Reviews for Fortitude
Mailrebel chapter 51 . 7/6
This is a very happy and satisfying ending. All in all, this was a good story. One thing that I really appreciated was how this story pays homage to the original game. It was nice seeing all of the Sages from OOT get involved in the plot, and I liked that the characters used the Ocarina to travel. It was simple, but I liked it.

I also appreciated how much tension there was in this story. I constantly found myself getting nervous for some of these characters, especially when they were in difficult situations. There were many moments where the story felt somewhat dark and depressing, but this just made the eventual moments of triumph feel all the more satisfying.

Thank you for all of the time and effort you put in to writing this. It’s been a fun read. I suppose I’ll have to move on to the sequel next. Looking forward to it.
Mailrebel chapter 50 . 7/5
Yes, I’m so happy to hear that the Alicia woman was banished from the castle. I might be exaggerating here, but I think that she was easily the most hateable character in this story lol.

I’ve come to respect Vasilis a bit at the end here, if only because he was willing to share the truth of his crimes with the public and plead guilty. By him doing so, the entire situation should be cleaned up rather nicely. I’m looking forward to the conclusion.
Mailrebel chapter 48 . 7/4
Yay, looks like we're moving towards a happy ending. Now we just need to deal with Ashton, and maybe that Alicia woman as well lol.
Mailrebel chapter 46 . 7/3
It was nice to see Link finally get some recognition from Vasilis. In these last few chapters, I was hoping he might have become some kind of ally for Link and Zelda and help turn things around, but after seeing that he still intends to work with the necromancer, he's kind of just cemented himself as a misguided fool.

Hopefully everything works out in the next few chapters.
Mailrebel chapter 43 . 7/1
This feels like an unwise decision, with Zelda plunging herself into danger once again. I know she's doing this to keep Link safe, but she's kind of endangering her baby as a result. I hope she knows what she's doing.
Mailrebel chapter 41 . 6/29
I feel really bad for Link here. There’s no doubt he must feel terrible about his actions, even if he wasn’t completely in control. He’s probably starting to come to the realization that Zelda isn’t safe with him around. It wouldn’t surprise me if he decided to run off on his own in the near future.

The mention of “cuckoo noodle soup” made me laugh.
Mailrebel chapter 40 . 6/28
Wow, that chase across the dark forest as well as Zelda’s skirmish with the assassin was intense. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!
Mailrebel chapter 36 . 6/26
Well, switching to these unedited chapters is a bit of an awkward transition. It’s just weird when it feels like there’s a chapter missing here, especially when Impa shows up out of nowhere and everyone starts throwing out terms I’ve never heard before like “Black Echo” and “Final Strike”. Oh well, I’ll learn to live with it lol.

I’m wondering if Link actually teleported to the Shadow Temple, or if he maybe went to deliver the Ocarina to his new “master”. Hopefully it’s the former.
Mailrebel chapter 35 . 6/26
That was an awesome way for Link to reveal that he is still alive. With all the chaos and confusion happening there, I bet there’s going to be a lot of rumors going around about whether he was really there or not. Either way, these rumors will likely start to give people hope as well as the courage to fight back.

Looks like I’ve made it to the end of the edited chapters. Time to see what the original chapters have in store.
Mailrebel chapter 30 . 6/24
So Zelda basically had to choose between her own wellbeing as well as her child's, and the wellbeing of her people. It's by no means an easy choice, and I certainly don't blame her for picking one or the other...although I kind of wish she had just stayed at the camp, especially now that we know that Link made it to the village to help the people in her place. At this point, Zelda might be too frail to actually help these people at all, and this whole situation feels like it might be a trap to lure her out of hiding. For her sake though, I hope that I'm wrong lol.
Mailrebel chapter 28 . 6/22
This Alicia woman is still as unbearable as ever. I really wouldn't mind if something awful happened to her lol.

As always, I enjoyed seeing Zelda stand up to Ashton once again. Hopefully this is the last time she has to flee the castle. She's already gone back and forth so many times now, it's starting to get tiring (also I always get worried for her safety lol).

I'm happy to see that Zelda was able to share the good news with Link. Hopefully this will incentivize the hero to truly keep her safe from now on.
Mailrebel chapter 27 . 6/22
This might be a mistake, but why would the maids take notice of Zelda’s lack of “bleeding”? She’s spent a lot of her time in the dungeon as well as away from the castle, so it’s not like she was sleeping in her bed every night. It also just seems kind of weird that they were keeping track of such a thing in the first place...

I just hope that this doesn't lead to Zelda's secret being revealed.
Mailrebel chapter 26 . 6/22
It’s nice that Zelda is pregnant again, but the timing probably couldn’t be worse. In addition to the danger Zelda seems to constantly find herself in, she is also not very healthy, and her child will never be safe if Ashton finds out about it. Not to mention, the child would have been conceived at a time when Link was believed to be dead. I can only imagine that the general populace will assume that this child is Ashton’s instead of Link’s. The evidence unfortunately seems to point in that direction…

Hopefully everything sorts itself out in the end, but I have a bad feeling that things are only going to get more nerve-wracking from this point on.
Mailrebel chapter 25 . 6/21
I have to say, it's been nice seeing all of the Sages brought into the story like this. It's good to know that they still have relevance even after the events of Ocarina of Time. I esepcially like how Ruto is portrayed here, how she acts playfully around Link. It's very cute.

And it seems that Zelda has been captured again. I have a bad feeling that Ashton isn't going to be so "gentle" with her this time around...
Mailrebel chapter 21 . 6/20
It was nice to see Zelda stand up to Ashton and almost get her hands on the evidence she needed, but it’s too bad her powers gave out. I wonder if this has ties to the bond she shared with Link. Now that the bond is severed, maybe her powers have started weakening as a result?

Also, it seems that Link might still be in danger of being mind-controlled, or just losing his mind entirely. I guess I can never rest easy lol.
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