Reviews for Unexpected Alliances
Vector 426 chapter 5 . 3/25/2011
Great story thus far. Any chance of you finishing it? I just found it, and would like to see it continue.
Lioness Of the fire chapter 5 . 2/18/2010
omg this is really good i cant wait ill the next up date love how make it really ture to the time there in now
buffycorvin chapter 5 . 11/15/2008
love it
Summer39 chapter 2 . 11/12/2008
What a plot device. For Terror actually believes he can revive "The Old Regime" and at the cost of his own minions. The introduction of Aga was brilliant; the old hag though may prove to be more than Terror bargained for. Again you've managed to instill history into the mix; the break-up of the Beatles was traumatic to many and their handling of the situation was immature as showcased in their music and the way their fans felt. Nice how you wove that into the story briefly while Speed and Sparky worked on his car. Rex is again playing the role of big brother, as well he should, but will Speed even bother to take his brother's advice. Trixie seems to be the only one with common sense here; unfortunately she's dealing with a monumental sized ego in that of her husband. Speed feeling as if though he's been slapped in the face with the proverbial white glove has to do what a man feels that he must. I tilt my hat to you Freddo. Fantastic job!
Summer39 chapter 1 . 11/12/2008
What a remarkable start to this story. The setting during such turbulent times; the imagery so vivid. I liked how you introduced Trixie and the Racer clan along with Speed's entrance into the story. You provided great mental pictures for the readers; your descriptions of Vietnam, the war itself, Speed's comrades, and the suffering were surreal. So sad that his homecoming was met with such hatred; they were never really thought of as heroes when they come home nor treated as such were they?

The introduction of Captain Terror and his new plot are horrifying to say the least. For such evil to be conceived is beyond belief and his way of raising money to support his fiendish plan is ingenious. If Speed participates in the race other racers will certainly follow suit.

Your attention to detail is superb Freddo. Great job here.
buffycorvin chapter 3 . 6/22/2008
love it
Jen23 chapter 3 . 5/20/2008
This really is quite a story, well-written. I definitely remember the Alphine Race. (I used to have every episode, but...I guess they floated away - you're probably confused so we won't go there.) I should have gotten to this story much sooner. Snake Oil is lucky Speed didn't let him have it when he spoke of wanting to be with Trixie. I liked when Speed ask him what he had been doing while Speed was serving his country. It kinds of cracks me up that Snake is telling Speed if he values his life, quit the race. I think Speeds already been to hell and back already. I have to admit I did crack up later when Snake wanted to give...that salute to Speed, which way later on he did. So Speed's Lieutenant is in this race. I've got to say you've got so much going on with this story (the future and all, the GRX, Captain Terror...) that it's very interesting. Can't wait for an update. Awesome job.
Oriana1 chapter 2 . 5/16/2008
Very interesting beginning of this fine chapter. The way you described Aga reminded me of Sea Hag from Popeye. I don't know why, but I actually laughed out loud when Tubingen said, "these fools worship this Freak." Wonderfully creative writing there.

I got a cold chill down my spine when Terror told Anthrax to discard Curly Cranium's bones "in the gas oven we preserved from the old days." Very chilling just thinking about it.

I agree with Speed's feelings about the sixties when compared to the seventies. If he thinks the music is bad now, just wait a few years when he gets to experience the "joy" that is disco! Can't picture him in a white, polyester, John Travolta suit. Don't want to either. I also don't blame Trixie for her reaction to the race. She loves her husband so much and can't bear the thought of harm coming to him.

Oh, and I was absolutely floored when you brought in Dr. Doom! Fantastic Four is my all time favorite comic book. I bought the DVD that includes every issue of FF up to 2004. I'm really hoping you bring him into the story. Maybe teaming up with Captain Terror? That could be very interesting.

This is another amazing chapter. I can't wait to read the next one.
Oriana1 chapter 1 . 5/16/2008
What do you know? I changed my email address on the site and it's finally letting me review this chapter!

I reread this wonderful tale so that I can give it a proper review. Your depiction of that era in time is spot-on. Especially Speed's memories of Viet Nam. My BIL was a marine in and reading your description of Speed's time there echoed much of my BIL's.

Speed's dream sequence gave me chills. Is it a foretelling of the future? That Trixie is having the same dream makes me wonder.

Captain Terror Wow! Great idea, my jaw actually dropped when I read it. Funny (not in a good way) that even now, there are still Neo-Nazi groups out there.

Speed's line about being more interested in his wife brought a smile to my face. I'm sure, after all that time apart, finally being together again was magical. Sweet scene with Speed and the Mach 5, too. I'm sure he feels like he's gone back in time riding in it again, especially with his best girl. Then, getting back to the house and getting the invitation. Trixie reacted exactly as I would have.

Great story telling! Next chapter, here I come!
GoldAngel2 chapter 2 . 4/24/2008
As I promised, I am catching up on my reading and reviewing so I'm starting with this...

First of all, you really know how to wax nostalgic for creepy sixties-style atmosphere with that first scene especially-the post WWII/Cold War communism icons were everywhere back then and you having Captain Terror as a maniacal despot is so brilliant-typical Freddo fare...and I love the names for the new Car Acrobatic Team (Anthrax-love it).

And what would be a typical Freddo story without a subtle mention of his Starblazers villians Aga and Lord "Ekkie" (boy the Dark Lord would love that)-a suggestion of a visit from the 23rd century by Derek and Nova perhaps?

Trixie and Rex appear to be worried for a good reason-this Alpine Race has all the signs of being far more sinister-and dangerous-with the resurrection of the GRX and the Dark Lord involved-there are dark clouds on the horizon...

Great writing (as usual)
GoldAngel2 chapter 1 . 5/26/2007
What a wonderful beginning to what promises to be a thrilling and chilling story-you are a master of suspense Freddo...

The setting being the backdrop of the Vietnam War is so appropriate-and the way you've inserted not only Speed and Racer X into the conflict while giving the timeline for their respective TODs is just brilliant-very realistic.

The scene at the airport had an almost modern day flavor-with the liberal leftist hippies then (journalists and media now) harrassing the returning vets-only back then the cops put the treasonous a-holes in their place-nowadays they'd probably join the protesters (ugh!).

The dream was eerie as both Speed and Trixie had it simulaneously, their bond transcending into the subconscious-and the reunion with the Mach 5 was very sweet-after all, she is the other love of Speed's life.

The return of Captain Terror as a Neo-Nazi sycophant is the perfect sinister element-and a race being held to fund a resurrection of the Reich is just the ominous shroud needed to ensure a captivating yarn...

Great as usual-and update soon..