself? Or was this some kind of offscreen affair? Like I said before, I haven't read this story as a whole in ages.) and fired upon it repeatedly in what felt like a frantic manner the moment is began to approach him with aggression. That reaction just implies a lot of things on Volnutt's part. Namely, a hatred of being associated with this alternate persona of his and perhaps even a fear of losing himself again and Trigger once again being the one in control of his body. Perhaps that was one of the major reasons Volnutt fired upon the Reaverbot despite his reintroduction to the story featuring him trying to get answers from Yuna, answers he could've gotten from that Reaverbot. Perhaps he's afraid that whatever the Reaverbot was going to do was an attempt to once again restore his memories, which would've given him control once more.

I can also easily see Volnutt's facing going completely pale the moment that reaverbot called him Trigger.
User7389 chapter 21 . 8/27/2018
Man, I really liked what you did with this. There were plot points that I really liked with its creativity.
lolrus555 chapter 18 . 8/3/2018
So to start off, let me just say that I'm absolutely ECSTATIC that this fic is still active and going strong despite being more than a freaking decade old! Later on, when I catch up with all this new updated chapters, I'm going to provide a review that lets you know just how happy I am that this fic exists and how I cannot wait for more content to be uploaded.

However, since I'm gonna be giving Love Heist another look over and everything, I thought I'd take this time to address one major gripe I had with this fic: Sera, and her relationship with Trigger. Despite putting so much detail into it and everything, I'm... very sorry to say that personally, I didn't find all the focus on Sera to be all that appealing nor did I find her plight nor grief at the end of this chapter to be sympathetic at all. Honestly, I can say with confidence that Sera was my least favorite character in this entire story, thanks in no small part to how much of a bitch she was.

To start off, there's her utter disregard for Volnutt's life or the people who cared for him. Despite the two of them seemingly making amends during the first chapter, she doesn't hesitate to tell him how getting out of the pocket dimension requires sacrificing his essence and actively implores him to do it, and shows no remorse and sadness whatsoever for his passing, while Yuna is clearly upset regarding the whole circumstances. Then there's her callously telling Roll that Volnutt is gone forever and is never going to come back, and of course, there's her actively sabotaging Trigger from reawakening Volnutt despite that being his desire.

I'd normally be inclined to believe that Sera simply considered Volnutt to be Trigger without his memories, but Volnutt's comatose data showing up in that mindscape clearly shows that by then, she knows Trigger is a separate persona and one she would be happy to see rot in hell as long as Trigger is kept around in his place, regardless of his own desires on the matter.

Then there's just her acting like a total bitch in both the present and in the Elysium flashbacks. I already mention some of the stuff she did in the present regarding Volnutt, but then there's just her being actively contemptuous of Trigger while on Elysium due to her jealousy and trying to kill him twice.

I get that it was all because of her love and care for the Master, but I didn't really find that it excused any of her actions.

Point is, when Sera broke down steadily over the course of this entire chapter, I didn't feel bad for her in the slightest. Like at all. Honestly, I felt like her agony when she got bombarded with Volnutt's memories and her grief over losing Trigger to have been Karma that was 18 chapters in the making. I'm not sure if making Sera unsympathetic was your intention or if you were trying to go for a jerky, emotionally stunted character that we're supposed to grow endeared to, but the way she acted and all the shit she caused just kinda killed any good will I could've had for her.

Another thing that I hate to say is that Trigger is... well... he wasn't a very engrossing protagonist, which I found to be a damn shame due to all the blatant and obvious hints that like the other reploids on Elysium, he was some sort of incarnation of X, my personal fav Megaman! I just feel like you went a bit too far in making him a selfess paragon that didn't hesitate to sacrifice himself to make others happy, with his only active regrets and displays of sadness being the idea of hurting those around him inadvertently. Once again, maybe this is just me, but I find paragon characters to be a pretty tough pill to swallow when they put themselves through utter hell for some kind of selfless task with utterly no regrets other than, like I said, inadvertently hurting their loved ones through their actions. (Ironic on my part, considering Trigger's selfless actions this chapter were what brought Volnutt back, which was something I was actively hoping for an anticipating.)

Then there's the fact that he's just... I dunno, he just kinda feels like a wet blanket. I just don't find characters like him to be all that interesting when characters such as him all expectedly act in a manner befitting a paragon of good and selflessness. Volnutt's a pretty simple character himself, but he also has a lot of charm that instantly makes him more endearing and interesting to follow than Trigger.

That being said, these gripes never got in the way of my overall enjoyment of the story and honestly, it's because of them that I have so much to look forward to in later chapters of Love Heist. Hell, despite what I said, I'm still happy with Trigger's role in the story since him and his Elysium flashbacks set the stage for the possibility of Volnutt meeting more characters from Elysium while he lacks Trigger's memories and personality. I can only imagine characters such as Alia will be heartbroken to see what's essentially another person inhabiting the body of the one she loves. (I also really hope that other characters from Elysium are present on Earth and that Alia isn't the only one. It'd be incredibly interesting to see how characters like Nero, Iris, or Axl's incarnation would react to Volnutt as well.)

But yes, this review was mainly just to address a gripe that's been on my mind regarding this story for a while. Somewhere down the line, I'm going to provide a more full and detailed review that this story deserves :)
Ghost Man chapter 21 . 6/25/2018
Argh. You might want to change up the formatting
maelstrom969 chapter 21 . 6/19/2018
Niceeee! What a nice surprise to see the alert on my inbox.

Great chapter! Was glad to read everything from the beginning again to catch up.

Stop being a tease! Please update more often!
Majestic Star Arceus chapter 1 . 6/17/2018
not gonna lie thought you were dead but this was a very welcomed surprise.
LaughingLefou chapter 21 . 6/17/2018
Holy hell, you still yet live!

As usual, fantastic chapters and a reminder of why I've been following your work for ages now. Hope to see more soon.
Guest chapter 20 . 4/24/2018
Man pls do the needful
Ghost Man chapter 20 . 1/15/2018
*snickers* No, he isn't, but you should come back to us oh author. This story misses you for the passed four years.
Ghost Man chapter 19 . 1/15/2018
When a mother system asks if you're a say yes!

Also when a pirate converses during battle, it's only appropriate to converse back.
Ghost Man chapter 18 . 1/15/2018
Awww...sad but happy times...shame those databases couldn't do a union, but dang...Sera be crazy, but...I kinda empathise with her here.
Ghost Man chapter 17 . 1/15/2018
What the hay is your game plan, Sera? You' confusing but intriguing!

Wait...maybe she's not Yandere...but Tsundere? Or...I'm so confused, Sera! XD

*snickers* Who do we place our trust in? The one that won't make sense, of course!

Ya know...I felt like we needed to cue the music in that last scene. Kinda epic.
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