Reviews for Keeping Faith
ady71 chapter 32 . 1/10
salut,acest fanfic mai va fi actualizat?
ady71 chapter 32 . 1/4
salut,sper ca acest fanfic mai va fi actualizat?
Dalradia chapter 32 . 3/30/2015
Is this fic dead? Because if it is's a shame it did, just when it was getting iinteresting, anyway i hope the author finds his mojo back in writing more chapters:)
KrautYank chapter 32 . 12/18/2014
Okay this is awesome and needs to be continued I really hope that this gets continued.
Qatzol chapter 32 . 12/23/2013
While I was surfing through the star wars archive in a search for an awesome pro-imperial war story and found this story, I certainly hope that you will finish this story.
Cyrannus chapter 32 . 11/30/2013
This is quite a decent story and I hate to see it remained unfinished. Please finish if not to much to ask
meline387 chapter 32 . 11/24/2013
NarwhalWarlord chapter 32 . 6/6/2013
Fun stuff! I do so enjoy Thrawn.
ladyofdarkstar chapter 32 . 12/20/2012
I wanted to thank you for writing this. There aren't enough Thrawn fics out there that are this well done. I sincerely hope that you one day come back to this, though I will not give you grief if you don't. I know how a muse can come and go even thirty-plus chapters into a story. ;)

This was a brilliant and refeshing take on Thrawn, and I've enjoyed it so much. Thank you again!
batfan7 chapter 32 . 1/8/2012
A very interesting story! It looks like it won't be continued, since it's been so long, but I'll put it on alert anyway.

I think Thrawn is my favorite Imperial officer and honestly I wish more books had been written with him in them. I like how you've done him - he's confident and clever but not omniscient or infallible. I suspect with him alive and commanding a large portion of the galaxy that the Vong invasion might cause much less destruction. I rather hope, if you continue this story that it does in fact go that far.

I realize that killing Han was, erm, realistic, but I do wish it'd been Chewie instead. Oh well. To balance that out, I really like how you've done the ugly, red-tape-filled bureaucracy of the Republic. I'm hoping that Luke (and Leia and Mara) end up switching sides... it'd be fun to read!

This particular arc with the cloned Emperor is cannon, right? I vaguely think I remember reading that book long, long ago, so that makes this rather fun to see how your living Thrawn affects things. And it was an excellent choice for a 'bad guy' - someone that could unite the good-Republic guys and Thrawn's side.

Well, I hope you are still working on another chapter because I'd love to see how this all turns out.
Phygmalion chapter 32 . 12/14/2011
I just found this story a couple hours ago. I just wanted to tell you that it is one of the most brilliant Thrawn fics that I have ever read, and fully deserves to be finished. You capture Thrawn's voice very well. You also didn't just have him survive with no consequences - the medical complications was a nice touch. It's too bad about Han, but it does not ruin the story for me.

Great job, and hoping to see another chapter!
FallenHero93 chapter 32 . 6/23/2011
Wow, this story was awesome! I couldn't stop reading it! I mostly liked the part in which Leia wants to throw her lightsaber at the council members, it was awfully funny! Oh, and I also appreciated that you showed Thrawn's own thoughts, that was really needed. You had some very original ideas about continuing the original story, the best of which was the seizures - I don't know, I just feel like they fit in. Oh, and a side comment or two: 1. I saw somebody commenting upon Han's death before I actually read the story. When I read the comment, I was like: "Ah, Solo dies? Oh yeah, I gotta read this story to the end!" 2. The world Thrawn destroyed was General Grievous' planet. I read something about it on Wookieepedia. And please, finish this story! It's truly amazing and it does deserve an ending.
Darth Yuthura chapter 32 . 6/8/2011
I've been trying to come up with an insightful description for your entire story thus far, but find it really comes down to your use of context within a story. Your description of the clone's dentistry was definitely something I would not have thought of myself. Finer details such as this genuinely stand out in a novel/fanfiction. The manner in which characters react and then how others behave in response to such reactions... it adds more dimension than I realize.

I'm also not sure how you came to decide to kill off Han in this story. I'm not exactly one of his greatest fans, but I guess I personally prefer not killing off main characters under any circumstances. That probably limits what I can do with a fiction, but I just prefer not having to fear or worry about certain characters as a reader or a writer.

As a whole, I really have to say that I find this an interesting scenario where the plot in the novels might have gone, had Thrawn lived to greet his new emperor. I really would have liked to see this fanfiction within the novels, rather than just having Palpatine's return to an empty throne. This element of Thrawn reluctantly going along with Palpatine's bidding makes the overarching plot that much more complex. Clearly Thrawn is the better leader in most respects, yet Palpatine is equally determined to do what's in his own interests... although not quite as strategically as Thrawn. Your ability to depict tension between these two while maintaining the characters' personalities is spectacular. And this particular confrontation was epic.

Keep up the great work!
CosPalp chapter 32 . 4/2/2011
This is a wonderful story

how you like the idea of the political marriage between Leia and Thrawn?

(For uklepleniya links between Imreriey Thrawn and the Republic)

which pererostet in true love)

(and a blue children)

And Thrawve will Best another Jason)

I look forward to the next chapter.
Neila Nuruodo chapter 32 . 10/25/2010
This is an interesting and thoroughly thought-out story, I've been enjoying it greatly. Please, keep writing, I want to see how it ends!
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