Reviews for Obsession
Alachai chapter 6 . 6/3/2007
Alright. I was really, really worried when Stan pulled the bloody finger out and fed it to the lions. I actually had to scroll down to see if Sam would have a section in this chapter – and all ten fingers. Then Sammy got free! Thank goodness.

If Dean would’ve only followed the circus truck.

And now I have to wait 3 weeks for the next update. (I’ll be going on vacation).

Wonderful, wonderful job!

Little-Lola2616 chapter 6 . 6/3/2007
WOW. This is really good, I'm so scared for Sam it seems so realistic :) Good work x
Brigid Tanner chapter 6 . 6/3/2007
You really had me worried when Stan was feeding the lions and pulled the bloody finger out of the bucket. I'm torn between laughing at Sam thinking now he could tell Dean "I told you so" about the clown and hurting for him as he's trying to get loose and he's desperate to piss. But at least now he's armed! I keep yelling at Dean to follow the circus truck, but he's not listening. I like that he's stuck, totally clueless, while we know where he should be looking.
sammygirl1963 chapter 6 . 6/3/2007
Way to go Sammy! Got himself lose and now he just has to find the strength to take out his captor! With the tirture he has been thru, he might find that too hard! Hopefully Dean will get there to back him up soon!
mollieclarke chapter 6 . 6/3/2007
excellent chapter

plz update soon
Windyfontaine chapter 6 . 6/3/2007
Ah, Dean, follow the circus dude! Heh good timing, I'm actually reviewing early for a change. And yay, Sam got a hand free! I really do admire the realism you manage to put into each scene. Sam's dislocated thumb, the other thing, :) very well done. And now he's got weapons...ooh, now, a lesser person? Say me for instance? That clown would be dead. Kaput, stabbed, a goner, toast. Grinning from ear to ear with a red line on his throat. I'd happily serve time :D (Yes, I am bloodthirsty, lol) But Sam? Not his style, which is part of why I love him, sigh. Can't wait to see what happens next though. Is Sam going to be able to rescue himself, with big brother coming just at the end? Or do you have something else up your sleeve? Anywho, totally enjoying this and thanks for updating! And have a great day :)
Gizzygiz chapter 6 . 6/3/2007
Oh Sam! Poor, poor thing! At least he got his one hand free so he could keep some of his dignity! And yes, Sam, I think you can DEFINITELY tell big bro Dean "I told you so" about clowns! Clowns are bad news!

That man better not feed our boy to the lions!

Still luving every second of this! What a nice surprise the update was after work today :)

Dean better figure out what to do next FAST! Sam needs help!
merryw chapter 6 . 6/3/2007
Great chapter! The clown on the truck - too funny! LOL!
TammiTam chapter 6 . 6/3/2007
This story has got me all tied up in knots! Feed Sam to the lions? OH NO! That sick clown needs Dean to whack him good! Come on Dean, go check out the circus! Great story, it truly is an ingeniously awesome plot.
Nana56 chapter 6 . 6/3/2007
Geez, Dean, pull it together! Get a grip and go check out the circus before it leaves town!

I loved the part where Sam pissed by the door to the tent and hoped that Stan would walk through it. I hope so, too...that would be awesome! I can imaging Stan's reaction when he figures it out.

Great chapter!
Samantha chapter 6 . 6/3/2007
I am loving this story. Great fic. But I am surprised that Sam is still conscious after being cleaned by bleach and then having bleach used to clean his wound. Bleach makes people sick and it would be like poison in his wound. I cut my finger once and forgot about it when I reached into a bucket containing bleach and water and I just about passed out from the pain of that one little cut. I can't even imagine how poor Sam must have felt to have it clean a deep knife wound.

If Dean doesn't find him soon, or Sam get away (though like I said, I'm still surprised he is conscious and cohereent and can't see how he's going to have the strength to do so), there won't be any Sam left to save.

The part with the lions was very chilling. I am assuming that is the fate that will await Sam.
Poaetpainter chapter 6 . 6/3/2007
Sam! You better gut that damn clown!

great chapter, happy to see Sam getting free-ish
Susan82 chapter 5 . 6/3/2007
There are some things a guy just shouldn't do, and using Sam for target practice is definitely one of them! O, I can't wait until Stan gets his. I don't care if it's Sam, Dean, or both, but this guy need a serious Winchester beating!

I winced when the blade entered Sam's arm, but when Stan pulled out the bleach... oh wow. I didn't want to keep reading, yet I did want to keep reading. lol

-Sam knew the chemical was slowly dissolving his flesh.- brutal.

And go Dean! I like that you didn't go into a long B-story about how Dean went about getting the APB on Sam. Don't get me wrong, if you had, I would've read it and probably loved it. But this way the story keeps pushing ahead, the frantic pace of the hunt keeps spiraling forward.

-He had a brother to find.- I feel like a cheerleader. Go Dean, go!

Awesome chapter...loved it!

Carikube chapter 5 . 6/3/2007
** He took aim and threw again. Sam flinched, even though this knife landed further away than the first one. A flare of panic numbed Stan’s fingers- what if he couldn’t get this right? What if he lost his job, where would he go? Where would he live? Who would want him? He wiped his free hand on his pants and checked his buttons.

Stan truly comes to life for me here. More than an unfortunate, more than a bad-guy, he’s a 3-dimensional person with real hopes and real fears. Panic makes us do dishonorable things sometimes, and Stan is less fortunate and therefore more driven to recklessness and extreme acts. It still earns no forgiveness for what he does to Sam, but it makes sense. It makes this story far more complex because it’s no longer just about Sam saving himself, it’s about Stan… what happens to him, what this all means for him.

