Reviews for The Bloodcross Key: Arc 2: Reversals
Random chapter 22 . 2/27/2009
Wow. Just… WOW. Just read the both Arcs, so hope you don’t mind if I left a sort of combo review for them, seeing as they’re really beginning and middle, and not two different stories. So:

LOVE. OF. MY. FREAKING. LIFE. *grins* This is SO heavy, and the introspections and angst are among some of the best I’ve read. And your style and spelling are very well polished and top notch (it does give me a warm fuzzy feeling when I don’t trip over typos all over the place or have to use a machete to hack my way through the sentence structure).

Great job with keeping the guys in character, even though they’re given very un-characteristic roles – and speaking of, CHEERS for the deliciously refreshing change of the somewhat clichéd by now “strong confident Seifer x hurting abused Squall” setup. I for one haven’t felt, not once, for one of them to be “off” in their actions.

I did find it kinda strange that Squall couldn’t place his feelings for Seifer – I mean sure, emotions aren’t exactly best buds of his, but dreams of THAT kind about A GUY should’ve clued him in, right? But that’s where this fits with him being in-character – trust Ice Price Squall to be so confused about his feelings and not knowing what they really are or what to do with them (and that was affectionate “Ice Prince”). And speaking of, I don’t think Squall is gay (bi at most), more like Seifer-sexual :) if that makes sense…

OH! RINOA. XD Thankheavensdeargod THAT’S been sorted out, and HOW. *grins* Honestly, does Squeenix know something about her that I don’t, ‘cos I can’t force myself to like her, and not from lack of trying, might I add – game plot couple and all that.

I can’t even force myself to think anything affectionate about her.

Hell, I can’t even think of her as much of a positive character at all.

I mean come on, the only time Squall starts paying attention to her is after she becomes a Sorceress – do I hear “brainwashing” anyone? And a lot of her actions in the game have “self-centered” written all over them – sneaking out and practically jeopardizing the attempted Sorceress assassination just because people didn’t listen to what she had to say like it was truth in the last instance and must-do action plan? I’m sorry, but she comes across as a rich spoiled girl whose whole reason in getting involved in the war is being too darn bored with her perfect life. So your opinion of Rinoa – I am SO there. Oh, and I second you 100% about her father. The total creep! How dare he! *mock fumes* Any time MY kid wants to join underground resistance or an armed conflict, I just load him up with frags and hold the door open. So yeah ;)

And as a result of all the abovesaid: PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE WITH YOUR-FAVOURITE-YUMMY-FOODSTUFFS ON TOP UPDATE ARC 3! Or at least please say you haven’t abandoned it. You haven’t, right? *nervous fidgeting* Seifer HAS to get better (and the bastards that did this to him HAVE to be in for a world of hurt).

I really feel Cid could’ve done more for him, though, at least Garden-wise – I mean for frik’s sake, his own wife was THE SORCERESS, if it wasn’t for her, this entire mess with the war wouldn’t’ve happened in the first place, and SHE took Seifer as her Knight, but you don’t see too many Edea-lynching mobs around. How could THAT have been made okay? They should’ve said something or did something for him, official-like maybe, I know believing it’s not your fault is not as easy as someone simply saying that it’s not, but still every little helps right?

…I’m sorry, I realize I’m kinda babbling, hope what I’m trying to say makes sense :) It’s just that this is one heck of a moving piece, and it HAS to have a happy ending – I mean, he’s Seifer Almasy, he MUST recover, and no two ways about it – it would be too dark and heavy if it didn’t (okay, so Real Life isn’t much for happy endings, but since this isn’t it - *fingers crossed*).

So, once again – seriously love your story, can’t wait to see how it climaxes, and will be keeping an eye out for updates to Arc 3. Don’t break my heart and leave me hanging! I can’t be the only one who wants to see it continued!

Cheers and a good day,

Heian Edenwood chapter 19 . 10/19/2007
I like how you managed to handle the characters in this chapter. ;) (Particularly for Rinoa).

It's great that you managed to potray her as someone hurt and scorned, rather than an evil bitch... *chuckles* I'm also quite glad that you potray her to be an all-out bimbo. (Yeah... she can be pretty clueles... but yeah.)
Darkyu chapter 22 . 5/21/2007
I have been reading this story this far the last 3 or 4 days, and let me tell you! I LOVE IT! jaja, I wasn't planning to write a review until I readed the next part, BUT, I was reading this last "chapter" and I can't stop myself to coment about your...critic? (is the word like that? I'm not sure, english is not my born lenguage, so sorry is there are other mistakes!) of Rinoa. Let me tell you that we think very a like, I swear you that I hate her at the very sight of her! I am very happy to know that someone thinks very alike to me! jaja, My friends and I think that Rinoa (or whore like we tell her "puta" in spanish) drug Squall! I'm disapointed too, well, we are(my friends too). Just, I wish I can add something more to your critic. Rinoa was really betraying (I think is not the word, but I dont really know the real one, sorry) Seifer, you don't notice? Rinoa was daiting Seifer first, Seifer went to the Sorceress becouse of her, FOR her, and becouse of Quistis and Xu braking his dreams of being SeeD. But to Rinoa, it really don't matter! They never broked up and she was allready stalking Squall! That son of a bitch! When they were told about Seifer's dead, she wasn't THAT sad, Squall was a lot worse, she seem to confort herself thinking about still having Squall. She is a selfish bastard, and I really hate her as much as I can hate someone who's not real, the same way I love Seifer *wink* well, this is the largest review I have ever write in english, I'm sorry if this is boring, and I'm sorry for my mistakes and poor choise of words. But still, thank you very much, see ya when I finish reading the next part! You are awsome AND smart judging people! bye.
Fujin2 chapter 10 . 1/5/2007
aww the last part is so cute! That part and the part where squall told zell "I never said it was a girl" made me smile...which i'm not doing much in this story... I hope things get resolved
NightShadow131 chapter 20 . 8/20/2004
Wow! Just... wow! I had to review to this chapt cuz it was just... well, done REALLY well! The last part was really sad, but not cuz of the story.. well, that too.. it's just that it... was... well, I dunno, but had a lot to do with how I feel, though, that prob'ly won't change anything. *ahem* Sry, ignore that, if you will. I don't like writting thigns like that... so why did I? I dunno.

