Reviews for Frozen (Original Version)
FluffyDireBunny chapter 1 . 12/11/2013
This story is by far one of my ultimate favorites! An unusual pairing but works wonderfully well, I really love how their relationship works. I've read this numerous times and am always amazed how moved I am by some of the chapters and events in the story. A true gem of fan fiction!
SunHops chapter 1 . 10/3/2013
Yes! I am so glad you are back! I have read the original Frozen countless times and was so excited to see the the new and improved version. I love it so far! Can't wait for more!
Sin sloth chapter 1 . 9/7/2013
Heyy _...cant beleive im back here, lol i have reviewed steel pointed snow man...thelettering is styled differently, not that i expect you to remember me or even read this lol...still...ive read this story, COUNTLESS times lol, read my reviews on steel..youll have an idea...i still read it, and recommend it...i even got a papaer version printed XD. Was destroyed...but still...just wanted yo let you know your story did and still does mean something to someone after years and years and still will continue to...thank you for this art...
vesmo chapter 100 . 8/27/2013
I never believed I'd enjoy a fanfic this much...I haven't read a book in ages but I gobbled this up in a matter of days. I love the pairing, Quistis has always been my favorite along with Squall and seeing such a beautiful story with her was truly touching, I will gladly admit to shedding a few tears here and there :)

Of particular note, I'd say you nailed down the characters really well, especially Zell, he was so incredibly himself it brought a smile to my face every time. I love what you did with Fujin, having minimal background for the character to begin with (which probably helped a lot). Very good work with the original characters as well: I found myself truly caring for some of them, especially Aeka. The few clashes there were with the canon didn't really bother me as the amount of sheer awesomeness more than compensated for that.

My only regret now is that I won't be able to read another FFVIII fanfic after this I'm afraid. It's not like this was just some small romance story: everything down to the characters and events was amazing, and it would feel weird reading another story :( Sincerely hope that the continuation you were hinting at will some day happen.

Thank you for this amazing piece of art, who needs an FFVIII-2 when you can read Frozen :)
Lady Karo chapter 101 . 7/20/2013
Loved this story! :D Fujin cracks me up every time. hehhe
Knightowl 4183 chapter 1 . 4/15/2013
I really like this story, I wonder if you'll do one for Final Fantasy 7 or 9?
ShinigamiRuby chapter 100 . 2/9/2013
Years ago was when I first came across this behemoth of a fanfic. Sadly I never took the time to comment on any of it, I remembered loving it though and became a quick fan to this unique pairing. Recently I gave it a second read through and fell in love with it all over again.
I just wanted to finally voice how much I love this story, the use of the characters and their personalities as well as the plot, all of it, even the agonizing drama bits that made me want to yell at someone, haha! Once again I find myself wanting more of the pair and sad that the story is over. :( It's just such a rare pair that finding anything with the two together is next to non-existent. However, I am considering drawing up a little fanart for this story myself, if for nothing else than to make myself happy. XD
Anywho, I want to say a big thanks to you for writing this amazing story and sticking through it all the way to the end, it was quite a ride. If I manage to pop out any art I'll be sure to let you know. :) 'Til then
Hikaru Akihiko chapter 100 . 7/23/2012
I greatly enjoyed this fic. I loved that you humanized Fujin but kept her true to character. I felt the humor wasn't forced which is a great ability. Incorrect words and grammar were the only real negative though they are not too common. I hope you write more fics.
StEeL PoInTeD SnOw MaN chapter 101 . 6/22/2012
...finished for the 100th time :D! been reading this since just before the final chapter came out,and im still hooked. _ shame you killed the second one, o.o
TheLittleTpot chapter 13 . 3/12/2012
This is not the first time I've read this wonderful story but it's the first time I've felt the urge to comment on this particular chapter, specifically about Quistis's struggles.

As someone who has dealt with suicide before, I recognize Quistis's cheerful behaviour all too well. The way she outwardly portrays a happy, cheerful self to her peers, maybe even unknowingly, her mannerisms putting them slightly at ease. Even though the fact that the reason for that happiness comes from her thoughts of "freeing" herself.

While the slightly schizophrenic portrayal isn't very realistic, the overall situation you present IS. I have felt similarly for earlier chapters but this one hits incredibly hard and I find it hard to keep the odd tear from forming in the corner of my eye.

Great job. I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Remastered.
tara chapter 15 . 2/18/2012
Aw, that was cute. I liked Fujin's confession of being unable to express her feelings well...even though it's kind of obvious :P It's also funny how Fujin says 'APOLOGY' instead of 'SORRY', but it does suit her lol.
Tara chapter 12 . 2/17/2012
Hehe, Fujin is pretty adorable, the way you're writing her and this story :P. As is Laguna. His awkwardness right when he entered the story amused me.

I liked this part, too:

Quistis chuckled softly and looked down at her.

"I made poopy." The girl announced proudly. Quistis hung her head in dismay.
Tara chapter 11 . 2/17/2012
It's 'Galbadia', not Galbania. And were Fujin and Raijin at the orphanage, too? :/..I thought it was just Squall, Selphie, Irvine, Quistis, Zell, Seifer, and Ellone. And I don't remember Rinoa becoming a SeeD in the game...I don't think she'd want to be a SeeD, at least. There are also a lot of grammatical errors/typos. Anyway, good chapter. Rinoa does seem to have weird taste in men...
Tara chapter 5 . 2/16/2012
Haha, I loved this bit:

"Ignore him he's just retarded." Selphie grinned as she pushed him away.

"Hey now." Irvine stammered slightly offended.

"Guys really, just surprise me it's okay, just no stripper like last time."

"Sorry about that." Irvine said. "Did the stain come out?"

The two girls looked at him sourly. He threw his hands up defensively.

"Okay, Okay I'm shutting up."

Selphie stared at him a moment before continuing.


I like that you're not focusing too much on just Quistis and Fujin, although I hope you focus a bit more on them soon, to balance it out.
Tara chapter 3 . 2/16/2012
I love this story so far. It's a bit intimidating to read because of the length, but it definitely seems worth it so far. The only thing that bugged me is Zell's library girlfriend having an American name. It just feels out of place in a final fantasy shouldn't be such a normal name.

The guy at the club calling himself 'Squall Lionhead' cracked me up, and it was funny how they ended up not going anyway just because of Selphie looking too young. I don't know how I feel about your interpretations of some of the characters yet, though (like Selphie (going to a strip club?) and Zell (giving Squall a lap dance?)). But I do like your Fujin and Quistis interaction so far. Especially Quistis's mortification at calling her 'Fuu' haha. That was cute. And then the awkward doorway chat between Fujin and Rinoa XD...
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