** He threw the knife, letting the blade slip from his fingers as his arm extended. It flash-flash-flashed through the air, glinting in the firelight from the lantern, and sank to the hilt in Sam’s bicep.

I held my breath while reading this the first time, and still it transfixes me. I can see the knife flash-flashing. This is such a smart way to illustrate a weapon’s momentum.

** Sam grunted, his eyes squeezed shut, and blood started seeping from around the knife, glistening.

And this makes my chest go squeezy tight! *wink*

** Sam looked up to see Stan approaching with a bottle of bleach and a yellow bandana. The guy just threw a fucking knife at him, and now he wanted to clean? What the hell…

And here Sam channels Dean, I love it!

I have no words for Stan putting bleach onto Sam’s wound. I understand his logic, why he would think that would be a good idea, but his complete disregard for another’s suffering is downright sickening. Stan is so dysfunctional that he cares only about himself, about the consequences to him and not about anyone else. Does this mean he’s completely without redemption? I like to think that no-one is, but with Stan I can’t help but wonder.

** That Emily Dickenson chick was wrong- hope was the thing with wheels.

As I said, I looked this up! Super cool, my friend! I’ve now learned something new!

** People were complex, they often did things that made sense only to them, and their souls always weighted your conscious when you pulled the trigger.

Yes! I love this. I love that Dean is affected by killing a person, regardless of who they are. I have hope that he’ll never lose that, that either of the boys will ever lose that. I know, I know, it’s fading more and more, but a girl can dream. *wink*

** Dean sighed and rubbed his face, stretching his jaw. The Impala’s headlights scraped over the blacktop, parting the night for the car’s passage; sleek glass through black ink. Inside, Skynyrd’s ‘Simple Man’ haunted the speakers quietly. Scanning the streets, Dean forced the car to move as slow as it ever had. If there was a clue, he would find it.

Guh! Beautiful! I need say no more!

And the false recognition, that fleeting hope that gave Dean immediate purpose, it’s borderline cruelty. He is so close, and yet he’s looking in all the wrong places. He just doesn’t process threat in the same way as Sam, and I love how you capture this. But you know that, cos I blathered on about this on the phone. *wink*
Carikube chapter 4 . 6/3/2007
** Stan clutched the bag to his chest, his leather gloves tightening around his knuckles. His heart banged against his chest, sweat broke out under his suit. Alligator Man stood in the shadows, leaning against his tent’s support tie. The white nylon string bowed under the weight.

I know that I harp on and on about how amazingly you write description, how you capture intricate detail with your keen eye. Hell, girl, take me to a circus and I’d be struggling to even notice that there’s support ties and strings that would bow under the weight of a person resting against them. Oh, unless I fell over them, and that is likely! *lol*

** “Don’t you think you’re fat enough? Look at you, you’re disgusting. Give me the bag.”

Stan backed up. “No. It’s mine, I bought it, with my money, I paid for it, it’s mine and I need it-“

As much as I hate Stan, and I do, this is hard to read. No-one should be treated this way, let alone someone who is mentally disadvantaged.

** “I hear you talking, you know. Yelling. You yell at yourself, Tiny? Because you’re so stupid?”

*hackles go up*

** “Oh, and thanks for the grub.” Alligator Man chuckled as he entered his own tent, the sound deep and rumbling like rolling stones.

Beautiful! I think I commented on this already, but it really is an effective simile, and works to illustrate this man as large, authoritative, and dismissive.

** Thick snot coated his throat and Sam swallowed, determined to conceal all signs of his fear. The burning on his face ebbed somewhat but the skin felt blistered and burned if he smiled.

Girl, you make it real. No candy coating over the reality of violence. It’s nasty, it’s ugly, and this story isn’t pretty. So many things about it are unpleasant and you make that real. I admire that in your writing (well, apart from the MANY other things I admire), but this in particular is what makes you stand apart – and what I work to copy (steal, plagiarise…) *saunters off whistling* *wink*

** Sam watched the clown take himself apart, first the nose, then the hair.

I’m sure I said something vaguely intelligent when I commented on this before, well I hope I did. That Sam observes it this way, instead of thinking Stan is undressing, or unmasking, he sees it as taking himself apart, and later he feels he is dismantling. Sam isn’t coping well, psychologically, as well as physically. On some distant level he knows it.

** Frustration erupted within him, intense and unbidden. “Let me go,” Sam said, pleading, ordering, his desperation gathering momentum with every breath. “Untie me!”

I adore this. Sam’s a strong guy, but he’s completely frazzled here. He’s been hurt, he’s in the clutches of a madman who dresses up in a disguise that Sam is phobic about, and he has no clue where he is. This is a desperate situation, and I love how you’ve captured that. It unsettles me to see Sam like this, and to know that Dean has no clue where he is. Sam has to keep it together, he has to stop from falling part, yet he is clearly falling apart here. This makes me fear for him even more.

** Stan’s eyes widened with fear and he reached in the trunk, pulling out a red satin handkerchief. “Stupid boy! Stop it! Be quiet!”

Stan fears Alligator Man’s wrath if the other man is disturbed by the shouting, he doesn’t fear being found out. Again, have I mentioned how much I really dislike circuses. *wink*

** The gag was tied tightly, the knot pulling the hair at the back of his head. The fabric pinched the corners of his mouth, igniting the skin on his face. He bit down, tongue scraping against the handkerchief. His hair fell in his eyes.

Is it so very, very wrong of me to find this image so disturbingly attractive. Okay, not the bleach burned skin, but the hair falling in his eyes. *contented sigh* Yes, I know, I need therapy! *lol*

** Drawing nearer, he recognized the clear measured tube of a syringe, a thin silver quill glinting softly at one end.

How did I miss this before? ‘thin silver quill glinting softly…’, beautifully innocuous, yet chilling.
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