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vashappen chapter 1 . 11/2
LavenderStarflower chapter 16 . 10/27
Hmm, i feel for Deidara…
He was too slow, the possibility that she could liked him like that it’s even more sad.
And i don’t even want to think about the poor heart broken Kakashi…
LavenderStarflower chapter 2 . 10/26
Nooo kakashi likes her! and she is being as oblivious as naruto was! Ugh
Smooth Secret chapter 20 . 10/18
Wowwww! Such an incredible story. I cried more time than I want to admit. So many emotions. So beautifully written. Thank you!
Guest chapter 20 . 7/13
I'd love to see what you're up to nowadays, Cynchick. I come back to your fics every year or so to reread. Your stories were some of my first when I was younger, and I still get a nostalgic thrill every time. Your writing definitely left an impact and made the Akatsuki some of my favorite characters. I hope you're still out there writing some where, and I can only hope I'll get to read more from you one day!
Obsidian Cherry chapter 19 . 7/11
I’ve never been good with words, and right now I’m filled with so many emotions from this story. I guess I’ll start by saying that you really are an amazing writer. I think I’ve read your work for the first time years ago.. and recently I’ve been reading a lot here again and came across Will of Fire. It has since become one of the my favorite fanfics of all time. Because I loved it so much, I was determined to read everything else you’ve published. I wasn’t keen on reading ItaSaku honestly, but Vespertine changed my mind. I really enjoyed that too. One of the best. And then yesterday I started reading Perception, but I think it reflects that it’s one of your earlier works, because while the writing was good, it wasn’t as great as Vespertine and Will of Fire. You still did good though and I still enjoyed the story.

My favorite part of this story was how you showed the humanity behind the Akatsuki members. It was heartwarming to read those friendly scenes of them with Sakura. I felt close to them as well.

I felt that there was no real chemistry between Itachi and Sakura here, unlike in Vespertine. I wish you built them up more because the relationship seems rushed… forced. The love scenes were written well enough, but it feels lacking. It’s hard to imagine them catching feelings for each other when they barely even interacted. Even Deidara and Sakura had better chemistry, and I’m not a DeiSaku fan at all. Nonetheless, my heart still broke when Itachi died. We all know he was going to die eventually, but my heart still ached for him, because he didn’t get to have a life.. a real one.

At the beginning of the fic, KakaSaku was implied, and as a KakaSaku fan I was torn about what to feel because I didn’t want Kakashi to be heartbroken. I agree with one of the reviews here, the KakaSaku ending was unnecessary. It just doesn’t feel right.. again, it seems forced. Like, they only ended up together because Itachi died. Kakashi does not deserve to be a rebound.

I also hate the idea of Sasuke being with anyone else lol, but that’s just because my OTP is still SasuSaku. I would have preferred that they ended up together.. not to disrespect Itachi’s memory, but more of to honor it.

I don’t think I’ll read the sequel since I’m not a DeiSaku fan.

But still, I have to say this is one of the better fanfics out here. I did not enjoy it as much as your other works, but I still laud you for writing a good fic.
KochouNasia chapter 19 . 4/16
Well I think the fanfic was so good, untill the ending. I cried so much in the necklace scene, it was so emotional. But kakasaku ending was kinda unnecessary to be honest.
Ever Rain chapter 17 . 2/3
this fanfic's chapter breaking my
willowkirsch chapter 17 . 12/14/2021
gosh reading this chapter made me cry so hard whilst listening to fourth of july by sufjan stevens on repeat.
Miell chapter 19 . 11/8/2021
I'm a sucker for KakaSaku, but i'm not sure about it anymore when it comes to this fic. When I just started reading this fic I was rooting for Kakashi, but now my heart's cheering for Itachi wth. But as always I am a sucker for KakaSaku so it's a win-win situation hahahahaha.

Miell chapter 17 . 11/8/2021
Why did this make me cry, it's so fucking sad. I'm so attached to Akatsuki, I felt like I was Sakura instead. I wanna hate this, obviously not seriously hating it because i'm loving this fic, but A AAA AA A why must this happen
LIQUIDCELL chapter 16 . 10/31/2021
The lovemaking was intensely passionate.

It would have been awfully funny later on, when Itachi faced Sasuke for their duel, slowly, walking towards his little brother, with an obvious limp.

Sasuke, making an obvious remark, "What happened to you? Did your balls fell off?"

Sakura making a choking sounds at a distance, while Kisame patted her on her shoulder, as sort of a congratulatory gesture.
Guest chapter 7 . 9/25/2021
Sakura has chemistry with Deidara AND Kisame, and either of them could have developed into romantic chemistry if their characters came to understand each other. Instead, Itachi is paired with her because...he's hot? Or something? It's so outrageously forced and ooc, even in the context of this story.

Sakura in this story: "Heh, I grew out of my childish and baseless attraction to Sasuke. Time for a childish and baseless attraction to his brother who's infinitly less kind to me, and has done things far more reprehensible things! I'm smarts!"
spamari1181 chapter 2 . 9/7/2021
The few times I've read Choji and Ino in a relationship as a backgrohnd couple it always seemed sweet. I like this addition.
Sakura was underaged. Her relationship with Izumo sounds creepy to be honest.
Additionally you don't have to be in love with someone to date them. Her inner thoughts make it seem like that is the only reason why she hasn't dated anyone.
It annoys me how oblivious Sakura is to Kakashi's affections. Aside from Shikamaru and arguably Neji, Sakura is one of the most intelligent of the Konoha 12. Even Naruto caught on. I can't see how concevalbly she shouldn't as well.
Also that didn't seem like much of a fight so how was out of chakra? She could have broken his hold by severing the muscles in the hand that held her by the throat with a chakra scalpel.
spamari1181 chapter 1 . 9/7/2021
Wow the disrespect from Itachi about Sakura is real.
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