Reviews for So Much To Learn
HannaMi3 chapter 110 . 3/16
ooooh, how fun! what's next, what's next?
Sebine chapter 110 . 2/24
You cliff hanging bag of dicks!

I reread the entire story for THAT!?

dragoness0420 chapter 110 . 2/20
Ack! So tense! Grip that blade, Lizzie, and slide it down. Gut the bastard!
h8erade chapter 109 . 2/19
Hmm... The plot thickens. Looking forward to the next instalment!
h8erade chapter 108 . 2/19
Really glad that you're still writing. Was curious to see what happened to these two :)
dragoness0420 chapter 109 . 2/17
Oh no! Kick their asses, Lizzie!
DarkFay chapter 109 . 2/17
Uh oh, trouble is never too far away, it seems.
Ariah's Revenge chapter 109 . 2/17
Yay! New chapter!
Poor Jack, he can never stay our of trouble for long.
HauntedApple chapter 109 . 2/17
So I had honestly forgotten about this story, except that I randomly remember parts of it. This was one of the first fanfictions that I started reading, so I guess it stuck with me. I'm not sure what prompted you to continue to write this story all of a sudden but Im enjoying it. I actually spent my whole weekend rereading this and I've fallen in love all over again.
dragoness0420 chapter 108 . 2/14
I think Vitoria would make an excellent pirate... Perhaps even a good match for Mr. Turner, should he ever turn up, again. I'm so glad you added another chapter!
dragoness0420 chapter 107 . 2/12
Oh, I truly hope you come back to this story, again. I love it, and really can't wait to see it come to a true end.
dragoness0420 chapter 61 . 2/11
FINALLY! I'm exhausted watching these two. Sheesh.
dragoness0420 chapter 37 . 2/11
I've left a couple little comments on previous chapters, as I'm sure you saw, but I think this is a good time to leave a real 'review'.

You are an excellent teller of stories. You write in a way that doesn't show me what to feel, but rather gives me the feelings. I was blushing right along with Elizabeth. My heart clenched and my chest tightened. I could feel the lust rolling off of Jack when her hand touched his thigh.

It's increasingly difficult to find a story-teller who is capable of producing an emotional response from me, these days. Even some of my favorite authors fall short. But, this story has my heart and I hope to read it until its completion, whenever that may be. ;)

Wow. Keep doing what you're doing!
dragoness0420 chapter 17 . 2/11
Wouldn't it be a thing to see that ship being pulled out of the water with your own two eyes?
dragoness0420 chapter 4 . 2/11
Hahaha! I loved this chapter. Men being squeamish over menstrual blood never gets old!
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