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Zidane77 chapter 36 . 12/18/2014
I don't know what to say. I'm confused,

worried, upset, anxious and a hundred other

emotions. That's how good this is.
Zidane77 chapter 35 . 12/18/2014
There's so many complications between Link

and Zelda. They don't fully confide in each other

it's like they don't fully trust each other.
Zidane77 chapter 34 . 12/18/2014
Oh no! Clef! Link's going to go and rescue him

is he. Bad idea. Send someone else! Link can't

Zidane77 chapter 33 . 12/18/2014
I hope the fairy works. I can't stand seeing

Link in so much pain because of his curse.
Zidane77 chapter 32 . 12/18/2014
I love scenes like this. Not the badness of

it, just the tender stuff.
Zidane77 chapter 31 . 12/18/2014
Everybody seems to be ending on cliffhangers. It

always makes me anxious for the next chapter :)
DrewLark2014 chapter 1 . 12/4/2014
Never have I been so in love with a fanfiction, your writing makes me feel like i'm really there
Kuann chapter 41 . 12/1/2014
Now that I think of it, it's never explained how the Gerudo have children in the first place. It's a complete mystery, both in the games and in your fic. I really hope it's not just Ganondorf fertilizer they're passing around in that desert. I'd be interested in seeing your take on how they get around that particular issue, and it wouldn't be hard to mention it in the rewritten version of this chapter. Do they just take lovers from other races (Just Hylians, I guess)? If so, does that make them half Hylian? If not, how exactly do they conceive? Or do they simply pop out of holes in the ground?

Very poignant scene, what with Link recognizing that he's "responsible" for Zelda's injuries. There's an emotional fever pitch in that moment that's been underplayed until now. The tone of the story, overall, is just very *tense*. Link's little episode was more honest, more emotionally charged, and in the end, cathartic. His blatant rejection of himself and of the curse, reflected in his actions far more than his words, was a well-timed and much-needed release of energy.

I also think you did Malon justice. I've been wondering if you'd do anything with her since she took Epona away. In a way, I find it too bad that you took the first-person limited approach with this story. There's so much potential to tell the story from other characters' points of view. I would like to see Malon and Link reconcile, confronting those feelings she has for him in a cathartic way. Sadly, that's not relevant to Zelda, and so it will just be left for us to imagine. I mean that in a complementary way - your characters, both original and derived from OoT, are interesting. I only lament that we don't get to see more of them. That's why I hope you'd consider pursuing other stories in your little Zelda continuum, focusing on (as lovely as she is) characters other than Zelda.

As a more general note, I'm noticing some occasional hiccups of overwriting in these rougher drafts. Examples usually relate to Zelda's feelings, often about Link, where rationalization is mixed in with sheer explanation. As a specific case, when Zelda made the decision to expose Link's scar to Talon and Malon, you elaborated on her hesitation. Her hesitation, in my belief, wasn't important - it was her action to expose it that was. Her trepidation wasn't apparent in either her dialogue or the scene, so it only served to take me out of it. Such things are common in writing that has light or no revision, and it seems you are already aware of these instances when you edit. I noticed no such overwriting examples in your early, revised chapters. It's working! I only bring it up to make you conscious of a) the fact that it's there and b) your current approach to rewriting is fixing it, so keep doing what you're doing!

I look forward to the climax of the story as it gets ever-nearer.
Kuann chapter 38 . 11/29/2014
And so the rising action continues. It is good that the Final Strike approaches; I am looking forward to this finale.

There is a sense of exhaustion purveying the story by now. Things have been in a tense lull since Aboda, I feel, possibly sooner. It's nice - well, not nice, because characters are suffering - to see the status quo of the Resistance reach a head. They have to move now, or else. The Echo grows more intense, the necromancer becomes more brazen, and to borrow from a different franchise, Winter is Coming.

I look forward to seeing how you add up all of these last pieces. Though, with a good 13 chapters left, it may be a long process!
Zelda chapter 21 . 11/21/2014
Abriol chapter 51 . 11/20/2014
Well, I am thoroughly impressed. I am totally new to fanfiction, and approached the prospect of reading this with caution and doubt. However, my doubts were uncalled for as this story proved to be stellar. If all the stories found on this site are of the same quality as yours is, I believe I will enjoy my time spent here immensely.
Kuann chapter 29 . 11/13/2014
I had such a lovely review ready. I wanted to say how cathartic it's been since Zelda escaped Ashton's abuse, ridicule, and piggishness. I was going to go on and on about the warmth I felt about the pair of them reuniting, that the lovebirds can finally relish one another's presence again.

