Reviews for So Much To Learn
SunnyShipping chapter 37 . 10/7
I'm getting worked up over this story and I haven't done that in a while. Good job with the descriptions.
Guest chapter 113 . 9/12
I really hope you continue. You have definitely done a wonderful job with this story.
MissK chapter 114 . 8/28
Hi! I have been following this story since the slowly got busier, I lost track of it, and even forgot about it until I checked an old email account and realized it had been updated recently! I was so excited that I reread the whole story in its entirely over and over, loving the new content that was added since I read it last. I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy to read new, awesome content and I can't wait to see what happens next! You are an amazing writer and storyteller. I will keep following it until the end! :):):) Thank you!
History101 chapter 114 . 7/28
Loved this story so far I couldn't stop reading it. It's really a brilliant piece of work. Update soon :)
whiskeyneat chapter 114 . 7/16
Well, this has been a delight to read, from beginning to near-end. I was beside myself with laughter for the "three weddings"...especially the first. This is a fantastic, beautiful, epic fic and I adore it. I hope it won't be too long before you finish it, but I understand about the demands of real life and fic writing.
Guest chapter 99 . 7/5
I WILL finish before 2010 ! Hahahaha
Jazmin chapter 114 . 6/29
What an epic journey! Oooh I hope you update soon, I literally can't tear my eyes off of this story. It makes me laugh, cry and grin like an idiot. It's also well looked up and the many historical accuracies make it all the more believable. By far the best Sparrabeth, no, the best pirate fanfiction I've ever read. Do keep writing, you have such talent and determination! You really inspire me to carry on writing as well (I unfortunatley have an abundance of abandoned fanfiction).
Miss. WriteMe chapter 1 . 6/24
Oh my god! You've been writing this for ten years, that's dedication! Good luck!
LoneWolfOneill chapter 114 . 6/16
That's just rude... A simple no would have saved the furniture. Loved the chapter... Keep them coming.
bluefirefly5 chapter 114 . 6/16
Such a cool chapter, I'm happy they're finally having fun after that eventful evening! Lucky woman, Lizzie, having Jack's attention like that! ;-) Please keep writing, I'm so happy having new chapters again!
Sebine chapter 113 . 6/11
goddamnit why did it end!?
bluefirefly5 chapter 113 . 6/8
The misadventures of poor Weatherby Swann continue, I see. I wonder how he'll react when he'll finally realize Lizzie really did marry Jack of her own free will...
earfluffy chapter 108 . 6/6
One thousand reviews! Woo! Congratulations!
earfluffy chapter 109 . 6/6
Oh no! The dress!
earfluffy chapter 111 . 6/6
Poor Weatherby.
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