I REALLY enjoyed this chapt, though. You really did make it perfect! All the effort you put into it really paid off! It's amazing!

Okay, enough of that... I'm off to read the next chapt now and then to the third Arc. Which I hope you are goin' to finish!

Ja ne _~
Gentle Kit chapter 22 . 5/13/2004
Oo oh wow this was even better than your first story, if possible! great fic! XD love your writing! on to the third!
Quistis Trepe05 chapter 15 . 2/29/2004
OMG this story is keeping me at the edge of my seat. Just as soon as things are looking up, they end up going all wrong. Poor Seifer and poor Squall. I hope they get their feelings straight before it's too late. I'd hate to loose either of them.
Awesome story. Keep up the great work. I can't wait till I get to read part 3. _
butterflie chapter 15 . 2/15/2004
Wah! Love! *glomps you* back to reading!
Kealohaalii02 chapter 1 . 10/31/2003
I so totally loved all of your fics and I would love to rad more of you work. You should try writing books based on these lovers.
Kursed SeeD chapter 21 . 10/6/2003
Squall must get his revenge! I can't wait to read more.
Mistal chapter 21 . 10/1/2003
great sad story...I love it...great work!


Seishi chapter 21 . 8/9/2003
I first read this story a long time ago. I'm not sure if Arch I was finished. Today I was searching for some good yaoi in this section and it popped up. I read strait through the two archs and it is now very very early morn'.

It was unbelieveable. You could see and feel the progress in your writing style, and by this last chapter it was a masterpiece. I cannot remember a story that moved me this much and kept me so enthralled. Nor promt me to write a review like this.

I bend alot of ways with pairings. I have alot of favorite Squinoa stories as I do Seifer/Squall. One of my least favorite things in ANY story is an extreme distortion of the original pairing - like potraying one of them as a life-sucking bitch(most commonly Rinoa). I think you did a reasonable job on this. Considering your views on her you did an excellent job. The 'infamous' rape scene i must say caught me off gaurd. That scene right there is the one that you let your true fealings shine and unfortunatly the one that caught me as OOC - in context of the Rinoa you created. Mostly the dialoge seems off. But besides this scene you pulled it off nicely.

The final scene of this unbelievable story is you high point. Seifer is so heart breaking in this - he dosen't believe that Squall loves him! and it is to see him realize this and to get the old Seifer back(please God) that I eagerly await Arch I.

One last rant then I promise i'm done - your lack of reviews! Are the people in this community so small minded that they won' t touch yaoi with a 12 1/2 foot pole? Or is it that you put to much effort into it, to much creatiity? but Arch I's reviews are undrestandable. Your writing is just not what it is in Arch II. (except for perhaps that last battle scene) But Arch II? Three times what it is now! I suppose there are some reasonable explanations - like that its a part II and they don't want to read part I(dumbasses) or it's to angsty for their taste or Its hidden in the dark depht of the FFVI section or whatever. It still makes me angry to see a one-shot comical no-skills story get 21 reviews just cause it's what the people want - like seeing OOC characters that they hate being ripped apart(not literaly)

Now i know what your thinking - its not about the reviews. I understand that. but it still makes me angry ;)

Any way just to recap - fabulous story, well done and write more. Don't let this story die. Pretty please?
ice-princess-squall chapter 22 . 8/2/2003

I know that it's been over a year since you worked on this series but please continue with Arc 3 in this storyline. I think everyone should be treated to you gifted writing.
Avoy chapter 21 . 2/23/2003
Un. Be. Lievable. I read both stories in little under four hours. And it's in the wee hours of the morning now. Actually, I've never been up this early willingly. Dang.

Right now, I think it's fair to say I'm in shock. In shock that a story could be so obscenely perfect. I swear, your writing style is flawlessly honed.

At several (and by several I mean every few paragraphs) times during this, I felt these little tremors of indignance (not a word, but hey, why not make one?). When Squall confronted Jake. I was all out shaking. The little punk. I swear, I don't think any story, published or no, has ever made such an emotional impression on me. The characterization developed perfectly and you had *better* plan on getting the third book out soon! Oi, this was too good.

You know, I think you made an unfair mark for other FF8 writers. ;) What can surpass this?

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