But then you go and write that last line! How darest thou?! Now all I feel is dread -_- We'll see. I know this story ends happily, but it would be great to have a *little* more happy time!

Not much else to share. There are odd typos I found, but as you said, you're editing. From what I recall, there was a false use of "it's" somewhere (i.e. "it's" as a possessive). Minor things to Ctrl F. The story is quite enchanting! I'll have to resist the urge not to write fan fic of this fan fic... it's good enough for that, truly! I look forward to the rest.
Kuann chapter 28 . 11/12/2014
"Guys, I've been depressed about the lack of reviews."

-Ingie, Chapter XXVIII

*Kuann looks at the review counter. Looks at the quote. Looks back at the message. Checks the quote again. Scratches chin.*

I understand this message was likely posted some time ago... but good lord my lady! How few reviews did you have?! If you had more than 100 you'd have been fine. My most popular story barely scrapes past 60! As I am sure you are aware, this fan fic is one of the most reviewed LoZ fics on the web! So excuuuuuuse me princess!

And yet, here I am, leaving you yet another of my novella reviews. Ah, well, I'm a sucker ain't I? ;)

Though it has been some time since my last review, I have been quietly working through the story all the while. Your older, less-revised chapters are still wonderful, dramatic, and witty. But, and I mean this as encouragement, your editing efforts with the first handful of chapters shows. Your style has noticeably progressed over the years!

I hope the young lad(y) survives, though I doubt you have the heartlessness to kill a baby twice. I hope Zelda leaves the castle for good this time - her escapes and returns are starting to feel a little repetitive, if not pointless. After all, the good she can do from within the castle is almost completely gone at this point.

Oh, and magic conflicting with the baby... creative. It does explain Zelda's recent fecklessness, though I'd love to get an explanation of that. We'll have to wait and see what happens there, and by we I mean me!

By the way, snuck a look at "Sleeping". Just a sketch of course, but one of my favorite drawings of the happy couple. It's a nice thing to look at, especially with all the doom and gloom going on in the story right now.

I haven't read the body of this chapter yet. Your old review plea inspired me to chastise/applaud you early. Sally forth with your edits - you're doing fantastically!
Kuann chapter 15 . 11/8/2014
Quick note of confusion: did Zelda not give the Ocarina of Time to Link last chapter? Yet here she has it, as if she never used it. Did I miss something?
Kuann chapter 12 . 11/8/2014
Goodness, this is an exercise of my patience! This narrative is infuriating, and that is a good thing. But my word... I hope there is *some* levity to come, because I'm not sure how much more I can take.

Addiction best describes my state in reading this right now. I can't say I'm enjoying the sequence of scenes, as I'm too busy hating Ashton, pitying Zelda, and wondering what the Hell is going on to feel many positive emotions. Good! I hope you're happy!

Phew. Glad to get that off my chest. Now for a more technical review. Your characterization is powerful and Ashton is oh-so-hateable. Honestly, I hope Vasilis gets what's coming to him as well. You've done a good job of winding up the emotional tension so far, bringing Zelda lower and lower with each chapter.

Here's the thing, though: it's time for some conflict now. I may sound confusing when I say that, as there are a plenitude of bad circumstances being presented, so let me explain. It's very common for a story to start off like this - a character suffers a great loss, has his/her status quo dramatically changed in a way that throws them into the larger conflict of the story. In fact, this is Link's standard storyline. What happens immediately after, however, is that the protagonist begins to work against the antagonist, and we experience the push-and-pull of conflict between the good and the bad.

So far, the conflict has been painfully one-sided. It is currently working in the story's favor, as we are experiencing Zelda's despair at the hands of Ashton's undeserved success. But keep in mind that this kind of tragedy-tragedy-tragedy can overstay its welcome, and become unnecessarily dark. Thus far your flashback scenes of Link and Zelda's history have tided me over with some positive energy, but they are no substitute to true, present-day progress of the plot. Note that Zelda doesn't have to win a victory against Ashton - she just has to have a meaningful chance. There's a risk of nihilist readers here.

Again, you've already written the story. I mention some of these things for future reference. This story is very successful and you obviously have a much-higher-than-average grasp of craft and story. You also don't have to agree with what I say. I think you should get credit for what you do well.

There's certainly no turning back for me now. Even if I hate every other word in this narrative, I have to know how it ends!
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